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This channel is for Air Conditioner technology. We will upload different types of AC tech videos which explain how AC works and which latest technologies are used in AC's.
How to Style with deep conditioner
21 Jun 2007
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Make your own air conditioner out of a styrofoam cooler, copper tubing, ice water, and a fountain pump.
7 Sep 2007
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*******latestbeauty****/ Ke'rin's Favorite Products: Tips on great conditioners and the mulitiple ways they can be used - not just for hair and not just for cleansing!
30 Apr 2008
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How to make a homemade air conditioner with cool/hot function. Video tutorial.
25 Sep 2008
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homemade air conditioner
21 Nov 2008
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I am in love with this shampoo and conditioner. This is absolutely a wonderful product. It smells terrific. It does what it claims by moisturizing my hair and making it soft and manageable. What more could a girl ask for?
14 Feb 2009
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Today's high tech living room demands protection against power line surges and voltage fluctuations as never before! Simple surge protectors don't provide the degree of protection that complex flatscreen HD systems require. You need a more capable solution to insure that your investment in big screen HD survives to be enjoyed year after year. You need APC's H Type Power Conditioner today!
6 Mar 2009
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at *******www.theacdoctors**** we help out with arizona conditioner repair air conditioning repair az az air conditioning services az home air conditioning
15 Apr 2009
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*******www.servercool**** How the CoolCube 10 works for server room cooling. CoolCube 10 is the industry's only modular air conditioning unit—the same 10,000 Btu/h base module can be easily adapted to fit into virtually any application. By adding the respective accessory kit, the small but powerful CoolCube 10 spot cooler can be deployed in a variety of space-saving alternatives, including rack-mounting in a standard 19-inch rack, mounting on a shelf, or hanging from a drop ceiling. Even more, multiple CoolCube modules can be stacked for capacity or redundancy, delivering up to 40,000 Btu/h with standard 120V power. The compact design of the CoolCube also provides easy mobility as a portable unit. HOW COOLCUBE WORKS CoolCube 10 The CoolCube 10 is designed to cool a small physical area with a heat load of 10,000 Btu/hr (3kW) or less. A typical server closet (i.e. wiring closet) is a perfect environment for the CoolCube 10, as the closet is usually less than 100 square feet and will generally have a heat load ranging from 3,500 to 9,000 Btu/hr (1.03 - 2.64 kW). Additionally, the CoolCube 10 is ideal to "spot cool" hot spots within a larger physical area by delivering the cold air directly to the small area producing the heat, such as a large data center being cooled by a Computer Room Air Conditioner (CRAC). This environment often has racks populated with high density servers that are not being cooled properly. Installing a CoolCube 10 into the specific racks will solve the heat problem. Modular Air Conditioning Principles Cold Air Delivery (Spot Cooling) CoolCube 10 efficiently cools any environment by delivering cold air directly to the hot spot (i.e. electronic equipment) instead of cooling the entire environment. This results in substantial savings by enabling users to purchase a properly sized air conditioner, as well as reduces energy consumption. Condensate Removal The CoolCube 10 will not only reduce the temperature, but will also remove moisture from the air by collecting condensate in its standard 2.5 gallon tank. The tank will need to be emptied periodically, depending on the humidity level. A condensate pump is a valuable accessory that allows continuous operation without monitoring, in which the pump delivers the condensate to a nearby sink, drain, or water line. Warm Air Removal The CoolCube 10 will remove warm air from any small, enclosed environment, such as an office. This is done by ducting the warm air up into the drop ceiling plenum above the room. Power The CoolCube 10 uses standard 115 VAC, a common voltage in the United States. It is recommended that the CoolCube operate on a dedicated 15 amp circuit. BENEFITS CoolCube 10 is the industry's only modular air conditioning solution. With a high quality design and unique features that set it apart from the competition, CoolCube 10 benefits include: * Compact unit is 50% smaller than competitors, but still provides 10,000 btu/hr of cooling per module * Automatic restart function for power outages * High airflow volume increases air circulation throughout the room * Highly economical and efficient way to cool "hot spots" * Quick and easy installation * Cost-effective alternative for weekend of after-hours cooling when the main system is shut down * Portable unit conveniently rolls into tight spaces and from room to room, or with tenant at the end of a lease * Small enough to store multiple modules in closet so you're prepared for planned or unplanned shut-down of main air conditioners * UL Listed for ceiling plenums * Installs into any standard 19-Inch rack open rack * UL Listed for stacking applications: Up to (3) modules high - 30,000 btu/hr of capacity * Uses standard 115 VAC power source * Provides N+1 redundancy if necessary for your application. * Easily add cooling capacity to match future IT equipment expansion-add a CoolCube module each time you add another server or UPS * Generator Friendly - Low inrush current reduces requirement size for high cooling capacity
5 May 2010
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*******www.airconditioningfilters**** If you want to learn more about marine air conditioners, home air conditioning systems, check out the url above
29 Apr 2009
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When should you have a professional check your air conditioner? Take a look at what they should be checking for in this video by ServiceMagic****.
24 May 2009
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Do It Yourself - Make your own Air Conditioner!
14 Mar 2011
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If you have a lot of electronic gear in your studio/room/home theater,you need clean power. Get a Furman Power Conditioner and end the worry!
1 Jul 2009
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FORCE For Earth fuel additive and engine conditioner burns cleaner, extends engine life and performance, and improves fuel efficiency. Force fuel and engine conditioner, used and endorsed by Al Unser, Jr., is environmentally friendly and EPA approved. Force Fuel and Engine Conditioner is a ground floor multi-level marketing business opportunity (MLM) that is once in a lifetime
18 Jul 2009
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