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with a simple test, i'll try to put both your right and left brain to work.. it'll confuse both brain.. try this test..
9 Jan 2007
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It is an amazing and confusing square problem.If you trust yourself, try to do it! But you can't...
2 Feb 2007
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I show some very amazing illusions, that really confuse you. Some of them are really really hard to figure out.
18 Mar 2007
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Song: Time and Confusion Artist: Anberlin Quoted from another Creator: This is a very kinda sketchy video. Not really my favorite though either. I love the song but I kind of started off with the wrong idea and had to change a few things. Well hope you enjoy. Oh and this video is dedicated to a friend of mine, Amanda. You know who you are. Got any requests? Email us at Ninja_Squirrel_incyahoo****
5 Apr 2007
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Benny Is A Confused Dog
14 Jun 2007
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Nicely done little movie about some ghosts that cannot seem to get their act together. I guess you can say they are confused.
12 Jul 2007
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Watch and see confused cat
4 Nov 2007
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Creating and editing video is my release. I can find no other satisfying pleasure in my life. Very old video I made about 4 years ago using only windows movie maker. Using the song Confusion by The Zutons I managed to make a movie regarding a very touching issue... my car is a piece of crap. Created in 2004
31 Dec 2007
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Cat confused by scratching! It tries to say something :)
7 Apr 2008
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silly and cute confuse cat. very funny video.i like it
7 May 2008
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McCain is confused on the surge. For months he has been telling America: "The Surge is my successful war strategy". Now it turns out John McCain is confused about WHAT the "surge" is, WHEN the surge began, and HOW the surge was carried out. McCain has had to admit that he is NOT the author of the surge. Let me REPEAT. The "Surge" was NOT, is NOT, and NEVER will be, the brainchild of John McCain. The Surge is the brainchild of a military commander: Colonel McFarland. Once again we find John McCain is NOT an HONEST man... He's more of the same: McSame=McBush=Bush 3rd Term...
25 Jul 2008
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Dazed and Confused Your Daily Politics Video Blog: To us, the presidential race reached a turning point last week when John McCain opted for a campaign of denigration employing racial stereotypes, sexualized talking points for surrogates (Obama as "Internet date") and copious ridicule. It's made the curve that much of the media still uses to grade McCain's more obvious shortcomings all the more conspicuous and troubling.
9 Aug 2008
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In this video Russell attempts to clear the common confusion about silo website architecture and keyword theme bleeding.
22 Aug 2008
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