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During a video conference the girl on the left corner decides to take her bra off thinking, no one is watching her?
9 Apr 2006
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I was asked to provide a video greeting from overseas to a conference in Australia. I was in an extremely silly mood that week, and this is what I sent. My friend was in charge of the videos, and she let it through, even though it was completely innapropriate. Needless to say, 600 people had to sit through this before getting back to serious discussion. I call him Jackie Chin.
14 Jan 2007
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AsiaFinest****'s Coverage of Se7en's Crossover Career Launch Press Conference in New York City. This is the big announcement of the day. Se7en will be releasing an R&B and Hip Hop album in the US in 2007! More information about Se7en's Crossover Career Launch Press Conference can be found here: *******www.asiafinest****/review/se7en-ny-press-conference.htm
27 Feb 2007
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Conference American Scientific magazine in Paris
1 Mar 2007
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The folks behind the Media Reform movement chose Memphis for their national conference. "The one thing all Americans agree upon is they think their local TV news is the worst in the country," said McChesney, a professor and author. Watch exclusive coverage when Rep. Dennis Kucinich (D- Ohio) paid a surprise visit to the National Conference for Media Reform and announced to hundreds of cheering activists that the U.S. House will created a committee on media reform and that Kucinich will be its chair.
23 Apr 2007
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Artist: Professor S Song: Conference on Disarmament 20XX Clips: Death Movies, Harsh Times, Scarface: The World of Yours & Tourettes Series)
1 May 2007
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Punjabi Conference
17 Jul 2007
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Packing to leave for the LA Oneness Conference can get messy, especially when you're running short of time. *******enlightenment-online.blogspot**** has daily details of the Conference with photos in the June, 2007 archive.
2 Aug 2007
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The first day of the LA Oneness Conference was long, but beautifully fulfilling, and ended with deekshas for healing. *******enlightenment-online.blogspot**** has daily details of the Conference with photos in the June, 2007 archive.
2 Aug 2007
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This beautiful event featured Anandagiri, plus others, in a full day of presentations, and Oneness Blessings (deekshas) for all. *******enlightenment-online.blogspot**** has daily details of the Conference with photos in the June, 2007 archive.
2 Aug 2007
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City Prosecutor Eric Manion (John Dye) holds a press conference about the arrest of Mike Howard (Matt Letscher) and his store manager Patty (Arden Myrin). Charges have been dropped against the store manager for her help in testifying against Mike. For more information about our how our Web Theater works and why we are doing it this way, search for our Web Theater introduction video titled HOTB-BTS-00. HEART of the BEHOLDER - www.Beholder****
21 Aug 2007
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Cutouts of the BMW press conference Geneva 2006 + Pictures of the Z4 M Coupe presentation
12 Sep 2007
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