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Since 2008, RootSuit has delivered the hottest, freshest, and highest quality full body spandex clothing jump suits that our fans have worn at game day parties, festivals, tailgates, and especially on Halloween. We pride ourselves on giving our bodysuit customers what they want so that they can live out their RootSuit dreams. With a mechanical engineer as our founder, RootSuits are totally solid—They’ve been built and tested with the highest quality materials. Think: Hoover Dam… Solid. Our products will rile the crowds, energize your fan base, and they won’t break down. There’s nothing quite like putting on a RootSuit. When you get into your full body zentai lycra spandex suit, you instantly transform into a lean, mean, dancing, partying, attention machine. One of our fans says it takes him less than a minute to get on TV when he wears his to college basketball games.