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i put the fishes favorite food into a jar and cover the opening with nori (marine algae sheet) and use a rubber band to hold it in place. after over an hour of recording 5 minute segments, it was clear that the clownfish understood they had to get past the nori to get to their food. my other fish, the wrasses, did not seem to understand this and constantly tried to go through the sides of the jar to get their food. after the first 20 minutes the clownfish figured out they could push on the nori and pull it apart to get inside the jar. unfortunately for me, the nori was a lot stronger than i thought and it took awhile for it to soak and become soft enough for the fish to push a hole into it. the blenny didnt care at all about what was in the jar, it was happy with the nori that was on the outside. also, the wrasses eat the nori too, but they wanted what was in the jar much more. the clownfish don't normally eat the nori, so it was impressive to see them bite and push on it. the food in the jar is freeze dried mysis (it was floating in the jar, right under the nori), blood worms and cyclopeeze (both sank to the bottom and were what the fish wanted most.). tank size is 65 gallons. fish species are: false percula (pair), exquisite wrasse (pair), solar wrasse, lawnmower blenny, royal gramma. any questions i can answer in the comments! You could also visit *******www.ocreef**** for helpful information
5 Dec 2007
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Occellaris clownfish in reef aquarium
1 Feb 2010
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*******UltimatePaperMache**** This clownfish was made with the new make-it-yourself paper mache clay. The recipe is on my blog, and it's easy to make. The clownfish is project #2 in my upcoming book "Make Animal Sculptures with Paper Mache Clay."
16 Mar 2010
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top aquarium marine fish *******topaquafish.blogspot****
24 Mar 2010
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top aquarium marine fish *******topaquafish.blogspot****
24 Mar 2010
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21 Apr 2010
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Chyrsogaster Clonwfish came from a Mauritius Shipment
29 Jun 2010
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19 Aug 2011
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top aquarium marine fish *******topaquafish.blogspot****
24 Mar 2010
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A clownfish attacks a passing turtle. Turtle gets pissed and rips out the clownfish's home.
23 Sep 2007
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In this aquarium Nemo makes friends with a group of fish. These fish try desperately to help Nemo escape to the sea and be reunited with his father. disney nemo ,fiding nemo,find nemo,finding nemo,finding nemo item,finding nemo items,finding nemo review finding nemo reviews,finding nemo set,finding nemo sets,finding nemo video,finding nemo walkthrough,nemo nemo dori,nemo videos,mphiprion,amphiprion ocellaris,amphiprion percula,anemone,anemonefish anemones,animal,aquarium, behavior, breeding, breeding clownfish,clarkii,clown fish clown fish breeding,clown fish care,clown fish food,clown fish pictures,clownfish,lownfish facts clownfish life cycle,clowns,coral damsel amselfish diet facts .feeding finding nemo fish tank food frenatus info information keeping live live clown fish live clownfish maroon ocellaris percula percula clownfish pixar plants premnas saltwater sebae species tank tip tomato tropical tropical clown fish tropical fish types underwater where clownfish live
8 Oct 2008
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*******www.newwebkinzonline****/ See my 3 collectionI got the Orca Whale, Parakeet and Clownfish! Look out for their adoption videos! *******www.newwebkinzonline****/webkinz-whale/
18 Nov 2008
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Perth Mint Australian Sea Life Coins including the leafy sea dragon coin, silver proof seahorse coin, sea life clownfish coin, sea life lionfish coin *******www.goldbullioningot****/blog/coins/australian-sea-life/
4 May 2010
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*******airswimmersworld****/2011/flying-shark-clownfish/ - Toys R Us launches a commercial on the Air Swimmer Shark and Clownfish.
16 Nov 2011
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