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The hot Lost-related ARG, in which people are recruited to work for the Dharma Initiative, gets a closer inspection.
29 Jul 2008
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I, Stuart Sims, first met the '12 Fingered Man' in Udiapur in 1989. In 2007, (Featured on The Travel Channel's l 'What's your Trip' Episode 7 broadcast January 10-2009). Louise and I found ourselves wandering around the busy little shopping district of Udiapur. We always have our eyes open to discover any new and interesting items to sell on our soon to be published web-site, so when we noticed some unusual perfume bottles in a shop window, we went in to explore. Although sterling silver jewelry, (jewellery) and tribal art are what we usually look for, the bottles were intriguing. The proprietor pointed out that the bottles were made of specially molded camel hide. As I was mentioning to Louise that I had seen such bottles only once before, the man asked Louise "What is different between your hands and mine?". He was smiling like a fox and had a smug nonchalant look on his face as he poured perfume into a small glass bottle. Louise was a bit perplexed and said that his hands were a bit darker than hers. On closer inspection, she added that they were also larger. Larger! They were larger because there were six fingers on each hand! Each finger was perfectly formed, articulated, and positioned in a symmetrical line. Her astonishment was all the man could ask for. He was as proud as punch of his hands, and rightfully so. They were like a link in the chain of evolution. Maybe we were meant to have 12 fingers! He explained that he was married and had children, but none of his children inherited their father's special trait. Obviously, I had wandered into the same shop that I had visited 9 years earlier. It's always nice to rediscover old friends. The twelve fingered man rests on the fringe of being one of our most unique Indian friends. Namaste! Thanks, Stuart Sims aka Master Quark for Louise and Stuart's Amazing India Travels Check out our web-site which should be completed in 2009 (delayed due to circumstances beyond our control now there is a descriptive starter page). ........................................ . ........................................ . . ........................................ . featuring India travel tips, travel logs. photos and unique India items for sale!Also: India, Indian Sterling Silver Jewelry, (Jewellery), India Tribal Jewelry, Semi-Precious Stone Pendants, Rings, Earrings, Bracelets, and Necklaces: set with Garnets, Amethyst, Malachite, Turquoise and Lapis - Antique Silver Pendants, Hindu Medallions, Buddhist Brass and Bronze Statues, Mala Beads, Buddhas, Prayer boxes, Tibetan prayer flags, Essential Oils and Much More.
21 Feb 2009
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Discretion is always the order of the day at Best Western hotels, especially when yet another celebrity is staying at one of its leading Premier Hotels. This time it was England star David Beckham who was caught on camera demonstrating his 'golden balls' at Best Western. On closer inspection maybe not all is as it seems.... *******www.bestwestern******
10 Sep 2009
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Staff at the Best Western Premier Blunsdon House Hotel near Swindon had to look twice when they thought they spotted premier footballer, David Beckham, having lunch with Swindon Town FC's manager, Danny Wilson. The two were deep in conversation in the hotel's restaurant, but seemed to be enjoying a football rather than a bottle of champagne with their meal. When staff looked closer, they believed they also spotted Boris Johnson in the background! The London Mayor and Becks were unlikely poolmates later that afternoon it looked like David was showing Boris keepy ups with an inflatable beach ball. While Boris seemed to be catching up on the latest gossip On closer inspection maybe not all is as it seems *Of course, this wasn't really David Beckham or Boris Johnson just people that looks like them. *******www.bestwestern******
28 Sep 2009
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The recession has meant that everyone has had to tighten their belts, and the Queen is no exception. Staff at the Best Western Premier Blunsdon House Hotel treated a regal guest to breakfast in bed while she caught up on Prince Harry's latest antics in Heat magazine. The guest also enjoyed a head massage while the masseuse could not resist trying on her tiara and then explored the extensive hotel, even pausing to pose with other guests, The manager said she was the perfect guest and would be welcomed back any time. On closer inspection maybe not all is as it seems.... This wasn't actually the Queen, just an excellent lookalike, Mary Reynolds. *******www.bestwestern******
29 Sep 2009
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Was it Boris Johnson taking full advantage of the facilities on offer at the Best Western Premier Blunsdon House Hotel near Swindon? he was spotted relaxing on the balcony with I Love London pants, and then enjoying a manicure, relaxing by the pool with David Beckham and was seen walking through the gym. Staff couldn't believe their eyes when they thought that Boris had chosen to read Heat while Becks was ploughing through the Financial Times. Discretion was called for when who they thought was Boris was trying and failing to catch a frisbee in the hotel grounds - practicing for the 2012 Olympics presumably. On closer inspection maybe not all is as it seems.... Of course it wasn't actually Boris Johnson - just a great lookalike! *******www.bestwestern******
