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i cant believe this went for like ten minutes. Don't worry i cut it down. All i wanted to tell you guys was that i had to make room for my new fish tank and gramophone..
24 Dec 2008
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i'm only joking about being such a bitch teacher by the way. I actually really love kids. My apologies. i couldn't talk too long so i had to do quite a few little segments. By the way, in case you were wondering about my sudden jump in numbers i wrote a comment a few days ago on my page which explains it. I'm not a cheater!
5 Dec 2008
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sorry this is so crap. i didn't have time to make a proper video but i thought i should say hi so you guys know i wasn't attacked by a bogan or a bogan fan or anything. yeah yeah i know bad joke. Sorry. Thanks to ChannelReviews by the way for that review.. i was scared they were going to slaughter me in that review to be honest.. Anyhoots, thanks to all the ppl who posted video responses, i'll get in a housekeeping vid this week too (and now i'll shout a lonely 'yay') Yes i know i suck... i'm sorry guys!
30 Mar 2009
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ok mommyd23 you've hurt me by suggesting that milo only "clumped" because i put too much in! WHy that's the most ridiculous thing i've ever heard so that's it= THE MILO GAME IS ON
3 Apr 2009
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maybe i was showing too much, maybe i wasn't. Who cares. Sorry i went nuts
11 Oct 2008
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Send in your best comment! You know you want him too. Sorry, just a quickie before going to uni. Hope you guys have an awesome weekend!!!!
11 Oct 2008
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just a quickie.
12 Oct 2008
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apologies for overreacting. I'm nuts. ignore me. I do this every four months or so. They'll all be back.
12 Oct 2008
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lol what's with there always being a one star in the first few ratings? :p sorry sorry about the audio/visual thanks so much for the responses for audio preview guys! I'm in the last two weeks of uni session so i'll get around to it soon!
14 Oct 2008
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stereo test brooke
22 Dec 2008
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Hmm. how often do you guys record yours? Hey guys! Hope you're all doing well. I'm sorry i haven't been as attentive with my comments etc. I've got a few more weeks and then i'll be on break. Like i mentioned, i'll post up a few of my favourite comments from each video up on my page within the first two days each new video is up.
25 Dec 2010
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hi guys! Hope you're well. Sorry this is a bit different but I hope you liked it because it took a few hours lol and i'm not sure if i can do a couple of these or not. It's a bit weird but it's just a thought that crossed my mind. It's also a bit too short but i had to go to sleep lol. I'll have a blog up by monday night :)
16 Mar 2009
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Bugger. sorry guys, one of the issues with observational humour is that most likely, someone else has observed it before you! I'm really sorry, never ever intend to rip people off. hamish blake is awesome: are ya'll? Hope you're all well!
20 Nov 2008
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I'm really sorry i stopped making videos for a while. I'm back to videos and sorry this one was so short but i'll have another one up this week! Hope you're all well! Miss you! Yes, i know it's tough to resist looking but why the open mouth? You guys ever noticed how the mouth is always open? lol so subtle
10 Jun 2009
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Just a quickie. I'll have one more Halloween video up in a few hours though so please be sure to watch that one too!
3 Nov 2008
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Yeah, i'm a wimp. Hopefully, at least one other person out there does as well. Yeah, tits and violent thoughts for the win lol
5 May 2009
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