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Introduction au phénomène des traînées chimiques (communément appelées chemtrails)
1 Apr 2007
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This video shows a german piece of sky over Berlin at 04/22/2007 from 6.30 until 11.00 AM. Now they are still spraying (it's 12.40 PM). The last spray day is two days ago (friday, today is sunday). My theory is that chemtrails are sprayed in order to get a reflection shield that also reflects magnetic ELF waves of H.A.A.R.P. So the waves could be better sended to all parts of the world and make possible weather modifications and human mind control. In germany there also at the moment is a process where laws are modificated in direction police state. Cameras have been installed at train stations, the sniffing on private personal computers through the internet by the police is discussed, personal rights are cut because of threatening terrorists. The man who initiates a lot of these laws for our so called "security" is the interior minister Wolfgang Schaeuble. I think, he is the most dangerous man in germany at the moment and he is probably controlled by the organizers of the nwo. These new laws are similar to the U.S. home security laws.
25 Apr 2007
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29 May 2007
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Massive Chemtrail Spraying over TN. I was using a Sony Hi8 Video camera with IR Filter installed and in "Nightshot" (Causing the green color ) mode which shows much more detail then what can be seen in normal video modes.
1 Jun 2007
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Chemtrails Over London (Willesden green)
19 Sep 2007
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Here is a video of a chemtrail that descended on my property on November 19th, 2005. This substance came out of a jet. Beginning the night that this video was shot, I experienced severe fibromyalgia-like symptoms for several days. See chemtrails in animated movies: *******herballure****/citm/overthehedge See hundreds of chemtrail photos and videos: *******russtanner****/gallery/main.php?g2_itemId=1281 Did you know that U.S. law permits chemical and biological testing on humans? See for yourself: *******herballure****/humantesting
20 Sep 2007
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Join host Frank Edward Nora on a quick video trip to New Jersey where he observes a sky full of chemtrails, after six weeks of little or no chemtrail activity in the area. (Feb. 29, 2008) inramble****
3 Mar 2008
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Join host Frank Edward Nora on a quick video trip to New Jersey where he sees a sky full of chemtrails in the morning. (Apr. 2, 2008) inramble****
9 Apr 2008
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Join host Frank Edward Nora on a quick video trip to New Jersey to check out some fresh chemtrails being laid in the sky. (Apr. 24, 2008) inramble****
30 Apr 2008
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While filming Chemtrails I caught a Cube Sprayer laying down Chemtrails.
28 Jun 2009
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A brief look at chemtrails and orbs recorded above my house and a quick look at historical evidence of sightings from across the world.
5 Aug 2008
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Chemtrails which are being sprayed by unmarked white military jumbo jets out of Offut Air Base have caused a plethora of respiratory and other health ailments in our community. Their purpose is multifold. Google Chemtrails and see the massive amount of evidence for yourself.
8 Jan 2009
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I saw 2 airplanes with contrails and 2 with chemtrails at the same time. One of the contrails probably did not come out.
11 Feb 2009
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Rosalind Peterson of California Sky Watch was interviewed on the Discovery Channel's expose of Chemtrails. She now joins Freeman of the Freeman Perspective to cover what they disallowed. Chemtrails plague our planet. What are they for? Am I breathing barium or aluminum for a weather modification program? Persistent con-trails are in our skies and infect our food. Is this a program to track and manipulate the population?
2 Mar 2009
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More Chemtrails in Kissimmee Florida. Google ADA338490 & HAARP NWO weapons Patent: 4,686,605 = HAARP Patent: 5,159,703 = SSSS (Silent Sound Spread Spectrum) Checkout my other videos on youtube ***********/mixcatcom
10 Mar 2009
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