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This flash video Chinese Show story by Chinese Sun Flowers language studio will be a lesson # 1 for preschoolers to learn chinese (mandarin) language. Please check later for a newest releases or contact us at infochinesesunflowers**** for more materials for your kids to study chinese or other information regarding learning process. *******www.chinesesunflowers****
5 Mar 2009
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Have you even seen the Rainbow
20 Apr 2007
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The making of the Toretto fountains with a bull shape, Turin, Sunk World series digital painting.
20 Jan 2010
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"A Day Late and A Dollar Short" by David Hart It was a cold dreamsicle night A blackbird colored sky dripped Rice Krispie snow bits down On a cracked dirt ridden street An egg yoke colored taxi shuffleslides by, blowing smoke rings from its rattling rear pipe. I was worn out like an overused dish rag. I sat spinning semi-circles on a swivel stool at Joe's Open All Night greasy diner. An angry cup of coffee winked at me with Mud puddled eyes and dared me to drink it. A rag doll woman with shredded wheat hair Sat sucking on a bent cigarette Her smeared lipstick put on like a bad coloring book. Two yellow bug eyed eggs squinted at me and said they'd like to get to know my aching heart. I gave a slight half smile to my smeared redded up mouthed fellow epicurean. Her nostrils flaired as cigarette smoke and makeup powered fell from her boozer nose. This could be my 208th love affair -- This one will last I am sure of it. A couple of burgers on the once silver grill now screamed their last thoughts on life. Another day late, another dollar short. Hart2007
16 Oct 2007
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*******www.musicaltales****/helena Free online manga [audio book online] This is the very unique project of music composer Stephane Meer. It is a sort of free online manga with a strong music background and lots of pictures of dragons, wolves and fantasy characters. HELENA and the Orchestra of the World of Mist After putting things in order, she went back to her piano. She was exhausted. Night was falling, and from the little window, the silhouetted trees on the hill with their long hooked branches, stood tall in the moonlight. When she was engrossed in her music and she allowed it to take over her being, it was a huge relief, like stepping into a warm, relaxing bath. She would close her eyes, and gradually, her fingers seemed to be playing all the instruments in the orchestra. The bass, in unison with the bassoons, the cellos, and the violas, sometimes in harmony with the woodwinds and the French horns were her left hand. Her right hand was in turn, the violins, the flutes, interrupted by harps running from one end of the keyboard to the other. Then, her hands would rise and fall with all their strength. It was the turn of the kettle drums, the trombones, the tuba and the trumpets to reinforce this moment of power, this metallic brilliance, punctuated by the exploding cymbals. It was an exhilaration of colors and sounds, like a hypnotic trance during which you had to surrender yourself in total self-abandon. Helena would feel herself being swept away as if she were falling into the void and letting herself float and be crushed in the air. With her eyes closed, she was caught up in a whirlwind of space and time, with a mixture of voices, shouts, a dark, violet colored sky and the ever increasing sound of an orchestra. It even seemed to her that her keyboard had been transformed. The instruments were no longer coming from her but from around her. At the end of a musical phrase, she suddenly opened her eyes. She was in an immense hall, a Gothic cathedral. Behind her, a huge symphonic orchestra was playing, and in front of her, she was no longer at a piano but at an enormous church organ whose pipes were raised towards the more than ten meters high upper arches. Free online manga [audio book online] Distributed by Tubemogul.
19 Jun 2009
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*******www.musicaltales****/helenaFantasy Novel [fantasy audio books]This is the very unique project of music composer Stephane Meer. It is a sort of free online manga with a strong music background and lots of pictures of dragons, wolves and fantasy characters.HELENAand the Orchestra of the World of MistA few minutes later, two separate groups were forming. The first, coming from the underground, getting ready to go back to the cathedral, and the second, consisting of Sohane, Constantine, Helena and Florianne coming from the cavern leading to the stable.Outside, it was almost as if they were in the Bussy countryside, if it weren't for the violet colored sky and the varied shades of red and bluish gray. To the east, everything seemed darkened. The yellow color of autumn leaves gave way to dark shapes hidden by clouds of mist and fog. The trees and the ferns seemed to progressively disappear only to be replaced, in the distance, by a local species of dark bramble bushes, with long, sharp thorns that created a very hostile and natural form of barbed wire.The exit to the cavern was located to the southwest, in a wooded area that one had to cross to reach the main east-west area where the fighting took place.Constantine : "Am I dreaming or did I just come out with girls only?"