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Backyard Football video game.
16 Nov 2009
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Super Monkey Ball Video Game 2010
7 Oct 2010
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MythBusters Returns Wednesdays 9pm E/P with All-new Episodes! Check out the top 10 strangest myths tested by the MythBusters team: *******dsc.discovery****/videos/mythbusters-strangest-myths/?smid=YTDSC-YTD-PLP In a World First, Adam and Jamie test the classic physics textbook theory Bullet Dropped Verses Bullet Fired. If a bullet is fired and a bullet is dropped simultaneously from the same height, will they both hit the ground at the same time? In theory gravity says they will because it treats each slug in exactly the same way - but this scientifically complex experiment is so difficult to do, no one has ever tried it until now. It's an episode of scientific genius with punching, pummelling, and explosive action! Adam and Jamie test the classic physics textbook theory Bullet Dropped vs. Bullet Fired. Meanwhile, Kari, Grant and Tory test if it is ever possible to knock someone's socks off.
17 Nov 2009
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Here's Shindy.TV’s coverage of this spectacular San Diego-only event, now celebrating 40 years of super cool geekdom, not to mention a few movie & TV stars thrown in the mix. Check it out!
6 Jan 2010
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July 24, 2009. San Diego Comic-Con International 2009. At Comic-Con, Megan Fox chats about her role in "Jonah Hex" and how she squeezed into a corset. Plus, Megan reveals why Josh Brolin thought she would be perfect for the role.
22 Jan 2010
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Comic-Con in NY with Forbidden Planet (2010)
6 Feb 2010
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The star of District 9 on the sci-fi hit
12 Mar 2010
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13 Mar 2010
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Rod Lurie Video Interview Saturn Awards 2010 - For more movie news and interviews go to h -At last week's Saturn Awards, we managed to interview writer-Director Rod Lurie backstage after he won the award for Best DVD Release. While many of you might have missed his movie Nothing But the Truth which starred Kate Beckinsale and Vera Farmiga, it's a fantastic film with amazing performances. While it might be a bit out of place at the Saturn Awards as it's not geeky or sci-Fi, I'm happy he won for this very overlooked film. Anyway, after talking for awhile about Nothing But the Truth, we eventually got to what's going on with his remake of Straw Dogs. He talked about editing the film, the violence, what can people expect, and I asked him when will a trailer or poster be released. He went on to tell me the film features a 25 minute action scene at the end of the film and it's a hard R. We also talked about the TV show he's developing with Kevin Spacey as a cult leader and what else he's working on. Hit the jump to watch the interview:Rod Lurie Nothing But the Truth talk:50 - Has he had a lot of people coming up to him to talk about it now that it's on cable on DVD1:45 - What is he working on now. Talks about his new TV project that stars Kevin Spaceyand it deals with a cult leader2:50 - Says he's planning on being the show runner. Also says he wants to do 12 episode seasons like what HBO and Showtime does3:30 - Straw Dogs talk - talks about the performances, the cast4:55 - Talks about when they were filming in Louisiana and how people camped out at the hotel to get a look at Alexander Skarsgard5:25 - What is the release date. Says it's hazy right now. 5:50 - When is a trailer or poster going to be released6:25 - Not going to Comic-Con 6:40 - Watch as someone takes his trophy7:00 - He talks about the violence in the movie and the rape scene. Says it is a hard R and the ending is "very exciting". Says if you expect the film to be less controversial, you're in for a surprise7:55 - What was the toughest part of editing. Also crazy blond comes up to him to ask for a job%U20269:10 - Says the ending has a 25 minute action scene9:35 - What else is he writing now ttp://Www.Collider.Com
1 Jul 2010
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Lance Reddick Interview FRINGE and THE WIRE Saturn Awards 2010 - For more movie news and interviews go to *******www***llider**** - While I'm extremely fortunate as I get to interview a lot of actors, that doesn't mean I'm a fan of everyone I speak with. Sometimes you talk to people because it's your job. But when I saw Lance Reddick walking down the red carpet at last week's Saturn Awards, my reporter hat got put away and I spoke to him as a fan . If you've ever seen his work on David Simon's amazing show The Wire, I'm sure you feel like I do about his awesome work on the show. Of course with Reddick currently on one of my favorite shows, Fringe, we spent most of the time talking about what happened last season and what's coming up this season. He also told me he's coming to Comic-Con for the first time next month and how he has a music CD coming out soon. Hit the jump to watch the interview and make sure to buy The Wire if