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phillipe massa puts a wheel clamp on fernando alonso's motor
1 Jun 2007
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from vezoom**** - CLAMP in Wonderland is set to 'Anata Dake no Wonderland (Your Very Own Wonderland)' by Hirotani Junko. Various characters from different CLAMP titles make appearances: CLAMP School Detectives (or Clamp Campus Detectives), X (or X-1999), Tokyo Babylon, Miyuki-chan in Wonderland, Shirahime, Duklyon, RG Veda, 20 Mensou Ni Onegai (or 20 Masks/Faces Please or Man of Many Faces), --Sent via *******heyspread**** : Upload videos to multiple sites quickly
9 Sep 2007
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From vezoom**** A very funny anime based on the Clamp manga. Great animation and storyline. will have ep.2 up soon, each ep. is not connected. Search ep.1 on youtube, there is a person who has that --Sent via *******heyspread**** : Upload videos to multiple sites quickly
9 Sep 2007
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Money Clamps are the sleek alternative to bulky wallets. Their patented hinged design and MemoryFlex Steel prevent the wear and tear that plague regular wallets and weaken the grip of traditional money clips. The Money Clamp can hold twenty bills just as tightly as it holds one. With the addition of the included leather card wallet, the Money Clamp is capable of holding up to twelve credit cards.
18 Nov 2008
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Man Drive Car with Clamp on Wheel.
9 Jan 2009
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The Curly Hair Solutions Roller Jaw Clamp Video will show you how to achieve a bouncier more luscious curl. The clamps will provide a full looking, bouncy style that solves the unwanted flat hairstyles. The Roller Jaw Clamps allow curls to stay in their natural formation without squishing them down as well as easy to use and durable. See Roller Jaw Clamps and other great curly hair accessories at www.frizzoff****.
10 Jan 2009
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Product Name: Easy Poster Clamp Item No.: ED10-12 Graphic size (cm): 21*29,7cm (A4) 29,7*59,4cm (A3) 42*59,4cm (A2) 59,4*84cm (A1) 84,1*118,9cm (A0) 500cm/ 700cm 1000cm/1200cm Material: Aluminum, abs, steel Color: Silver Package: Plastic bag Inner box size (cm): (if have) No Qty/ctn (pcs): (A4)50pcs / (A3)50pcs (A2)25pcs / (A1)25pcs (A0)25pcs / (500cm) 25pcs (700cm)25pcs (1000cm)25pcs (1200cm) 25pcs/Ctn Out box size (cm): 28*22*24.5cm/ 33*22*27.5cm 46*12*28cm / 64*12*28cm 88*12*28cm / 54*12*28cm 74*12*28cm / 104*12*28cm 124*12*28cm double layber box N.W (kg): 9kgs / 12.25kgs/ 8.38kgs 11.8kgs/16.3kgs/ 9.9kgs 13.6kgs/ 19.5kgs/ 23.75kgs G.W (kg): 9.28kgs/ 12.74kgs/ 9.06kgs 12.65kgs/ 17.71kgs/ 10.37kgs 14kgs/ 20.3kgs/ 25kgs
4 Mar 2009
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Many kinds of Wheel clamps ,wheel boot ,tire lock,tire boot.suitable for traffic department for car and truck,many of types products main export to europe and east asia and middle east .****
27 Jul 2009
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This bar clamp will do what other clamps are mechanically unable to do. While other clamps rely on a one-bar system, Alpha Clamp gives you two parallel bars - both are adjustable, removable and reversible to allow for previously unheard of versatility. The only clamp like it in the world, it offers quick and easy changes for multiple functions. USA Some of these functions / features include: The ability to clamp both straight and L-stock, spread, hoist and jack. No fade holding power with a four-brake system, measure and level with removable lower bar. It can be used as a cabinet jack, with the ability to lift more than 250 pounds. Take it apart and reassemble it inside or around your project. Need to take it on the job? Just remove both upper and lower bars and pack it in almost any toolbox. Much more than just a clamp! With ?" holes in the ends of both bars just add an "S" hook and you have the ability to work as a hoist or a drag line. This is a 12" clamp that can spread up to 33" just by reversing the lower bar. You can use it as a "C" clamp with a throat depth of over 13". When you remove the lower bar, you have a straight edge with both standard and metric rulers. There are also vertical and horizontal levels built into the clamp, reducing the numbers of tools you need to do your work.
18 Aug 2009
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Find out more on how to fix you Xbox 360 red ring at *******Snurl****/RepairXbox1 Has your XBOX 360 died with the Red Ring of Death? Would you like to play your XBOX 360 again? Well now you can! I've found a guide online that makes it easy to fix your xbox 360. The step by step guide also comes with videos, so it's virtually idiot proof. The XBOX 360 Repair Guide & Videos will help you to fix your XBOX 360 in Less than 1 Hour. You could be playing your games again in less than an hour! Or you could just repair your XBOX 360 and sell it on eBay for some extra cash. If You're interested in learning how to repair your own XBOX 360, just follow the link. xbox 360 rlod red lights fix repair towel rrod trick clamp game halo glitch broken rock band technology mod ps3 wi
22 Sep 2009
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Anti theft Security Wheel Clamp is a great deterrent for car jackers and thieves from approaching your car. Not only is it a solid security measure, it is also hard for anyone to suspiciously remove a clamp from the wheel without getting noticed. Made of solid steel and secured by a key which you'll attach to your key ring, this wheel clamp can be quickly fitted on with ease but tough to remove without the key.
31 Aug 2009
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There has never before been a dependable way to attach things to modern standing seam metal roofs without jeopardizing the integrity of the system and violating warranties. Until Now... S-5 Clamps are available at www.roofingsupplyusa****
20 Oct 2009
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These straight edge clamping guides are ideal for all types of woodworking, cabinet making, carpentry and D.I.Y. applications. Designed for circular saws, jig saws and routers, they are built with an aircraft grade extruded aluminum body for straight accurate cuts and rigid clamping. Easily clamp and cut everything from dimensional lumber to large flat sheets. Clamping pads have an exclusive swivel head that allows clamping up to 22-1/2 either left or right, so you can make angled cuts without the need for extra clamps to hold the edge guide in position. The large over-sized clamping handle allows for increased clamping pressure, while the soft-grip rubberized clamping pad insures that the material is firmly held in place without marring the work.
21 Nov 2009
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Industrial hose clamps for general purpose, made of carbon steel (zink plated) and stainless steel. Offer of hose clamps at *******
10 Mar 2010
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Blu-Lock fittings require no clamps, glues, primers, or tightening like pvc, insert fittings, turnseal fittings, or other barbed fittings. Watch this Blu-Lock fitting demo from Sean at ******* to see how easily the Blu-Lock pipe and fittings go together.
24 Mar 2010
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