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When we join with Jesus we become citizens of the invisible nation of God. No other nation has a right to the earth and no other King has any lasting authority. Pretty cool. But HOW do we join with Jesus and become members of his Kingdom? This video looks at how the real descendants of Abraham - the real children of the Kingdom - are all those people throughout history who share Abraham's single-minded faith in God. We are strangers on the earth, waiting for that Kingdom of faith and love that only Jesus can build.
18 Jun 2020
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Are terms like 'shabbat shalom', ‘Yeshua', or ‘Jeshua' important? Do Christians need to keep the feasts and other Old Testament traditions? Certain groups like The Seventh Day Adventists and The Hebrew Roots Movement emphasize Hebrew traditions and the Ten Commandments, often to the exclusion of Jesus and his teachings. Call him Jeshua, Yeshua, Yehoshua, or whatever else you like, as long as you also start obeying his teachings... Jesus' most important commandment to love others as much as he did is often completely abandoned in the growing obsession with the Old Testament.
25 Jun 2020
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This video stresses the importance of sincerity over genealogy. Many people wrongly believe that the true Jews are physical descendants of the Twelve Tribes of Israel. This video explores how even Jews teach that true children of Abraham (or children of Israel), are those individuals who have true faith in God. This has nothing to do with a person's genes but it has everything to do with whether they choose to obey God, and the way to do this best is by following Jesus Christ.
25 Jun 2020
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"You must be born again!" is a popular church slogan these days. Rituals like the sinner's prayer and water baptism have been linked to the concept of being born again, but Jesus did not teach these things. So what did Jesus teach? What does it mean to be "born again by the Word of God"? Don't allow shallow church traditions to blind you to God's plan for your life.
11 Aug 2020
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Do you follow the Gospel of Jesus or some other false doctrine? Dispensationalism teaches that the true gospel is to be found in the Book of Acts plus Paul's Epistles, and that we can pretty much do away with the teachings of Jesus as found in the four gospels. This video explores this modern day heresy in the church, which says the timing of when Paul wrote his letters is significant in determining who we should follow. True Christians should be following Jesus; not Paul. Salvation can only be found in the teachings of Jesus as recorded in the gospel according to Matthew, Mark, Luke and John, all of which are the gospel according to Christ.
12 Aug 2020
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What do Isaac and the Holy Spirit have in common? People keep asking, "Who has the Holy Spirit?" and "Where is the Spirit?". As usual, Voice addresses these concerns by focusing on the teachings of Jesus. The words of Jesus and the Holy Spirit have a lot to do with one another, but it gets lost in religious talk about baptism, the gifts of the Spirit, speaking in tongues, and a lot of lying signs and wonders. Pentecostals are most famous for popularizing doctrines relating to the Holy Spirit, and many people have been confused by it. But, by remembering important things Jesus said, we gain a deeper understanding of the role the Holy Spirit plays in the grand scheme of things.
11 Sep 2020
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Viewers often ask, "Do I have to keep the Law?" "Do I have to keep the Sabbath?" and even, "Can I eat pork?". There is a growing movement which says we must follow both the law and Jesus. But in practice, Jesus’ message gets replaced with talk about how to fulfil the Torah. Old Covenant, New Covenant? Is it a choice or can we do both? This video looks more closely at this quote from Jesus: "I did not come to destroy the law but to fulfil it". To find truth through Jesus Christ, we must rationally examine what he really said.
16 Sep 2020
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A Voice in the Desert recognizes that Jesus was known for associating with outcasts, publicans and sinners. Could it be that what brought about such strong persecution to Christ's ministry was this willingness to associate with those rejected by the world? Modern persecution of Christians in the West is quite rare nowadays, probably because there are so few who dare to be different from the rest of society. Jesus, outcast is offensive to those of us who fear rejection. Jesus uses a new wineskin, ready to be stretched, to illustrate the kind of people he is looking for! A Voice in the Desert YouTube channel hopes to be part of the coming change that Jesus wants in the world today. Are you ready to trade your old wineskins for new wineskins?
25 Sep 2020
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What is a Pharisee? They are not just characters from the Bible. They epitomise hypocrisy and false teachings, and we are still dealing with them today in modern-day Christianity...probably even in your own church. If you don't want to be deceived by the Pharisees, as so many people were when Jesus walked the Earth, you need to learn to recognize them, and do all you can to avoid getting sucked in by their respectability and lukewarm doctrines.
27 Oct 2020
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