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Amazing display of a chimp performing martial arts moves. A must see for any karate fighter want to be
14 Mar 2008
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A sneak preview of Episode #148 where GTR staff member Godfree interviews Wideload Games about their upcoming game Hail To the Chimp. Download the full podcast *******www.gamertagradio****
2 Jun 2008
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Look At That Chimp Smoking!
28 Nov 2008
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South Africa's famous smoking chimp died of what appears to be old age at 52. Charlie became famous after a video of him smoking hit the Web, but it's unclear if his habit played a role in his death.
9 Oct 2010
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*******hollywoodpawnstars****/2010/12/musical-jolly-chimp/ A product that has become extremely popular in the world of antiques is the Musical Jolly Chimp. Introduced in the 1950's by the Japanese toy company, Daishin C-K, the Musical Jolly Chimp surprisingly became a tremendous success. The toy was so popular that it caused many subsequent companies to create endless variations of the original, all donning unique features and clothing that made it stand apart from all the other variations. One common feature most of these versions had was the fact that the cymbals clanged as the monkey played the instrument.
5 Jan 2011
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Het vervolg op het komische familieavontuur Space Chimps draait om Comet, een vrolijk en nieuwsgierig aapje dat dolgraag een echte astronaut wil worden. Op zijn ruimtereis weet hij de planeet Malgor te bereiken, waar het buitenaardse wezen Kilowatt hem gaat helpen zijn doel te realiseren. Het is het begin van een spannend 3D-avontuur in de ruimte! De droom van Comet om een superstoere astronaut te worden wordt al snel op de proef gesteld. De gevreesde buitenaardse heerser Zartog neemt de controle over de ruimtereizen over en kan doen wat hij wil. Comet moet laten zien dat hij slim en sterk genoeg is om Zartog te overwinnen. Maar dat kan hij niet alleen. Comet schakelt de hulp in van zijn vrienden Ham, Luna en Titan om Zartog te verslaan en de controle over de ruimtereizen terug te pakken.
10 Feb 2011
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Specifications Package Size: Approx. H: 15cm W: 16.50cm D: 8cm Battery: 2 Pieces of AA (sold separately) CHOEN-BAKO: Hungry Money Eating Chimps!? Feed the Monkey to Save your Money!! These Chimps are HUNGRY! In case you thought you have seen it all, you have not seen CHOEN-BAKO just yet! We have seen what those hungry dogs for CHOKEN-BAKO were able to do, but wait til you see what these hungry chimps can do! China supplier: Email : fangzhengcnhotmail**** Skype ID : chanceller819 *******chinagift.en.ecplaza****
22 Feb 2011
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August 9, 2011(1:52) A new study shows that chimps can be altruistic and generous, just like humans - overturning the results of past studies.
10 Aug 2011
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BY ORKIDE IZCI ANCHOR BY GARY COTTON You're watching multisource video news analysis from Twitter. A group of chimpanzees were locked in a lab in Austria - and injected with HIV soon after birth. The chimps have been tested on for 30 years. But on Tuesday - for the first time - they saw sunlight. The today show brings you video of the chimps being freed. “From Austria amazing video from a laboratory - chimpanzees seeing the light of day and going outside for the very first time. They had been used for medical experiments until the American pharmaceutical company Baxter bought that lab and ended all testing on chimps. They will now live out their retirement together with playing sunlight.” The chimps can thank Michael Aufhauser. He battled for the chimps release for 14 years - and finally he got his wish. The Daily Mail reports Mr. Aufhauser said, “They are all traumatised to greater or lesser degrees. Two of them died before the reserve was finished, but at least those that are left will have a quality of life that was unthinkable when they were prisoners of the lab.” Some in the media had an emotional response to the release. Laura Hibbard for the Huffington Post writes, “If this doesn't make your eyes mist up a little, there might be something wrong with you.”...“no matter which side you're on, watching these animals is sure to leave you in a good mood.” And their keeper Renate Foidl is very happy seeing them play in total freedom.International Business Times quotes his words... “The chimps are incredibly happy. This is amazing, I have been waiting for this moment for so long.” Transcript by Newsy.
13 Sep 2011
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Nitro Chimp video review. Classic Game Room presents a CGRundertow video review of Nitro Chimp from C2E Studio and Chillingo for the iPhone. Nitro Chimp is a racing game with an endless course and a plethora or obstacles. Crates, ramps, spikes, walls and chickens all stand between eternal glory and your monkey. Don't be a chimp pansy! You control a bike-riding monkey and try to get him as far down the road as possible. Of course, it's also about racking up points, which you can accumulate with an array of death-defying shenanigans. This video review features video gameplay footage of Nitro Chimp for the iPhone and audio commentary from Classic Game Room's Derek.
15 Dec 2012
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I have seen parrots talk and dogs fetch. But nothing like this. I think this chimp here is a pure genius. Watch how he asks for soda and bananas.
30 Jun 2017
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This horribly funny video is sure to make you laugh, where a sexy lady in sports bra and pants twerks and shakes her ass to seduce the chimps outside a glass door.
6 Sep 2017
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