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On September 17, 2019, Lincoln American University (LAU), in collaboration with Sharda University, organized Student Welcome and Orientation Ceremony for students starting Pre-Medical & NEET Coaching Program (2019) organized by LAU in India at School of Medical Sciences & Research (SMSR) of Sharda University. Medical aspirants, esteemed faculty members of Sharda University, and Program co-ordinators of Lincoln American University took active participation in the ceremony which was graced by dignitaries including: ✓ Prof. U.V. Balakrishnan, Professor, Mathematics, Sharda University ✓ Dr. Hari Shankar Gaur, Dean, School of Basic Sciences & Research, Sharda University ✓ Air Marshal (Dr) Pawan Kapoor, AVSM, VSM, and BAR (Retd), Former Director-General of Medical Services (IAF), Vice-Chancellor of Lincoln American University, School of Medicine (LAU) ✓ Dr. H. Surya Prakash Rao, Dean, Research & Professor, Chemistry and Biochemistry, Sharda University ✓ Prof. P.K. Mitra, Dean, School of Humanities & Social Sciences, Sharda University The purpose of the ceremony was to encourage the students for their new journey, give them a warm welcome to the University, make them familiar with the new environment, faculty members, and peers, and motivate them to study hard and smart as they start their Pre-Medical & NEET Coaching Program followed by 4-Year Program for MD in Guyana (equivalent to MBBS). In this video, you will hear from dignitaries, distinct medical professionals, and professors with decades of experience, addressing the next generation of doctors with their words of wisdom, inspiration, hope, and optimism. You will also get to know the experiences of the speakers from their own student life and how failures helped them rise and reach where they stand today. For all the students who are yet to qualify NEET, remember “Having not qualified NEET in your first attempt or the second attempt is not the end of the world. It is the beginning of subsequent successes.
23 Sep 2019
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There are a lot many benefits of being a marine engineer. The few of which are listed below, in brief: 1) Marine Engineering degree – Marine engineer are degree holders and they are well qualified ones. It is equivalent and one of the most reputed degree. 2) Respect – Marine engineers get respect in the society as they work being away for the family surfacing all the unties dangers at the sea. No doubt they do a basic STCW safety training course, but risking lives if appealable. 3) Discipline – Marine engineers are one of the most disciplined engineering species. They need to be disciplined as they need to be in co-ordination with crew.
1 Oct 2019
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These Brazilian workers are the finest example of co-ordinated teamwork. The just hammered a big iron pole into the ground under a minute.
5 Dec 2017
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Watch the unbelievable and perfectly synchronized act of human . It’s so perfect that one takes it as a computer animation video.
16 Oct 2017
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The fastest coordination of hands and brain in a human would have to be this. He is seeing, processing, taking action; altogether at once.
12 Oct 2018
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These masons have got the secret of working super efficiently. Not missing a single beat each and every time.
16 Sep 2019
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Stunt Actors Guild Ireland www.stuntactorsguild**** Welcome to the official website of the Stunt Actors Guild, a networking base for some of Irelands most highly trained forward thinking Stunt Performers, co-ordinators, fight choreographers and 2nd unit directors. S.A.G is Irelands most paramount Stunt team, with membership comprising of professional men & women who have collectively merged to make extreme stunt action a reality. Each member has a specific area of expertise, skill & ability to offer the motion Picture, Television, Theatre & live Stunt show Industry. We have countless years of knowledge, experience and credits in every imaginable Stunt action arena. One of our founding members Joe Condren was nominated for a World Taurus Stunt Award for Best Action in a foreign film “Intermission". Whether filming action above or below the water, S.A.G Ireland has all the experienced personnel & modern equipment necessary to make your production happen. From big Hollywood budgets to Independent films, every production gets our 100% commitment. S.A.G Ireland offers advice & support to the film makers of tomorrow. If stunts are what you need for your project and you are an independent, low-budget, short film, student film producer or director, we will examine your script and discuss your needs. Our main objective is to deliver the directors Stunt action vision ensuring the highest level of professionalism, precise planning and world class execution. Safety of cast and crew is always our utmost primary concern. Our members pride themselves on having an impeccable safety record. Stunt Actors Guild membership is by invitation only.
8 Sep 2010
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A sexy-funny Budweiser commercial.
8 May 2008
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5 Aug 2011
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5 Aug 2011
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Jennifer Aniston looks chic in black and white as she joins fiancé Justin Theroux to honour Ben Stiller at an awards gala.
16 Nov 2012
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This duo of the guy doing parkour tricks and the super spooked cat was interesting enough, but from where did this dog drop in!?
5 Jul 2019
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