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steve and jack at corby skatepark
22 Feb 2007
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ALL OF OUR ARTISTS FORWARD DIRECT ENQUIRIES TO OUR STAFF Jean Louis Corby was born in Paris, France in 1951. For twenty years, he has devoted himself to working with earth. Each of Corby’s sculptures depicts man, powerful and tender, enigmatic and headstrong, alternance of movement and introversion. Through its geometric rigour combined with an anthropomorphism retaining just the body’s essentials (arms, legs and head), Corby’s art is original. His work has been exhibited all over Europe. R E Welch Gallery exclusively represents Jean Louis Corby’s work in the United States
18 Jul 2008
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Schapelle Corby is the victim of cultural differences and international politics. She is imprisoned in Indonesia, on the basis of one of the most harrowing show trials of modern times. This short video explains the background to this horrific case, detailing a number of the human rights abuses she has suffered, for a crime she did not commit. She is still there today, 4 years later, forgotten, with over 16 years still to serve in the living hell of an Indonesian prison cell. She need YOUR help. Please don't walk away.
7 Aug 2008
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Al Wilson's video performance of his song, Destination Paradise, which outlines the terrible case of Schapelle Corby, an innocent suffering, whilst the world does nothing. His lively country and western style and strong lyrics create a forceful protest at the shameful inaction of both government and media. For more information visit: www.schapelle****
1 Oct 2008
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This song tells the terrible story of Schapelle Corby, the political game which has taken her life away from her, and the awful media campaign which has been running for years to hide it. It exposes the truth. The song was written by Al Wilson, and is performed here by Holly Wilson. It is an extraordinary song, sung by an amazing talant. SCHAPELLE CORBY Schapelle Corby is illegally imprisoned in a squalid cell in Indonesia, having been sentenced to a shocking and brutal 20 YEARS in March 2005 for a crime she did not commit. She suffered the most blatant of show trials: a trial in which evidence was simply an inconvenience, to be ignored and destroyed as quickly as possible. She was charged with importing of 4kg of marijuana, which had appeared in her boogie bag when she landed in Bali. Despite her desperate pleas, the so-called court: - refused to test the drugs for country of origin: if they were Indonesian, she would have to be freed - refused to fingerprint/DNA her bag - refused to view CCTV film from the airport - burned the evidence so it could never be used to free her - presumed guilt: she had to try to prove innocence from within a squalid cell - refused to let her question key witnesses in court (customs officers) - the list just goes on and on. Even at the airport, they had illegally interrogated her for 9 hours, they attempted to trick her into signing a confession, and had even refused to weigh her bags: if they were 4kg heavier than when she left the drugs could not have been hers and again they would have had to release her. To be certain, they appointed a 'judge' who had never acquitted anyone at all in 500 drug cases. She just didn't have any chance: she simply didn't have a trial. Despite the value of the marijuana being much lower than in Australia, to Indonesia Schapelle was a channel to war on drugs funding and a show case trial. She had effectively become a political tool, with even the president commenting upon it, by urging the terrible sentence. The Australian government? To them Schapelle was a problem for their key relationship with Indonesia. That strategic relationship basically trumped Schapelle Corby's human and legal rights. They have therefore deserted her, and have allowed their media to subdue and manage public opinion on their behalf. But she isn't a political tool, and isn't dispensable! She is a real person: an innocent woman who has had her life and her voice brutally taken away from her. She is still there now, today, alone, suffering and struggling to survive each and every day. She needs real people from around the world to help her and shout for her. She needs YOU! Please don't walk away.... Visit: *******www.schapelle****
24 Apr 2009
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A stunningly powerful rock song for Schapelle Corby, full of passion and simmering anger. It covers the corruption, the deception, and the sale of her human rights by a morally corrupt government. It covers the grotesque injustice of the 20 year political sentence. It covers her government's appeasement of Indonesia, as they sold her rights and deserted her for political expediency.She is still there today, struggling to survive in a squalid pit, slowly dying.It could have been you or me. Please don't walk help Schapelle please visit www.schapelle****
6 Jul 2009
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This stunning track articulates the painful longing Schapelle Corby's family must feel every day of every week, whilst Schapelle continues to suffer in the hell of an Indonesian prison. Schapelle Corby, is an innocent who is barely surviving under the crushing weight of a political 20 year sentence for importing 4kg of marijuana, a crime she clearly did not commit. She was subjected to the most shocking of show trials, with evidence simply dismissed, ignored, and then incredibly, burned. She is now diagnosed mentally ill... she is dying. Her government? They have deserted her for political convenience. Her human rights were sold for appeasement, and then the Australian media were used to cover the governments tracks. Hopefully this song will help spread awareness of Schapelle's terrible situation and plight. It will help Schapelle's cries for justice to be heard, and her tears to be seen. Please pass on this story, and this song and video to friends, family, and to anyone with compassion and love in their heart. Please Don't Walk Away... please help to save Schapelle. For more information in Schapelle please visit: *******www.schapelle**** Music for Schapelle: *******www.artistsforschapelle****
9 Sep 2009
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For the launch of the Samsung Corby S3650 phone this massive paint fight was held in Sao Paulo. Over 200 people took part and the fight lasted 40 minutes, used over 2,000 litres of coloured paint and took 12 fire trucks 3 days to clear up! To get the background story, you can watch: *******
7 Oct 2009
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28 Oct 2009
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Samsung GT-S3650 Corby unlocking removes Network Lock in just seconds. S3650C, S3653, S3650W, S3653W, S3650L also supported! Instant delivery. For more, please visit *******
19 Mar 2010
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Samsung GT-S3650 Corby unfreezing removes Phone Freeze in just seconds. S3650C, S3653, S3650W, S3653W, S3650L also supported! Instant delivery. For more, please visit *******
20 Mar 2010
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3 Sep 2010
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8 Sep 2010
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