(flirtingly, turning to Florianne) "Hello, I'm Constantine, but you can call me, Costia."Sohane: (upset) "Do I have to remind you that we're on patrol here, and that we're supposed to keep our eyes open?!"Constantine : "That's just it. I opened my eyes, and hmmmm, I saw a dream walking...Florianne, right?"Florianne : (dryly) "Yes, I'm Florianne, but I've heard all about you, so for now, let's stick to the mission. Okay?"Constantine (showing off) "No sweat, baby. You've got me here to protect you. Stay close to me, and you'll be fine."Florianne : (bursting out laughing) "Pff..."Sohane : (sarcastically) "Cool. It's good to know we're really safe. That's for sure!"As they walked, Helena asked question after question about the kidnapping of her parents, about black fortress, the ghosts, the captured musicians, Marx Igor's spells, his recent alliance with Teresa Wagner, his breeding and training of dragons, his mercenaries, and so on.She also wanted to hear about the attack of the horsemen and the wolves, and how they had succeeded in destabilizing such a powerful army by dispersing them and by launching numerous lightning like attacks, retaining the advantage of terrain and speed. Helena wasn't interested in military strategy, but she was amazed by the courage and fidelity of the horses and the wolves. They had attacked armed soldiers and monsters ten times their size. And yet, they wreaked havoc in their lines and forced the terrible queen to retreat. Who knows how many human lives they had saved today? She hoped that one day, humans would realize the debt they owed these animals and that they would learn to respect them.They left the wooded area and turned onto the road leading to the cathedral, on the left. The word, "road", was hardly exact. The queen's army and its dragons had transformed it into a huge path of broken and trampled on tree branches. The earth had been turned into a five meter wide stretch of black mud, with deep imprints of giant hooked paws.On the left, the path widened even more towards the combat zones. There was burning vegetation all over, as well as dead soldiers lying on the ground, trampled, burned or totally crushed.Helena tried as hard as she could not to look at these combat atrocities...Fantasy Novel [fantasy audio books] Distributed by Tubemogul.
2 Jul 2009
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Download file here: *******mydownloadactive****/Jewell987/Black *THIS IS NOT THE OFFICIAL 360 EXCLUSIVE THE MK TEAM PROMISED US... JUST A SONG FROM THE FANS, 4 THE FANS... OF MK, HIP HOP, AND 360's PS3/MK/HipHop fans can also DL for free.... We, along with other 360 users haven't been shown the same love as PS3 users. So we wanted to give the MK/360/HipHop fans atleast SOMETHING cool... This is titled 360 Exclusive because Xbox users can import the song into their Xbox if they wish, and listen to it directly in the game, without muting the sound effects... it just replaces the songs in the game. Not to knock any of the music produced 4 the upcoming game... we just wanted to do something 4 Mortal Kombat Hip Hop fans... The beat was produced by Kick Back. Umang is the emcee. We realize that techno is traditionally used in MK games and movies... but we are such big fans... we had to do a hip hop joint. We hope you enjoy it as much as we enjoyed making it. Mortal Kombat 9 is scheduled 4 release on April 19th... mos.def08gmail**** Lyrics Verse 1 I perplex the mind, Imma put you in subzero conditions when i disconnect the spine/ Don't gotta throw ice shards to get you to freeze, enticing as sonya's legs are, you don't wanna get in-between/ you live in a dream, life ain't all sunshine and gumdrops it's as dark as a FINISH HIM screen/ got an enraged mentality, I'll have the grim reaper in Final Destination plotting your stage fatality/ i'm sick with the bars, won't even know what hit you like some 20 plus hit combo shit from kabal/ I'm gifted than most, when you spittin' a flow, your talent hidden as original smoke/ I'm as poisonous a Scorpion you scopin' at, jolt a neck with a spear put a hole in it bringing you towards me on command/ expose my mask, be afraid of what lies beneath, TORCH opponents someone's yelling toasty behind the scenes/ Verse 2 I lose my mind when I flip, i turn rhymers to kids, you need training wheels to do Liu Kang's bicycle kick/ I lit the match to the flame, morph into an arcade drop on heads, that's what i call smashing the game/ this be the mystical standard, i believe in ONE God, and he was played by Christopher Lambert(Raiden)/ witness the amber'd colored sky, rivals are out-done, think i'm victorious till the arrival of Shao Khan/ I make ya bowels leak out front, who carry more power as Shang Tsung more than Cary Tagawa/ trying to play get devoured, shift in my poet's zone, channeling the greatest writers in literature and absorb they souls/ out-flow an emcee to his death, i pick 'em off the ground like Goro start to beat on they chest/ you peons at best, never see the weak on the throne, who else can handle a queen who screams the meat off your bones(Sindel)/ I go..... Verse 3 Rappers nowadays only care if they sell enough, i smell they downfall, won't need Cyrax to self-destruct/ lyrical bed of spikes put you in your bed tonight, competitor? couldn't even break wind in Test Your Might/ uMaNg and Kickback kickin' homage, watching from the background like Smoke and Jade in the Living Forest(MK2)/ you speaking to the man, one verbal explosion leave more limbs flying around than you previously had/ take your hands i break 'em off proper, battle me your better off taking a blade from Baraka/ you like style over substance, action flicks i rip, arms in abundance, Major Jackson Briggs/ These combatants are so soft, they green in the face like Reptile tongue lashing they domes off/ back in the day MK battle got real hectic, lost it, robbed a dude of oxygen with his own necklace/
