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Plastic surgery recovery garments, also known as compression garments or post-surgical garments, are designed to help improve and increase blood circulation, rid your body of potentially harmful fluids, decrease your post surgery recovery time and reduce swelling. In short, they help you to recover faster. To find the right garment for your upcoming surgery browse our compression garments category ContourMD stocks a wide variety of recovery products. In addition to compression garments, other products that can ease your recovery include scar management products, hot and cold packs, lingerie, mastectomy products, and more.
The use of medical grade foam has been long established in the plastic surgery industry to improve results and speed the healing process after medical procedures. Some of the benefits from using foam with a compression garment are reduced waviness, less bruising, smoother skin, as well as reduced blood loss and ecchymosis. The addition of the foam to the traditional compression garment also makes the garment more comfortable by providing a more even distribution of compression over a suctioned area. The Silhouette Comfort Line of compression garments by Contourmd is the first brand of garments to incorporate medical grade foam directly into the compression garment. Foam has been used underneath compression garments for the past two decades. Traditionally the foam has been cut into squares and placed underneath the garment. This method is effective but could often times be uncomfortable and harder to achieve the desired results. The foam can shift in the process of closing the garment and in most instances would take multiple people to hold the foam in place and close the garment. Both face and multiple body garments are available in the Silhouette Comfort Line. These garments can be worn throughout the multiple phases of surgery, and will always provide the necessary comfort and compression.
22 Nov 2011
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ContourMD stocks a wide variety of recovery products. In addition to compression garments other products that can ease your recovery include scar management products, hot and cold packs, lingerie, mastectomy products, and more.
13 Mar 2009
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The ContourMD Recovery Pack provides each patient with the essential items needed for a speedy and effective recovery. These products have been specifically chosen to ease the patient through the initial hours and days of the recovery period all the way through the weeks following your procedure. Each recovery pack comes standard with a bag, gel packs, arnica cream, lip balm, hydrogen peroxide, bacitracin ointment, q-tips, gauze, paper tape, foam sheeting, sick bags, flexible straws, breath mints, spa towels, and skid free socks. Compression Garment is sold separately.
24 Apr 2009
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Significant weight loss following bariatric surgery, also commonly known as gastric bypass surgery, stomach stapling, obesity and weight loss surgery, can leave a patient with a large amount of unnecessary and unwanted stretched skin. Unfortunately in many areas of the body the stretched skin is unable to retract back to the contours of the patient's new body. Wearing a compression garment following any significant weight loss, surgical or natural, can be benefical. A bariatric compression garment will hold any excess skin to the newly contoured body which can help the patient perform day to day activities in the most comfortable way possible. Silhouette offers a variety of body shapers that are available in varying styles and lengths in order to adjust to each patient's individual needs. In choosing a garment we realize you have several options, which is precisely why all of our garments are designed with your ultimate comfort in mind. Our fabric has been chosen specifically not to irritate sensitive skin resulting from surgery, but still provides you with the essential support and compression to help achieve the best results possible.
23 Apr 2009
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VitaMedica is based on the concept of using nutraceuticals under the guidance of a medical professional. VitaMedica offers a targeted line of nutraceuticals for Surgery and Age Management. VitaMedica's Surgery Products support wound healing, boost immune function and stimulate tissue growth factors. The products also minimize inflammation, bruising and swelling that often accompany a surgical procedure. VitaMedica's Age Management products are designed to support wellness while providing nutrients to support healthy, more youthful-looking skin.
23 Apr 2009
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The Cup Bra by ContourMD is a compression bra designed to help recovery after breast augmentation or other breast surgeries. The nylon blended fabric provides soft and comfortable compression following breast surgery. Suggested usages include breast augmentation, breast reconstruction, breast reduction, mastectomy, and breast lifts or mastopexy. Ask your plastic surgeon about this compression bra before your plastic surgery procedure. Wearing the proper compression garment after your surgery is vital for a safe recovery with optimal results. Visit www.ContourMD**** for more recovery products. Visit www.SurgeryRecoveryRN**** blog for more surgery recovery articles. ContourMD - Helping You Recover in Comfortâ„¢ for More Than 25 Years
14 Apr 2010
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