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*******www.CloseQuartersCombat**** - In self defense against multiple attackers, the clinch is a dangerous place to be. This close quarters combat CQC tactic is used in a real street fight clinch to quickly take out one attacker and defend against others.
19 Jul 2009
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*******www.CloseQuartersCombat**** - Hockey fights are close quarters combat scenarios. This technique from the ice works great as a street fight technique also for close combat.
9 Jan 2010
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*******www.closequarterscombat**** - The close quarters combat elbow strike works best for close quarter self defense. But here's how to make your elbow strike even more powerful and devastating in a real street fight.
19 Jul 2009
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*******www.CloseQuartersCombat**** - Self defense in a close quarters combat clinch can make it hard to find targets. This self defense technique is a great CQC tactic to uses your attackers throat to choke and escape a real street fight.
5 Aug 2009
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*******www.CloseQuartersCombat**** - When fighting in built up areas in combat or home defense, weapon retention is critical to survival. This close quarters combat tip will help soldiers fighting in built up areas retain their rifle from enemy combatants
8 Oct 2009
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S. Timperley: Formerly the British Army's No.1 Self-Protection instructor & Founder of TSDT.
24 Oct 2008
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Applying militarized muay thai for the purpose of combat, not sport. Just running through a drill in which you counter off of a straight cross or elbow. These drills help you work on your timing, distance, and optimal flow of techniques.
13 Aug 2009
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Master Wong Training is available in Ipswich Suffolk UK. Contact us for more information on our training facilities and how to book training courses! *******
11 Oct 2009
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*******www.CloseQuartersCombat**** - To disarm a handgun or pistol for self defense, your timing must be perfect. This handgun disarm technique for a real street fight with a gun reveals a psychological trigger for when to make your self defense move.
3 Dec 2009
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*******CloseQuartersCombat**** - To end a real street fight quickly, you should know how to knock someone out with one punch or as quickly as possible. This martial arts pressure point self defense move has even been seen used in prison fighting.
24 Mar 2011
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Wing Chun is widely recognised as one of the fastest fighting styles in the world. It has a speed and directness of action that is difficult to match. Ideal for self defence, or as a starting point for a further study of Martial Arts. Wing Chun is both challenging and rewarding and can be practiced anywhere This DVD will begin your training in the second Wing Chun form, Chum Kiu ‘Sinking Bridge ’. It will take you through the process of learning the form to its application in the real world and real time sparring. Utilising a lot of fast, hard techniques Chum Kiu elaborates on the first form and takes you deeper into the art of close quarter combat. This DVD will also teach you more about Master Wong's 'Energy Drills'. These will increase your understanding of the forces and movements involved in close quarter combat and improve your ability to deal with an assailant. In Chum Kiu you will learn how to totally destroy your opponent’s defence first before you go in to deal with them. Using live presentation, Master Wong guides you along step by step through more than 3 hours of training footage improving your fighting technique and all round martial art skill. For any Wing Chun student out there this is a highly anticipated DVD that will not disappoint
4 Mar 2007
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Tai Chi is an ancient martial art, today associated with peace, health and relaxation. However it was created originally as a powerful form of fighting based on a deep understanding that was developed over generations. This DVD will take you through both the Yang and Chen styles of Tai Chi. You are given not only a step-by-step guide to the forms but are then shown how to apply the movements in the close quarter combat zone. Generating immense power and speed Combat Tai Chi is a destructive and potent weapon well worth the time to learn for any Martial Artist. Master Wong's Combat Tai Chi is a highly effective fighting art. Learn how to flick people across a room, lift them off the floor or put them to the ground with ease as you perfect the ability to use your entire body, achieving precision, balance and grace. In over 7 hours of training footage Master Wong will guide you through the basic exercises, to the forms and then on to their application. The DVD is presented live to make training easy. Each part has been dissected into chapters so that you can select whichever part you wish to train in. Finally, this rarely taught art is now available to learn direct from your home with personal tuition from Master Wong at the touch of a button
4 Mar 2007
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