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This is one of the biggest and richest bases ever made in Command and Conquer Generals. The Money exceeds trillions of game dollars.
18 Mar 2007
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Set in the year 2047, the stakes could not be higher. A massive nuclear fireball explodes in the night sky marking the dramatic beginning of the third Tiberium War and the long awaited return of the most groundbreaking Real time Strategy of all time Command & Conquer 3 Tiberium Wars. The highly anticipated game will feature an all star celebrity line up for its high definition, live action video sequences from critically acclaimed television series such as Lost, House, and Battlestar Galactica, blockbuster films such as Star Wars the Empire Strikes Back and The Return of the Jedi 1980, 1983, Top Gun 1986, Starship Troopers 1997, and the Wedding Crashers 2005, and a former Miss USA pageant winner. The unparalleled, diverse cast includes Tricia Helfer, Josh Holloway, Michael Ironside, Jennifer Morrison, Billy Dee Williams, Grace Park, Shauntay Hinton, and more! Fast and fluid gameplay, a breakthrough single player campaign, the ability to transform online battles into a spectator sport, next generation graphics, and an epic story with full motion video sequences featuring top Hollywood talent, mark the return of the genre defining Command & Conquer series. For more information, please visit www****mandandconquer.ea****.
29 Mar 2007
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This clip features the Lane Masters Conquerer being thrown by BuddiesProShop**** staff member, Bill Gross.
3 Aug 2007
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they have some awesome cursors on conquer online this is how to make them your main cursor for your computer
12 Sep 2007
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The announcement trailer of Command & Conquer Tiberium *******www.gamertagradio****
30 Jan 2008
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EG interviews Sam Bass (Lead Designer) & Jim Vessella (Lead Producer) during a visit to EALA to spill the beans about the new Command and Conquer 3 expansion, Kane's Wrath. Featuring new units, sub-factions, modes, and a single-player that crosses several timelines in the C&C universe, this game is heating up to be one of the most interesting expansions for any RTS to date. For more visit *******epilepticgaming.ggl****!
6 Mar 2008
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Command and Conquer: The Generaal Pardon voice-over door mastermovies!
30 Mar 2008
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Command & Conquer 3: Kane's Wrath IGN TRAILER High Definition
3 May 2008
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Compiliation of CGI and cinematic from the hit PC Game Command and Conquer. This video reflects the ideology of the Brotherhood during the first Tiberian War. The Brotherhood of Nod during the early stages were mainly anti-western terrorist factions and controlled the media to portray GDI as the killers and oppressors of society. Kane
12 Nov 2008
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EA's Console version of Command and Conquer titled 'Red Alert 3' Is this supposed to suck?
16 Nov 2008
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This is Hell March 3 from command and conquer red alert 3!
18 Nov 2008
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Command and Conquer 3 superweapons: Ion Cannon, Nuclear Missile, Rift Generator I will problably make a c&c generals superweapon video
17 Nov 2008
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