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This woman was trying to click a selfie with a goat that already looked pretty unhappy from being tied up. That's when it just snapped and decided to headbutt the woman.
18 Oct 2019
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I recently manifested my first 100K month and I wanted to share with you how I did it. I had to massively shift my mindset and get my energy behind it! I had to believe that it was possible for someone like me, To put this in Action to make it worked. Scripting was a huge part of the key that helped me create my first 100K revenue month! I wanted to share with you the scripting technique that I used. I also have video training where I go more in-depth. Click In The Link Below For more info.
18 Oct 2019
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Este antivirus lo empecé a utilizar en el año 2006 en windows XP hasta en el año 2008 en donde se me actualizó al avast antivirus 4.8 también en windows XP y después en Windows 7 en otro computador hasta el 2011 en donde se me actualizó al de la mancha naranja que todos conocemos hasta ahora, ademas este antivirus me a dado nostalgia debido a la interfaz que tenia como un reproductor multimedia y ademas debido a las alertas de virus que me aparecían del símbolo radiactivo que giraba, en este vídeo es en donde se pone a descargar e instalar el programa y también en donde se pondrá la prueba con algunos virus de la pagina de geczad para hacer que el antivirus reacción y alerte el virus, si les gustó el vídeo dele me gusta, suscribirte, comenta pero con respeto y dale click a la campanita para que estén pendientes cuando suba vídeos, los saludos a frank969rp y nos vemos hasta la próxima chao :)
19 Oct 2019
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How it works with a well designed PPC marketing, when your ads are clicked by visitors, you will pay the search engine a small fee and from that, you will get benefits because many of people see this, and who want your service will access your website easily by PPC.
21 Oct 2019
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"The service center CRM is a new offering which can help electronics and appliance companies manage, track and assign customer complaints, enquiries, warranties and service visits through a unified dashboard. How to setup warranty in the Field Service CRM? · Go to order detail page · And Click on warranty and maintenance option · Based on the frequency of visits an AMC ticket is generated · Field tickets can then be disposed automatically or manually · Field services agents can create a job cart on the mobile application to capture visit charges. With the help of Kapture's Service CRM software companies can increase customer retention through on time field service Subscribe to get more videos! Kapture CRM
21 Oct 2019
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"Click" focuses on a workaholic architect who finds a universal remote that allows him to fast-forward and rewind to different parts of his life. Couldn't YOU use a remote button every once in a while? Also starring Kate Beckinsale, Christopher Walken, David Hasselhoff, Henry Winkler, and Sean Astin
26 Jun 2006
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A funny sequence with Habibu price from Click movie
2 Oct 2006
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Make your life easier by changing settings so you are able to click on items with one click of the mouse instead of two! Enjoy
5 Dec 2006
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Como crear un archivo para eliminar archivos temporales con tan solo doble click
4 Dec 2006
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Learn how to make the icons on your computer single click. ( I did this on a computer with XP )
5 Dec 2006
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This is very novice but if you ever wanted to switch between having to double click icons, pics, folders and just clicking, here is how.
10 Dec 2006
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Simple tutorial how to install Windows Vista on your PC with just one mouse click (results may vary ;-)). P.S.: Installation tutorials for other software may follow, please name your favourite software in comments if you are interested ;-)))
13 Dec 2006
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