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This is Championship Karate instructor John Fulton continuous sparring at mercer.
20 Mar 2007
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The Thames TV ident/logo and a continuity link into an episode of the twilight Zone. Summer 1990
2 May 2007
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A demonstration of continuity editing and the 180 degree rule, where the screen direction of subjects must be consistent from shot to shot.
28 Jun 2007
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Continuity is an underrated and more importantly, overlooked aspect to multi-cut scenes. Many films, television programs and internet videos forget it's importance. So this week, The Shirtless Apprentice give his tips on the subject as he sits down and has a romantic candlelit dinner with continuity.
8 Oct 2007
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The Sketch of Continuity in Movie Making.
31 Jan 2008
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This game was so bad, I continued onward to a second review
5 Feb 2008
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Peter Sierwald, Director of Phoenix Continuity Services, discusses the importance&value business continuity plan, threats to a business cont plan will mitigate,&the difficulty in embedding business cont into corporate culture. www.iir****.au/bci
17 Apr 2008
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An INCREDIBLE song combined with good pictures ! Even just with that single droplet I just might be able to protect the flower It’s your smiling face, and with that alone I can even reach out my hands If you gather up those trembling voices You just might be able to start a wind Light the fleeting glow known as your life And move your feet forward Let’s meet again someday As long as we’re still alive What are my overflowing thoughts That overcome time yet get caught by it? Where are those people now? Who keep kindness in corners of their eyes There’s a new seat next to me We’ll meet again for the sake of the future Let’s try living through the day known as today For as long as we can without facades It’s sad and painful for people Nevertheless, their roads continue endlessly Let’s meet again someday As long as we’re still alive That which the wind carries Is a melody that opens up tomorrow Let’s meet again someday As long as we’re still alive That which the wind carries Is a melody that opens up tomorrow
1 Oct 2008
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3 Oct 2008
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*******www.lamanagementco**** - LA Management Company produced a video to help communicate the value and versatility of there continuing education programs for individuals and corporations in Charlotte, NC.
7 Jul 2009
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*******ContinuityBlueprints**** . Continuity blueprint will put more money in your pocket, find out how. Here's a video by ryan deiss showing the inside training section of continuity blueprint.
22 Oct 2008
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*******www.nlholdemtips**** - Continuation Bet - Video Texas Hold'em Tips
4 Nov 2008
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24 Nov 2008
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30 Day Challenge Day 3 Continued *******www.freewebs****/leaderscare and *******www.z2rsystem****/id/2241 by Jennifer Korol with Selfemployment Solution Center and Megapixel Productions. It’s all good and fun when you’re addicted to work and you allow yourself no time to organize your living and work space, isn’t it? Weeks go by, sometimes months, and your clothes are still piled up, your organized stack of boxes become a disaster, and you have no room to even breathe in. Today, I’m challenging myself to GET ORGANIZED! The space you live in can effect your health as well as your work day. When you want something BADLY enough, you will work hard for it. When it comes to growing your business and marketing over the internet, you not only have to outline your goals for the day to come, but you must ACT the initiative, not just show it. Let’s make it a good one and build it strong!
22 Nov 2008
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30 Day Challenge Day 5 Continued Ready *******www.freewebs****/leaderscare , *******www.z2rsystem****/id/2241, *******ezycashgifts****/?f=WealthJK with Jennifer Korol. Right here, you are hearing it first-hand how I am going to turn my life around as an example of someone who is not afraid to tackle my obstacles and become the leader everyone in this Industry deserves. I am about delivering quality and massive value to those who are seeking the success they thought was never possible or were afraid of having in their lives. I have now crossed the threshold with no fear and I want to help you do the same.
24 Nov 2008
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