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The Pulse Trick is from Chapter 3 in Bobo's Coin Magic. To learn more or to contribute to the Open Bobo Project, please visit www.kapoof****
28 Apr 2008
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The Drop Vanish from Chp 3 Bobo's Coin Magic
28 Apr 2008
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The Coin to Key is a classic effect from Chp 5 in Bobo's Coin Magic
28 Apr 2008
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Using the same moves from Coin to Key, you can accomplish another effect from Chp 5 in Bobo's Coin Magic
17 May 2008
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The Pumpkin Seed Vanish is a deceptive sleight from Chp 7 in Bobo's Coin Magic
12 May 2008
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The Copper Silver Transposition is a classic effect that everyone should learn from Chp 8 in Bobo's Coin Magic
28 Apr 2008
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A creative effect from Chp 12 in Bobo's Coin Magic.
28 Apr 2008
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This will show you coin that passes through skin trick. All you need is a coin. Magic trick for all ages
4 Jul 2008
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Magic trick secret, card magic secret, coin magic secret, mind reading, shuffle technique, optical illusion www.alanawez****
2 Jun 2008
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its a coin magic,with a card(cool)
17 Sep 2008
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5 Jun 2010
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Moving Coin Magic Tricks
21 Feb 2009
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