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Quick 1 hour drawing of the three Youtube stars (Natalie, Caitlin & Hugh) Pictures from: "BIG Youtube FIGHT- TheHill88 v CommunityChannel v Hughsnews" video Medium: Staedtler Art Pencils and Woodless Graphite on regular computer paper Music: "In a heartbeat" - Kevin MacLeod (incompetech****)
9 Jul 2007
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communitychannel - ...i was the dancing girl
24 Oct 2008
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communitychannel - Bloody Passwords
22 Oct 2008
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communitychannel - chorus time
22 Oct 2008
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communitychannel - don't look now
13 Mar 2009
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communitychannel - Grocery Stores
21 Oct 2008
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communitychannel - sleazy in the rain
22 Aug 2010
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Anyone pick up my joke between a certain news channel, communitychannel and babyporrige?
25 Aug 2008
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haha harsh. my first rating was 1 almost famous
5 Feb 2008
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*******www.SecretsOfGifting**** he argument "if you don't want to be abused, don't dress like that" is similar to "if you don't want to get raped, don't dress for it"- it's a poor excuse and shifts the responsibility of thought and consideration from the person guilty to the subject of abuse. You cannot blame me for dressing appropriately for the weather. You cannot blame any woman and accuse her of INVITING abuse or objectification. As I said, it is the excuse rapists use, "she's asking for it". Think about it. Had i stood up completely i would have received "oh you're just cutting out your head and showing us your body" comments so I will not accept any comments in reference to that.
14 Mar 2008
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*READ ALL* This is SARCASM PEOPLE. THIS IS A VIDEO RESPONSE AND IS A JOKE. for all those who think the real you is the best you. This is a response to the featured video: guys NO hating on the girl who made the original. I just think that the concept of drawing on abs is a little misleading and not needed,that's all. She makes good videos. Keep it clean people. I'm not hating her, i think people really find her videos useful. It was just this one video that threw me off a bit and i'm just having some fun :) I tried to make the video a response but it wasn't accepted which i understand. I cannot draw on my stomach without showing it. PS NO KIDDING IT DOESN'T LOOK REAL... every time i think people can't get more stupid...
10 Jun 2009
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Sorry guys, i'll put up a regular blog very soon. Also, no, this is a light hearted message. I get far worse but at least this guy tried to explain. I'm thinking a blog about books. I got a few funny messages about my books being fake so I'd like to take you through them. Nerd kingdom, here we come
9 Aug 2008
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30 Sep 2008
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... you know, like the musical? Singing in the rai- okay i'll shut up. 1. Would you let someone else stand under your umbrella? 2. was i being sleazy? (bonus awesome points for the right answer ;) ) 3. how much would you pay for an umbrella? Ah dear... OH guys i made a video banner /page banner thing after about a year and a half. Slow on the bandwagon but hey, always have been lol.
11 Oct 2008
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I DO NOT SMOKE and i do not promote smoking- it was done as a joke and for the role. Again, my last video was made a few weeks ago- the bruise was not a result of any violence and I am fine now. Thank you everybody for your concern. I appreciate it. Wow. Also, i thought people would get the joke about the bunny putting on weight. I tied a really tight belt around under my tummy to do that lol *yes it works. just try sitting down Happy easter!
11 Oct 2008
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It's not dribble you dorks, it's dust. it falls from above my head. yes, i know it's not actually a heart. It was just more fun to say "heart thingo" than a device that stops your heart being destroyed etc lol bloody disgusting phone took me a week to find and cost me 40 bucks :( didn't know if you guys would get this... it's a scene from the movie. anyway let me know what you think if you've seen the movie.
12 Sep 2009
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