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Have you ever wondered what’s under that big empty field behind the Fortino’s Plaza on Dundurn? Chris Gainham from the City of Hamilton’s Water and Wastewater Group in the Environment and Sustainable Infrastructure Division explains that the site is home to Hamilton’s biggest combined sewer overflow tank
3 Mar 2011
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*******www.dailywebtv****/Hamilton/video/12685/Glanbrook-Landfill-Pt-1 - As the garbage truck drives away with your weekly trash, have you ever stopped to consider where it goes? Dennis Guy, project manager of Waste Management admits that most people are content to put their garbage out and have it disappear. For those of you who worry about the final resting place of your trash, rest assured that the City of Hamilton takes garbage very seriously. In fact, the whole waste management process is extremely involved.
9 Oct 2009
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*******www.dailywebtv****/Halton/video/13917 - The natural process that transforms organic kitchen waste into rich, dark compost is a long one in a regular backyard composter. The advanced method used at the City of Hamilton’s Central Composting Facility is so efficient that after about 2 months the “black gold” is ready to be used to enrich soil. There are two phases to this accelerated process. In the first phase, unwanted debris is removed from the organic waste that has been collected by Hamilton residents in their green cart and then it is ground up and loaded into one of 10 tunnels. It remains in this carefully regulated environment with ideal heat, humidity and temperature for breaking down the material for seven to 10 days.
15 Dec 2009
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