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Xclusive Sea School is the world's recognized Marine Training Centre in Dubai. We give international powerboat driving recognized training and certification. The qualifications gained from within the RYA scheme are recognized around the world and some are relevant to those driving commercially. We are accredited by the Federal Transport Authority that governments maritime regulate in the UAE.
חברת CONCEPTIC פיתחה מערכת חדשנית לפאבים,למסעדות ולבית קפה המאפשרת לכל לקוח לצפות בתפריט ממוחשב הכולל תמונות ואף לבצע הזמנה משולחן הלקוח עי הלקוח/ המלצרית. כל זאת באמצעות מסך מחשב הממוקם בקרבת השולחן. המערכת מאפשרת מגוון תכנים/אפליקציות לפי בחירת בעל העסק: הזמנת שירים להשמעה משולחן הלקוח, מערכת קידום מכירות לעסק, מועדון לקוחות ושלל אפליקציות בידוריות וחוויתיות (צפיה בשידורי ספורט , משחקים בין שולחנות ...). המערכת מציגה קונספט חדשני ומהפכני לבתי העסק ומבוססת על פטנט פנדינג
23 Aug 2006
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Teaser for 3-DVD Business Chinese Series from New Concept Mandarin (www.newconceptmandarin****).
26 Dec 2006
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Tom Peters, Director of Design for the Camaro concept, drives the car for the first time.
9 Dec 2006
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January 2007 (Medialink) -- The concept car, called the Chevrolet Volt, is a battery-powered electric vehicle that uses a gas engine to create additional electricity, thereby extending its range. The Volt can be fully charged by plugging it into a 110-volt outlet for approximately six hours each day. When the lithium-ion battery is fully charged, the Volt can deliver 40 city miles of pure electric vehicle range. When the battery is depleted, a one liter, three cylinder turbo charged engine spins at a constant speed, or revolutions per minute (rpm), to create electricity and replenish the battery. The Chevrolet Volt is just the first of what General Motors is calling the "E-flex system." The Volt uses a large battery and a small one liter turbo gasoline engine to produce enough electricity to go up to 640 miles and provide triple-digit fuel economy. These multiple propulsion systems fit into a common chassis using electricity to help the world diversify energy sources. With this new E-flex concept, General Motors can produce electricity from gasoline, ethanol, bio-diesel, or hydrogen. Produced for General Motors
9 Jan 2007
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2008 Honda Accord Coupe Concept Unveiled !
10 Jan 2007
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Wir betreuen und beraten bundesweit Unternehmen des Mittelstands bei der Einführung der Software Business One vom Markführer SAP. Die W-CONCEPT GmbH mit Ihren Geschäftsführern Angela Wrede und Jürgen Wrede ist als einer der 6 führenden Gold Business Partner der SAP AG in Deutschland für Sie der Ansprechpartner, wenn es um die speziell für den Mittelstand konzipierte Software SAP Business One geht. Weitere Informationen unter
These are pictures of the new iPhone coming out soon. There are also pictures of new concepts that have been created...just amazing!!!!
14 Jan 2007
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Part 1 of our NAIAS special! Take a detailed look at the 2008 Honda Accord Coupe Concept that was recently unveiled in Detroit.
20 Jan 2007
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The powerful new video from Concept 7 for the track Functional Concrete
20 Jan 2007
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2004 year Holden concept car - Marilyn!
12 Feb 2007
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New futuristic concept car! looks fantastic!
12 Feb 2007
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Big, spacious and pretty looking concept car!
12 Feb 2007
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SAAB 9X large concept car - big and brilliantly made!
13 Feb 2007
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