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31 Oct 2010
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"Chemtrail Jane ." Fox is guarding the Hen House. Music piece by Music Medic based on the Chemtrail conspiracy theory. Sylph cloud creatures seem to be eating the chemtrails. These creatures have the ability to transform Chemtrails into ordinary clouds. They exist? Just recorded this music piece. Started off fairly normal but then the song took a turn in a strange direction like I had no control over where it wanted to go. So I followed. I had been seeing a lot of chemtrail spraying in Hex County lately. Reports of Barium and Aluminum in the Chemtrails to try and stop Global Warming. Others says it's the NWO conspiracy to deplete the population. Regardless I keep my gas mask close by and put it on when I see those planes overhead spraying the region. The song seem to want to go there. It became a Jazz Rock Phantasm song for the ongoing Rock n roll Phantasm Opera except this turned out more Beatnik Jazz with psychedelic overtones. Give a listen. It's strange. Please don't get mad. - Lenny..........
20 Oct 2017
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Join host Frank Edward Nora on a quick video trip to New Jersey where he sees a sky full of chemtrails in the morning. (Apr. 2, 2008) inramble****
9 Apr 2008
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Join host Frank Edward Nora on a quick video trip to New Jersey to check out some fresh chemtrails being laid in the sky. (Apr. 24, 2008) inramble****
30 Apr 2008
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The PTB are coming for the sexuality of the male of our species. This is something all of us must take very seriously.
23 Nov 2008
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25 Mar 2011
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Dylan Blasczak: Orgone Energy & Nanotechnology
7 Dec 2019
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