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Ave Maria! Update: Notes and Explanations have been added. See the viewing page.Using Christmas and the adoration of the magi and shepherds as a starting point, Fr. Peter outlines the key to Christian thinking according to John Duns Scotus, that is, contemplation of Truth. This is opposed to the modern mentality that says 'I can't believe unless I can analyze it.' It is Mary who makes it possible for finite creatures like us to see the infinite God, for in the person of Jesus, Truth is made flesh. And in adoring our Lord, Mary and St. Joseph teach us to think like Christians and so enable us to be happy. Ave Maria!
4 Jul 2008
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Bless all to the forefront of all minds of enthusiasm.
25 Jul 2019
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May all of all the future begin here and now withing all of all our Heavens.
22 Aug 2019
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Thought Education begins in all our minds for the metaphysics of Worship.
3 Sep 2019
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Learn about the history and origins of Christmas. Christmas, a traditionally Christian holiday celebrates the birth of Jesus Christ. Though December 25th may or may not be the exact day of the savior’s birth, it is a day where all Christian thought and prayer can converge upon the glory of Christ’s entrance into this world. The story of this immaculate birth is eloquently recounted in the gospel of Luke. According to Luke, Joseph and Mary, the Blessed Mother, were traveling to be taxed by their Roman rulers. It was during this journey that Christ was born. He was birthed in a stable, because the neighboring inn was full, swaddled and tucked into a manger. The angel of the Lord then came forth proclaiming this to be a joyous holy day, for Christ the Savior had entered our world.
3 Dec 2010
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