28 Sep 2009
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Discretion is always the order of the day at Best Western hotels, especially when yet another celebrity is staying at one its leading Premier Hotels. This time, staff thought they saw 007 hunk Daniel Craig going through his top secret daily spy workout in nothing more than a shirt and his smalls. Staff were also shown how to shake the perfect Vodka martini On closer inspection maybe not all is as it seems.... Of course this wasn't really Daniel Craig! *******www.bestwestern******
29 Sep 2009
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Though Lenski claims the new citrate ability of E-Coli is proof of evolution, it is actually proof of Genetic Entropy. These following articles refute Lenski's supposed "evolution" of the citrate ability for the E-Coli bacteria after 20,000 generations of the E-Coli: Multiple Mutations Needed for E. Coli - Michael Behe Excerpt: As Lenski put it, “The only known barrier to aerobic growth on citrate is its inability to transport citrate under oxic conditions.” (1) Other workers (cited by Lenski) in the past several decades have also identified mutant E. coli that could use citrate as a food source. In one instance the mutation wasn’t tracked down. (2) In another instance a protein coded by a gene called citT, which normally transports citrate in the absence of oxygen, was overexpressed. (3) The overexpressed protein allowed E. coli to grow on citrate in the presence of oxygen. It seems likely that Lenski’s mutant will turn out to be either this gene or another of the bacterium’s citrate-using genes, tweaked a bit to allow it to transport citrate in the presence of oxygen. (He hasn’t yet tracked down the mutation.),,, If Lenski’s results are about the best we've seen evolution do, then there's no reason to believe evolution could produce many of the complex biological features we see in the cell. ***********/gp/blog/post/PLNK3U696N278Z93O Lenski's e-coli - Analysis of Genetic Entropy Excerpt: Mutants of E. coli obtained after 20,000 generations at 37°C were less “fit” than the wild-type strain when cultivated at either 20°C or 42°C. Other E. coli mutants obtained after 20,000 generations in medium where glucose was their sole catabolite tended to lose the ability to catabolize other carbohydrates. Such a reduction can be beneficially selected only as long as the organism remains in that constant environment. Ultimately, the genetic effect of these mutations is a loss of a function useful for one type of environment as a trade-off for adaptation to a different environment. *******www.answersingenesis****/articles/aid/v4/n1/beneficial-mutations-in-bacteria Upon closer inspection, it seems Lenski's "cuddled" E. coli are actually headed for "genetic meltdown", which is an effect predicted by the principle of genetic entropy, instead of evolving into something better. New Work by Richard Lenski: Excerpt: Interestingly, in this paper they report that the E. coli strain became a “mutator.” That means it lost at least some of its ability to repair its DNA, so mutations are accumulating now at a rate about seventy times faster than normal. *******www.evolutionnews****/2009/10/new_work_by_richard_lenski.html Evolution vs. Genetic Entropy - video ***********/watch?v=mmbRbyv2PA0 Intelligent Design - The Anthropic Hypothesis *******lettherebelight-77.blogspot****/
25 Jan 2010
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*******www.Warholian**** Kelly Allen's "Everything is Everything" show at the Medicine Agency in San Francisco takes us on a winding journey through the artist's mind and process. Her style is reminiscent of Robert Rauschenberg color choice and composition, juxtaposed with John James Audubon's subject matter. Allen's impeccably produced art gives the impression of collage, but upon closer inspection reveals detailed paintings intertwined with delicate images of nature. It can be clearly stated that "Everything is Everything" is a show strong in artistic composition and beauty. -Warholian *******www.kellyallen****/ *******www.medicineagency****
23 Mar 2010
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I want to proceed through all of the temptations that people face in keeping up with the joneses and achieving multiple debt repayments while we are at it. There's a simple smarter way *******www.debtconsolidation****.au/ *******hubpages****/hub/A-closer-inspection-in-Online-debt-consolidation
8 Jul 2010
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Ron didn't have signal in the workplace, but noticed some others didn't have that problem. On closer inspection, he discovered Net10 did, and for him, there was no turning back! Net10 says what you get, and you get what it says!
30 Jul 2011
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Tennis Elbow Treatment – Should you treat your Tennis Elbow by wearing a brace? [Visit *******TennisElbowClassroom**** for more articles and videos.] Most medical “authorities” say you should wear a brace, band or support for a few weeks to help “Rest, protect and heal your Tennis Elbow” It seems to make perfect sense, at first glance, and your Tennis Elbow may feel better after you’ve been wearing one… But, on closer inspection, learn why Tennis Elbow is simply not the kind of injury that benefits from being braced, bound up or wrapped for days or weeks on end (with few exceptions) – And discover why it doesn’t help it heal.
14 Apr 2012
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