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I lay out the possibilities of who Jesus of Nazareth, called the Christ by Christians, could actually have been.
14 Jul 2021
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In our ©Growing Deep and Strong series we looked at the Kingdom of Light, which has God as its head. Now that new Christians understand that they are now in a new kingdom, we want them to get to know from the Bible who the ruler of the Kingdom of Light is, and how He relates to them. Reference: https:// www. growingdeepandstrong. com/ the-kingdom-of-light/
9 Jul 2021
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Message/Good News and warnings...
15 Jul 2021
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For more information or to register please go to: watchmanstrumpetcom 48 Hours of Prayer and Fasting for our nation. All Christians: all denominations are welcome but asked to keep their denominations and division causing questions (e.g. once saved always saved, the rapture, no hell, no soul-death, etc). out of this meeting. We are looking for Christians (remote or in person) to join us in sending up aggressive prayers. While fires rage physically and spiritually across the country – we are praying for fires of revival to stop the fires of opposition to the Body of Christ. We are calling for incredible warfare in the heavens impacting those on the ground. We are calling for Saints of God willing to become weary from the spiritual fight. We are looking for Believers to hold each other up and stand together without division fighting together in prayer. We expect the battle to be serious, intense, and brutal. The heavens will be alive with the battle we wage for this Nation! It may seem to last forever, however, when the battle is over we will stand victorious!
8 Jul 2021
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The good news is that when we receive Jesus Christ as our personal Saviour, God transfers us from the Kingdom of Darkness into the Kingdom of Light, the kingdom of His beloved Son. We become citizens of a new kingdom! Reference: https: //www. growingdeepandstrong .com/ two-spiritual-kingdoms/
12 Jul 2021
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Line: Christheicon Tel 099-4074070
Making disciples was the clear mandate of Jesus Christ. In Matthew 20:18-20, Jesus Christ told His disciples — “go and make disciples” — this is known as the great commission and is considered as a mandate for all Christians. Reference: https:// www. growingdeepandstrong .com/ making-disciples-why-is-it-important-christian-discipleship/
15 Jul 2021
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Have you been tricked into believing lies of false prophets and teachers telling you they hear from God? Have you allowed yourself to be tricked into believing you've clearly heard from God?! This video unravels how widespread religious deception and self-deception grows. From Jim Jones and the People's Temple, to Torben Sondergaard and the Last Reformation movement, to Joseph Smith and the Book of Mormon, exaggerations and outright distortions prevail. This video also reveals the key to how it is possible to hear the voice of God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit without being deceived either by ourselves or others. If it doesn't line up with obedience to the teachings of Christ, forget it!
22 Jul 2021
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a very clear message of ,Jesucristo es el senor ,which means '' Jesus christ is the lord ''on the top of a mountain in Tijuana Mexico,,,,nice
11 Feb 2007
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The Revelation of Jesus Christ, a Multi-part Expository Series by The Lion and Lamb Ministry Part 2 What does “The Day of the Lord” mean? The Church is NOT the subject of The Book of Revelation. This is Part 2 of this Multi-part series on this most important Book.
1 Apr 2007
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en 1976, Allan vit une experience extraordinaire, une revelation surnaturelle, le Christ se revele a lui; Il voit le Christ! D'autre témoignage forts sur www.centre-partage****
1 May 2007
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*******www.MLMPowerGoldMine**** Unity Church Member takes a Stand On her View Of "The Secret" And How It Relates To The Bible and The Teachings Of Jesus Christ
6 May 2007
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A local church in Bakersfield reenacts the Passion of Christ.
24 May 2007
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