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Im at the cherry spoon bridge reflecting on how I would contribute to society through art.
18 May 2008
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On a cold and frosty winter day, the perfect antidote to the chill is curling up on a rug, with a nice, thick blanket and a mug of hot chocolate, and if the rug of choice is a Tibetan rug, then the picture becomes absolutely perfect. This is simply because these rugs have a rich story to tell and this is evident from the amazing designs and liberal use of colours which go into making these rugs.
18 Jan 2011
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Entrepreneurs like Mr AG Ganguly, it is really possible to bring in new ideas to life, as they need access to education to compete.
27 Oct 2018
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Dedicated to the brave citizens of nations across the world who contribute to society by not fearing for the goals of terrorists.i miss mumbai, is memories of days i spent in Mumbai and an effort to spread the message of world peace and humanity.Lets join togather and be brave to fight terrorism........ Local trains are life line of mumbai - The annual traffic density, about 255 million passenger-km per km of route, is believed to be the world record for passenger rail transport.....On july 11th 2006 , 7 trains were bombed by terrorists but train service resumed with in the next 4 hours of the incident.Mumbaites never feared to board the train the very next day.Almost 70 % of citizens went to office and even school and college goers never feared to travel by train.Its a message sent by millions of mumbaites born in the land of Mahatma - We dont need weapons to fight terrorism. All it takes is a brave heart - venkat raman About project i miss mumbai - The musicians of the tracks used are Ronald E warren and Ron sorbo .Many thanks to them. I just own the licence to broadcast from digital sound media..The full version took 5 months to shoot and 10 days to edit. Finally its on metacafe for u to watch,comment and rate..... venkat
14 Nov 2006
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Aubrey explains how robots have made important contributions to society for hundreds of years.
12 Feb 2008
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Drug Abuse: The Chemical Tomb is a groovy 1960's anti drug film that vocalizes the concern over increased drug use among teenagers. The film stresses that, contrary to popular thought, drug abuse is not an individual decision, but a choice that affects society by preventing social change in America. This is a markedly different approach than most of the contemporary anti-drug material at the time. Dr. Boroughs explains how drug dependency limits one’s potential, hindering their growth and contribution to society - a marked contrast to the perception of most involved in the 1960's counterculture. Hilariously, the Drug Abuse: The Chemical Tomb ends up demonstrating drug usage in great detail, making more of a retro-instructional film than an effective method of discouragement. The film is notable for it's unusual message that seeks to undermine the progressive ideals of the counterculture and unusual tackling of teenage drug abuse.
1 Aug 2008
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Interview with Rahmaan Statik 47th St and lake Park, Hyde Park, Chicago Mural Project Doctors save lives, police fight crime, and the Artist dictates what we know as Image, Icon, and Form. I live a life-style of observation and creation. I believe that being well informed on the subject of your work and having an organized strategy produces a more intriguing work of art. I believe man has the right to choose his reality. In my reality I have chosen my own destiny; time and fate have confirmed that producing art is my positive contribution to society. The work I produce both symbolizes and creates optimism for life in our industrialized society. It also challenges the over-saturation of mindless sexual and violent images in pop visual culture. I put forth a passionate effort to produce art that has a spiritual, political and urban aesthetic. My artwork has been executed by the use of computer based design layouts and constructed with various art mediums, such as spray paint, oil paint, and acrylic. The subjects of the work include figure studies, human nature and political issues. My goal is to break the preconceived idea of what most people may think aerosol art is, highlighting the difference between aerosol art and graffiti. The spray can is an example of a post-World War II product that was not originally conceived for producing art, but as a household tool. Through the use of the Chiaroscuro technique, combined with classical and modern influences, my work seeks to have the spray can recognize as an artistic medium. Further, the nature of the medium being an aerosol can use for industry and aesthetic vandalism, is an icon for the fusion of art and technology. As such, it is a form of modern art.
22 Aug 2008
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*******fullthrottlemarketer**** *******bloodcenterofiowa**** *******www.aabb**** Jeremy Sandy delivers master mind secrets of success. This video outlines one of the basic mentalities that successful people have. Successful people give back to society. In this master mind secrets of success video, Jeremy Sandy walks you through one of those ways. If you want to be successful at anything you do, you must develop the mindset of a successful person. It is time to stop consuming society and start contributing to society. Develop the proper mindset and success will follow.
11 Oct 2008
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Some people deserve to be celebrated for their every day contributions to society.
1 Nov 2008
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The Fold ( talks to Troma legend and independent-film hero Lloyd Kaufman about how diminishing costs are affecting the world of indie cinema, and how one can create films while still contributing to society by working in a liquor store.
14 Dec 2008
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In July 2005, a 40-something man, resident of Enumclaw and Boeing employee died of peritonitis from a perforated colon. Kenneth Pinyan was fucked to death by his Arabian stallion inside the barn on his property, while his friend, James Michael Tait, filmed it. As an entrepreneur, he also ran home-based business as the biggest distributor of bestiality porn in Washington, known only to clients as “Mr. Hands”. He was so influential that during the 2007 Sundance Film Festival, a movie entitled “Zoo” was introduced which commemorates Mr. Hands and his wonderful contributions to society. This man and his video, 2guys1horse, helped bring my Father and I closer together than ever before and for that I am forever in his debt. May the memory of Ken Pinyan live on indefinitely. By Nate Hananger *******www.myspace****/thatpervertedguy
20 Mar 2009
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Trig Palin turned one! Sarah Palins baby has Down syndrome. That brings challenges, but that doesn’t stop people with Down syndrome from contributing to society. Unfortunately, 90 percent of Down syndrome babies are aborted! Distributed by Tubemogul.
15 May 2009
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