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construction workers get prank
24 Dec 2007
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When construction workers get bored only good things can happen.
6 Apr 2008
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Construction worker goes ballistic with nail gun.
24 Jul 2009
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This is how a German construction worker opens a beer without touching it. The guy uses his heavy load machine precisely and voila.
23 Sep 2018
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This construction worker added a little bit of life to the dull task of directing traffic by dancing. He showed off his expert dance moves while signaling vehicles on the road with a flag.
24 Nov 2018
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We’re here to make sure you receive all the workers compensation benefits that you’re entitled to, and to protect you when your insurance company or your employer treats you unfairly. Our Michigan workers’ compensation law firm has been helping injured and disabled workers for over 35 years.
The Great Rick! Can move a ladder with his mind! Scary!
15 Sep 2007
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For more great clips go to www.cracker***.za Another hilarious advert from DSTV in South Africa. Very clever and quite unexpected!
4 Jun 2009
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SA Trading (RL 084) is a manpower exporter and is one of Bangladesh's leading recruiting agencies. Established in 1981, we specialize in innovative workforce solutions for international clients.*******www.satbd****
17 Mar 2011
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He was having really a fun time until his superior ordered him to get back to work. He was shooting AK47, pistol and even a grenade.
10 Oct 2018
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These workers will be very soon exhausted thanks to the brilliant idea they applied to unroll the pipes. I just hope no car gives them a hard blow while working.
14 May 2019
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Migrant workers make up over 85% of the population of the UAE (United Arab Emirates), a booming construction area with dozens of large multi phase developments in Abu Dhabi, Dubai and other emirates include projects such as the Burj Dubai, Ski Dubai, Dubailand and the Mall of Arabia. Migrant workers make up virtually every category of employee in the UAE from CEOs and engineers to cement mixers, drivers, accountants and janitors. Highly skilled and educated workers from western nations come to the Middle East for tax free income and often increased wages and opportunity. Most attention to migrant workers focuses on the manual laborers. Numbering over 300,000, manual laborers make up a large amount of the population. Attention has focused on these workers for their wages and working conditions which are generally poor by western standards. Saudi Arabia, Oman, Qatar, Bahrain, Kuwait and other wealth oil exporting nations also have large numbers of migrant workers who are mostly focused on building infrastructure and implementing the huge investments made by these countries. Workers come from all over the world in addition to the higher paid, educated and skilled workers from the UK, US, Ireland and throughout Europe and Asia, manual laborers come from Myanmar (Burma), India, Pakistan, Somalia or other countries. India and Pakistan also have a large number of highly skilled and highly paid workers. Lack of unions and organized labor makes life for the construction workers very different from the US however most workers are very happy for the opportunity and the economics of wage equalization exist because of a very liberal work immigration policy and a robust economy.
6 Mar 2008
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22 Dec 2012
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