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View some clips of greenpeace against a large coal fired powerplant in South East Asia. Be a clean air advocate.
30 Mar 2006
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A tribute to the West Virginia coal miners who got trapped in the collapsed mine.
11 May 2006
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He realy eat The coal آكل الفحم
6 Feb 2007
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The band Coal Chamber with their song "Friend" synchronized with Herman the cartoon
11 Jul 2007
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More than thirty climate activists and local residents took mass direct action to prevent excavation work on Britain’s biggest ever open-cast coal mine at Ffos-y-fran in South Wales. Climate campaigners from all over Wales joined with local people from Merthyr Tydfil to evade police and security. They’ve pledged to prevent work on the site for as long as they can by climbing onto, and chaining themselves to the 1,300 horsepower yellow diggers. “Gordon Brown’s officials this week jet off to Balifor UN talks on cutting carbon emissions but at home they’re trying to drag us into a new coal age.” “Coal is the filthiest fuel known to man and projects like this mine could destroy all our chances of tackling global warming. The battle over this hilltop in Wales is a fight for the stability of the global climate and it epitomises this government’s hypocrisy on climate change.”
10 Jan 2008
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You thought it had all gone away didn't you? For 150 years coal was what kept us all alight and weren't we reminded of it on a regular basis. But wouldn't you know it, Old King Coal - long ago privatised - is making a comeback.
16 Jan 2008
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This is the Rudnik in Southeastern Bulgaria "oblast" or county Radnevo. The town of Radnevo is my hometown. This is located about 7.5km away from the town and is an open mine. Where big ( i am not sure what they are called) excavating machines about 50 meters wide and maybe 150-200 meters tall. They extract coal where it is transported by long tapes of plastic conveyor belts ( check the conveyor belts in my second video) to three different thermal power plants. The power plants supply energy to most of Bulgaria, Ukraine, Russia, and Greece. If you would like to find out here is the website: *******tpp2****
23 Oct 2009
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Recently I went underground at Pine Ridge Coal Mine. They are mining thick Coalburg seam. This is so far the best coal mine I have ever visited. First of all you never have to bend down inside the deep mine, secondly they have great safety training video (best so far compared to any other safety training I have in other coal mines), well marked escape ways, lots of rescuers, relatively cleaner. It has been a great experience for me. check out more photos and article at *******coalgeology****
25 Apr 2008
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Coal isn't going the way of the dodo bird anytime soon and Barbie shows you why.
12 May 2008
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On a beautiful day in New York City, Jason jogged around Central Park with a guy dresssed in a coal suit! Seems silly? Well, not when you think about the positive impact that cleaner coal can have on the environment.. The amazing Integrated Gasification Combined Cycle system converts coal into a high-value, cleaner burning fuel. Using this fuel, a power plant can reduce its key pollutants by as much as 50 percent compared to a conventional coal power plant.
14 May 2008
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Open Cut Coal Operations in the Hunter Valley debated the big issues affecting the industry. For more information, visit www.iir****.au/opencut.
3 Jun 2008
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More journalism at *******newsproject****. In a single year, less than one in 100,000 Americans contract a rare form of blood cancer. In Pennsylvania coal country, the rate is nearly five times higher. Many suspect "clean" coal is the cause. As the 2008 presidential candidates promote the potential of clean coal as an alternative fuel source, and as Congress prepares to debate energy legislation, ANP takes a look at the controversial practice of coal-ash dumping.
10 Jun 2008
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Will billions of tons of coal in U.S. mountains be turned into liquid fuel?
2 Aug 2008
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Open Cut Coal Operations in the Hunter Valley debated the big issues affecting the industry. Open Cut Coal 2008 will be held at The Sebel Kirkton Park, Hunter Valley on the 29th-31st July 2008. Call + 61 2 90804080 or visit www.iir****.au/opencut/vid.
4 Aug 2008
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Dr Nikki Williams, CEO of NSW Minerals Council, talks to us about Gunnedah basin being a source for both coal and farm products, working geosequestration site and the adoption of low emissions coal technologies. She is speaking at the Gunnedah Basin Coal Conference on the 16th and 17th of September in Gunnedah. For more information, visit www.informa****.au/gunnedahcoal/vid or call +612 9080 4307.
4 Aug 2008
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Activists disrupt the Coal Authority AGM in Cardiff. Plans included a new generation of coal-fired power stations, and ongoing expansion of opencast mining across UK. More on *******
11 Sep 2008
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