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Master Wang Rengang performs his Da cheng quan.For more info-go to www.dachengdao****. Wang Xiangzhai was a native of Shenxian County, Hebei Province. As a child he was poor in health and at he age of 14 he began his lifelong study of the martial arts with Guo Yunseng, first learning Xingyiquan. After the death of Master Guo, the 20 year old Wang Xiangzhai decided to travel the country seeking competent teachers and helpful friends to help him to perfect his skills. Important among his encounters was his meeting with Taijiquan master Yang Shaohou and Bagua master Liu Fengchun. Learning from each of them proved of great value to his founding of Da cheng quan many years later. As Mr. Wang rose to fame in the 1920's as an instructor of martial arts, he discovered that students paid undue attention to patterns and postures and neglected the training of the mind and spirit. Thus, to constantly remind his students of this misunderstanding, he changed Xingyiquan (form and mind boxing) to Yi quan (mind boxing). By Yi (will or mind) he meant that in practicing boxing, every movement must be guided by a certain idea. When practiced in this way, the idea of boxing exists in every movement, whether it be walking, standing, sitting or even lying. The completely new form of boxing incorporated the completeness and solidness of Xingyiquan's mechanism of force, the quintessence of qigong (breathing skills), Taijiquan's four skills of attacking, sticking, joining and following as well as its soft style of exerting force and finally Bagua's leisurely bodywork and flexible and changeable handwork and stepwork. In the mid-1940's, the name of Da cheng quan or Great Acheivements Shadow Boxing was adopted. Da cheng quan (Yi quan) is distinguished for its effective combat skills and its value for actual combat. The strength spoken of is not that produced by blood and muscles, but the living strength characterized by its ready availability achieved by the coordinated contraction and relaxation of all muscles with the mind in command. The practice of Da cheng quan also has an important effect on health. Good health is preserved because the training of the mind and the body is done simultaneously, and quiet and active skills reside within the other. This distinguishes it from some other forms of breathing exercises that stress only the body or only the mind
4 Feb 2008
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Edno chenge
30 Jul 2008
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Slavi Edno chenge
2 Apr 2008
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4 Jun 2008
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Popular cantonese pop song named Mo Lai (Rascal) by Ronald Cheng
18 Jul 2008
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Lisa Cheng a.k.a “Hong Kong Spider Woman”, bodybuilding and rock climbing champion is our next Hong Kong Hero. Listen how her passion for sport has transformed a troubled teenager into an ambitious and focus young woman. Don’t miss that episode of Hong Kong Heroes! *******
24 Jul 2008
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Friday, July 25, 2008 Disney/ABC Digital Chief Albert Cheng: It's All about "Deeplinking"....You Can Find "Lost" on Hulu PALO ALTO -- Wide distribution, or "deeplinking" to ABC online video programming is essential, says Albert Cheng, head of digital operations for Disney/ABC Television. I interviewed him on Tuesday evening at Stanford after he opening night panel of the AlwaysOn conference. To demonstrate the point, Albert told us that ABC shows "Lost" and "Desperate Housewives" can be found through searching Hulu, the big online video portal operated by NBC and News Corp. These links to ABC shows don't actually play on Hulu, but launch an ABC video player. It's interesting how big destination sites like ABC**** are using extensive distribution strategies. Yesterday, we blogged about the strategy over at msnbc**** Much, much more from the AlwaysOn conference to come. Congrats to Tony Perkins and his staff for another outstanding conference. -- Andy Plesser, Executive Producer *******
30 Jul 2008
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Lucky Cheng's, Las Vegas is no more, but we give you Lady Shug channeling some Erykah Badu! Distributed by Tubemogul.
11 Apr 2009
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This week on Hawaiian Grown TV, we Mrs. Cheng's Tofu Factory in Kalihi to se how they make the best Tofu products from Nigari Tofu to soy milk. Then we visit one of Hawaii's favorite restaurants, Hiroshi's located at Restaurant Row were Chef Hiroshi Fukui and John Iha prepare us two dishes using Mrs. Cheng's Tofu. Last Grant Kawasaki and special guest Tony Solis from Eh! U Da Kine Ah? prepare a classic Chinese dish, Mabo Tofu. For more videos like this, visit *******www.hawaiiangrowntv**** Distributed by Tubemogul.
10 Jun 2009
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prince Tang Princess Wen Cheng Srongtsen Gampo Tibet ancient
11 Jan 2010
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Chinese Cheng in China
15 Jan 2010
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Chinese Cheng in China
15 Jan 2010
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