you've never seen it as it's one of the best TV shows I've ever seen. Lance Reddick I ask if he would rather talk about The Wire or Fringe Did he know Fringe would end with that kind of season finale How much do they tell him before the season starts and does he try to find out what is coming 1:00 - What does he do to prepare for his roles 1:25 - He played a weapons dealer in Jonah Hex. How did that come together 1:55 - Comic-Con talk - says this is his first San Diego Comic-on that he'll be going to 2:30 - What did he do on hiatus - talks about his CD that he has coming out 3:00 - When does he go back to start filming season 3 of Fringe and what does he know 3:30 - Do people come up to him all the time to talk about Fringe and The Wire 4:10 - With David Simon working on Treme, when is he going to get on the show
1 Jul 2010
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For more movie news, reviews, and interviews go to -At last week's Saturn Awards (yes, I'm still posting interviews from the event), I got to speak with Anna Torv on the red carpet before the show. As one of the stars of the great FOX show Fringe, we talked about what happened last season, what does she know about next season, Comic-Con, HBO's The Pacific, and Lance Reddick. Hit the jump to watch the interview.Spoiler warning: We talk specifics about the season finale.Anna Torv * Was she told in advance how the season was going to end * :45 - Does she want to know more in advance * 1:05 - Was she a fan of Lance Reddick and when she first started working on Fringe, did she ask him a lot of The Wire questions * 1:45 - Season 3 talk * 2:00 - They start filming on July 8 and Comic-Con talk * 2:55 - Is she looking forward to playing more of the "dual" role * 3:10 - How will the other Olivia do in our world * 3:50 - The Pacific talk *******Www.Collider.Com
2 Jul 2010
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for more movie news, reviews, and interviews check out *******www***llider****/ If you've been reading Collider for any length of time, you know we're all huge fans of NBC's Chuck. While getting any show on the air is hard, getting more than one season is even tougher. That's why I'm beyond excited that Chuck is coming back for a 4th season this fall. And it's not just because Zachary Levi and Joshua Gomez say "Collider" like 10 times during the interview you're about to watch. It's because both Zachary Levi and Joshua Gomez are awesome together on screen and they're both extremely grounded and two of the nicest people I've ever gotten the chance to interview. Also, they both waited around at last week's Saturn Awards until Guillermo Del Toro was done doing interviews so they could get their pictures taken with him. How many people would have done that? Anyway, during my backstage interview with Levi and Gomez, they talked about last season and the way things changes on the show. They also talked about the upcoming season, Comic-Con, will they change the Tron poster in Chuck's bedroom to a Tron: Legacy poster, how disappointed they are that GDT isn't doing The Hobbit anymore, what did they see and love about this year's E3 (they're both gamers), and a lot more. If you're a fan of Chuck, I promise you'll love the interview. Here's the time index: Were they nervous about the show coming back and were they reading the trades every day to get any info 1:35 - We talk about the past season and what is coming up next season 4:55 - Will the Tron poster be changed to Tron: Legacy in his bedroom and is it up to how good the movie is on whether or not it will get changed. Levi talks about how he tried to get an audition on Tron: Legacy 6:30 - They got picked up for 13 episodes and they explain they could still get the "back 9" (meaning 9 more than the 13) or it could mean get none. 7:10 - What was cool about last season was the way all the characters had new things to do, how was that to film 8:30 - They talk about how disappointed they are GDT is not doing The Hobbit anymore 9:15 - E3 talk - what did they geek out over at this year's convention. They mention Rage, cutting lines, the Nintendo 3DS, games they're going to buy, Halo Reach, breaking technology like the 3D games, the Playstation Move, and more 12:50 - They start filming next season July 19, Comic-Con, and what surprises are they planning on for Comic-Con, and will he bring the fans across the street to Subway for food
6 Jul 2010
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The 5th remix by UK DJ Osymyso debuting each day until Comic-Con on July 22.You can find #4 here: *******Www.Hitfix.Com/Blogs/2008-12-6-Motion-Captured/Posts/Watch-The-Exclusive-Scott-Pilgrim-Remix-Ramona
18 Jul 2010
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Full-length official Comic-Con 2010 trailer of in-game action.
21 Jul 2010
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The future of gaming puts you inside all the action in Kung-Fu Live compatible with PlayStation Eye and PlayStation Move.
21 Jul 2010
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Robert Rodriguez is headed to Comicon with his cast and film "Machete" --- Follow the film on Twitter VivaMachete
22 Jul 2010
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