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Fear Control is a heavy riffing, loud screaming, double kicking sonic attack from Austin, TX, inspired by metal masters Metallica and Pantera as well as newer metal heroes Trivium, Machine Head, August Burns Red, Lamb of God, and Bullet For My Valentine. Formed in 2011, Fear Control released their debut EP "Conviction" in 2013 & followed that up with their sophomore EP "The Monster" in June 2015. Fear Control now blends the perfect combination of brutal, aggressive, mosh-worthy riffs, solos, and breakdowns along with instantly catchy melodies.
The following video illustrates how a to translate values from your PC Joystick to control a USB Missile Launcher and fire at objects that you see from its point of view. A camera is attached to the back of the USB Missile Launcher to show you what you are targeting. Check out the website as *******www.roborealm****/ for a complete description of how we did it.
30 Dec 2006
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December 2006 (Medialink) - Women who rely on oral contraceptives as a means for birth control can now have their pill and chew it, too. The first and only FDA approved chewable birth control pill is now available with a prescription. The spearmint-flavored daily tablet, called Femcon Fe, formerly named Ovcon 35 Chewable, is designed to provide a convenient, new option for busy women on the go. It can be chewed or swallowed whole and it offers the same ingredients and reliability as the traditional swallowed pill. New birth control options are important for women, since studies show that 47 percent of women miss one or more pills per month - and missing pills can increase the risk of pregnancy. Femcon Fe is available in a 28-day regimen in which women take 21 active tablets, followed by seven placebo tablets containing iron. Risks associated with the product are similar to those of other birth control pills and include an increased risk of blood clots, heart attacks and strokes, particularly for smokers over 35 years old. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Produced for Warner Chilcott
14 Jan 2007
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I found it by I'd crushed my mouse and my friend didn't give me..!! Here is what to do when you have no can even bet your friend to control cursor without mouse..he wouldn't believe cheer for party on frnd bucks.. ;)
23 Jan 2007
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Magic Mind Control Trick, Learn It, Impress Your Friends
7 Feb 2007
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This geep is made from pieces only found in the Mindstorms NXT set appart from the wheels and the speed computer. it is controlled remotely by an sony erricson mobile phone via bluetooth. It is the biggest project i have made so far as it uses nearly all the pieces in the set. I have been working on it non stop for 2 days now. The steering uses 2 worm gear screws and one motor. in the program, it moves 15 degrese in one direction, then 15 in another. I had some difficulties on giving them enought room to move but still it can only in large circles. The rear bumper uses the touch sensor to register a bump from behind. I expanded its range by putting a long beam onto it and the added the rubber pieces to cushion it a bit. The front bumper is just ther to look good! I use this to take note of how far the geep has gone and how long it has been running for. It is connected to the rear axell and it can also tell me the speed at which the car is moving. you can email me with questions or comments at airkraft-nxthotmail******
14 Feb 2007
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Audis adaptive radar cruise control - interesting video
13 Feb 2007
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Flatland BMX athletes showboat in a city car-park using impressive body movement to push the limits of biking. This sport demonstrates how human movement can effectively manipulate machines to perform next level control, as with 'wireless' PS3 technology.
14 Feb 2007
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A joint operation betweeen a human paladin and a troll priest where they trick people to get on the boat from Booty Bay, only to be mind controlled off of it.
18 Feb 2007
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Video q hic con gifs de el tema Out of Control
23 Feb 2007
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Great BODY Control
27 Feb 2007
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this is short toutorial how to control your dreams, try it out, than come again and rate the movie. i would like to know,what will you think about it :)
9 Mar 2007
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A guy in Ohio / USA control a webcam paintball robot in Europe / Sweden.
12 Mar 2007
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