29 Apr 2011
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Minecraft beta 1.8 is now OUT! :D READ MORE FOR DOWNLOAD :D:D Finally the longly anticipated minecraft 1.8. With this version you are able to play online with friends, and offline. What you need to do. Step 1: Download the rar file containing the whole minecraft folder here: Step 2: Put it in your C:\Documents and Settings\Username\Application Data. And press overwrite, yes in case there is allready a .minecraft folder there. Otherwise just put the .minecraft folder in the appdata. THIS is the only file around working with the cracked version. The others are Fakers. Step 3: Don't look into the eyes of the enderman! (he doesn't like attention) Updatelog: Added a brand new biome generation code that simplifies life a lot and makes things much more exciting for the future + Added new mob; Endermen + Added FOV slider + Added brightness slider + Added randomly generated ravines + Killing a monster makes it drop experience orbs + The player can level up by gathering experience orbs + Added randomly generated houses + Added huge mushrooms + Using bonemeal on small mushrooms grows the mushroom into a giant mushroom if there’s room + Rewrote the light rendering to use multitexturing instead of direct colors + Sky light and block light have different tints, cool colors for sky light, warm for block lights + Added critical hits that deal +50% damage, plus an extra point to make crits with weak weapons worth it + If the player hits a mob while falling, they always hit a critical hit + The game now keeps track of damage sources and types + Some damage type ignore armor now; drowning, being on fire (but not being IN a fire), falling out of the world + Ice now only spreads next to existing ice or from coast areas + Made the explosions prettier + Made level height depend on a single variable (the level height still is 128, but it’s more moddable now) + Added sprinting + Added hunger + Food is now stackable + Improved the logo + Added suspended particles to water + Added a server list so you can remember multiple servers + The player regenerates slowly while the food bar is high + Eating food now takes time + Skeletons hold their bows better now + Added melons + Made melons and pumpkins farmable + Animals that get hurt will flee randomly for a short while + Pigs have snouts now + Made a flashier title screen + Looking towards the sun during sunset/sunrise changes fog color + Added fence gates + Added a player list to multiplayer + Added Silverfish + Added Cave Spider + Added huge underground dungeons (stronghold) + Added underground mine shafts + Added melon + Added sprouts for melons and pumpkins + Added vines + Added iron bars * Fixed mushrooms spreading infinitely * Fixed caves generating with too many dead ends Sub/comment/like: if it works, if it doesn't leave a comment below with your errors, ill look into it immediately You can also watch another vid made by me providing u with a username and password (legit premium) Tags:Free official minecraft 1.8 download pre release cracked compatible version get games jar beta alpha indev infdev crafting mod server servers textures texture pack leaked gameplay commentary lets play let's lp indie dungeon enderman dagelijkshd 1.7.3 1.7.2 TooManyItems plays ender man download how to get mine craft free cracked adventure update dutch nederlands gamingdutchmen thom en arne mod
15 Sep 2011
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ronaldthecockThis technique can also be used to create solid color skies (like a blue day sky) Just swap the clouds out for a smoother blurrier glow material. experiment around.
31 May 2013
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These regular people and one dog-- somehow became invincible. Song: *******soundcloud****/zakaria04/hiphop-remix-beat-01 Credits: Empire state Building, NY/Archana Pandey flickr**** Roy Sullivan *******www.aroundtheinterwebs****/roy-c-sullivan-the-man-who-survived-seven-lightning-strikes/ a real shooting star/nasa ******* Mrs. Hodges Shows Her Bruise/Jay Leviton gettyimages**** Airplane in the sky - Passenger Airliner / IM_photo shutterstock**** Jump 214 3 way Sitfly with John/ brokenclouds****** *******vimeo****/67119191 hole in the concrete, the conceptual background/ Sergieiev shutterstock**** Industrial landscape of foggy town/Dmitrijs Bindemanis shutterstock**** Colorful sky at dawn/L.C.Nøttaasen ***********/photos/magnera/4039940200/ Roaring grizzly on winter hill/Scott E Read shutterstock**** Male brown bear eating fat rich salmon skin/Peter Hamel wikimedia commons dark night in a forest/andreiuc88 shutterstock**** A day in Mayrhofen (Snowboard freeride/ Marcel L ************/watch?v=LxEvQRDvMqk&feature=player_embedded Dog breed Pembroke Welsh Corgi in snow/Sergey Lavrentev shutterstock**** Cliff Jumping Adventure in Central VT/Peter Brauer ***********/watch?v=GSlW4XRJjKQ
2 Jun 2013
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