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Story brought to you by Citizens Bank, proud sponsor of Celebrate West Hartford *******celebratewesthartford**** Swine Flu, also known as H1N1, has made its way into West Hartford and West Hartford Public Schools. A letter was issued to parents yesterday letting them know a student at Braeburn Elementary School has been diagnosed with the illness. Should parents be concerned? LocalOnlineNews.TV's Anna Stonestreet spoke with local pediatrician Dr. Thomas Fromson to find out.
5 Jun 2009
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Yet another actress from the Bollywood industry will appear in Salman Khan’s show Dus Ka Dum 2 to promote her movie. After Katrina Kaif and Neil Nitin Mukesh promoting their movie New York in Dus Ka Dum 2, Deepika Paducone also seems to be following their footsteps. However, the Om Shanti Om actress Deepika Paducone will be seen accompanied by the well known director and choreographer Farah Khan instead of her co-star Saif Ali Khan. Love aaj Kal is the first film produced by Saif Ali Khan, then why is he not there for promoting it on the show. The reason is, he is busy holidaying with his beau Kareena Kapoor in Ladakh, who is shooting there for her movie 3 idiots. Looks like Saif Ali Khan is more concerned about Kareena Kapoor’s career than his own. No wonder he is promoting 3 idiots by being with his beau there rather than promoting Love Aaj Kal with Deepika Paducone here. And as far as Farah Khan is concerned, she has no connection with the movie and neither is she coming up with a movie featuring Deepika Padukone or Saif Ali Khan. Now the question arises is, what is the reason behind her accompanying Deepika Padukone for the show? It has been heard that Farah Khan intends to come up with a chat show wherein she wants Salman Khan to be her first guest at the show. How much of these rumors are true will only be out in public when Farah Khan comes up with her show. To know more…take a look!
12 Dec 2009
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The Bishop of London- and a flock of children dressed as animals- take a Noah s Ark river boat trip up the Thames to also express their concern over climate change before the December summit.
10 Jul 2009
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For more info visit www.newsinfusion**** Boca Raton, Fla. – August 25, 2009 – With over 53 million students going back to school, a national survey released today shows that more than one out of ten teachers believe their school is unprepared to protect kids. The results are part of the second annual ADT Back-to-School Survey conducted by Zogby International. Asked for reasons to explain how they felt, four in ten of those teachers said their school was not doing enough to help protect students, while three in 10 said they believed their school is vulnerable to an attack by outside predators. Other frequently mentioned concerns included: · Worry that students would bring a weapon onto the campus – 24 percent · Students being involved with street gangs – 12 percent · Worry about violence happening in other schools – 12 percent · Not enough awareness of dangers to students on campus –10 percent
2 Sep 2009
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Belly dance website is mostly concerned with indie hip hop record where the new dancers are more fine with the features that are fine. However the most probable issues are fine with all forms of dances .The quickest form of dance would come from fitness dvd alone *******www.indi-hop****
2 Sep 2009
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Flooding Drainage Mold Moisture Problem Corrected. Phil424-5447 aecdrainage****. House had issues with mold due to flooding, drainage concerns and moisture problem due to standing water. Advanced Engineering Construction installed this system as a repair. Distributed by Tubemogul.
20 Sep 2009
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Flooding, Drainage Concern, Moisture Problem, Mold Issue. Call Phil at 424-5447 www.aecdrainage****. Advanced Engineering Construction. Distributed by Tubemogul.
20 Sep 2009
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*******opt-inemailmarketing**** These Are the Top Concerns People Tell Me About List Building Opt In Marketing and Internet Marketing and How I Help Them. Get More FREE Information and Training at *******opt-inemailmarketing****
25 Sep 2009
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*******fernleynews**** October 25, 2009 Part 2 In part 2 of our continuing coverage, I asked Councilman Chaffin about the allegations from the small recall group of not responding to citizens concerns and complaints.
26 Oct 2009
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Residents of Alexandra discuss their security concerns and crime in the township. Distributed by Tubemogul.
2 Dec 2009
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13 Dec 2009
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*******SupremeMasterTV**** -Dolphin hunting banned in Bihar -Climate scientists underwhelmed by Copenhagen Accord Many have called the new Copenhagen Accord produced by the United Nations Climate Change Conference an important first step in the right direction to curb global warming. However, the Union of Concerned Scientists reminds that without stringent near-term emission reduction goals, the accord’s stated objective of a maximum global temperature increase of 2 degrees Celsius will not be achieved. Rather, it is far more likely that global temperatures will rise by 3-4 degrees Celsius, a range some experts say could trigger runaway warming, with catastrophic effects. During the conference, it was emphasized by small island nations that even a 2-degree rise would be disastrous and that the goal must be 1.5 degrees Celsius to prevent these countries and other coastal areas from being submerged.Last Chance! Pacific Island leaders call to keep us alive.
2 Jan 2010
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In this episode Shawn addresses Health Concerns regarding the E-Cig. If you want to no more about E-Cigs and if it really works then this channel is for you. After 20 years of smoking tobacco cigarettes Shawn makes the move to Electronic cigarettes. These videos log this experience.
22 Jan 2010
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This is Thomas Feng with Bay Area Connect talking with Joe Lima of Princeton Capital about loans. This week we will be discussing questions and concerns most homebuyers have when obtaining a loan. Questions we will be discussing include: -What to do when shopping for a loan? -How much should you plan for a down payment? -How has the loan market changed and how is it now? -What are sources of secondary financing? -What is the most common concern when obtaining a loan? Leave any questions or comments under the video or send us an email at Thomas.FengBayAreaConnect**** . Stay connected with everything happening in the Real Estate Market in the Bay Area through our Facebook at *******facebook****/BayAreaConnect . Visit our Blog at *******BayAreaConnect.posterous**** to stay updated on how the Real Estate Market is changing in the Bay Area.
7 Apr 2010
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05/06/2010 EUR Still Getting Slammed by Greek Concerns
6 May 2010
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26 May 2010
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