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Preferred Climate Solutions is owned and operated by HVAC veterans. We have over 17 years experience with portable heating and cooling systems, plus a lifetime of experience with Texas’ challenging climate. We provide an array of portable cooling and heating rental solutions 24/7. We have locations in Houston, Dallas/Ft Worth & Austin Texas. Though Houston is our home, we offer on-site delivery and setup anywhere in the state of Texas. Call us anytime and we are ready to help you.
A short and interesting documentary about how the events of 9/11 affected the climate.
10 Sep 2006
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17 Feb 2007
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The climate has always been changing and when life started no carbon was locked up in the organic matter.
29 Mar 2007
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A world first Climate change project involving entine community
22 Apr 2007
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World experts gather at Wilton Park to discuss climate change, energy security and plans for achieving low carbon economies in the future.
24 Jul 2007
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Climate change experts at the UK's weather centre have been outlining the scientific changes and information systems needed to improve the forecasting of weather in the future.
16 Aug 2007
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The UK’s Trade and Development Minister, Mr Gareth Thomas, says climate change is not just an environmental problem; it must be seen as a development issue – particularly for poorer countries around the world.
20 Sep 2007
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A parody of the Australian Government's Climate Clever campaign. GetUp! raised over $200000 in 48 hours to run this spot in 50 different markets during the 2007 AFL grand final.
1 Oct 2007
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It's possible to grow the economy and at the same dramatically curb greenhouse gases. Watch former U.S.President Bill Clinton, former U.K. Prime Minister Tony Blair, Ethiopia Prime Minister Meles Zenawi and other leaders discuss practical steps needed to combat climate change, as well as the opportunities for unprecedented economic progress on the African continent.
4 Oct 2007
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Brad Pitt, Florida Governor Charles Crist, Cool Globes founder Wendy Abrams and Evangelical Environmental Network President & CEO Jim Ball move beyond the climate change debate to spur action to counter it. At the lunch, Pitt announced a funding commitment to help rebuild New Orleans using green materials and technology.
4 Oct 2007
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This TV commercial raised $200,000 in two days! Very clever and funny spoof of an Australian Government Climate Change TV Advertisement...
18 Oct 2007
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The Moon's effect on the Earth's rotational axis has a direct effect on our climate. Without it, the world may not have been suitable for life as we know it. Taken from the documentary: "FirstScience presents: The Moon" available at Download in full from: *******
25 Oct 2007
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