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18 Nov 2007
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A Disturbing look at America slipping through our fingers.Where we were and what we are becoming.
16 Dec 2007
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Want to play games on your Playstation but got a deadline for an exam or report that didn't match your gaming ambitions? Send trashed files and blame your faulty computer, instead of confessing that you are a lazy bum who just wants to play videogames.
3 Mar 2008
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Sometimes, no matter what you do, a virus can total a hard drive. This video will show you what I think is the proper way to work these problems out, sort of.
21 Mar 2008
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Billions are missing yet the US keeps sending the country money
28 May 2008
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Airsoft, Softair, Pyro, Jackass Stunts, and a bunch of other stuff that will rock your world! Exempt from all stereotypes. We are an airsoft team based out of Phoenix, Arizona, USA that does Counter-Strike type scenarios and jackass stunts! Our videos include reviews and demonstrations of airsoft guns, our airsoft scrims, pyro, and even jackass stunts! We have a boatload of vids on You Tube keyword "corruptcrew" We are introducing ourselves to the Metacafe community. We use Marui Echo1 and other cool AEGS! *******www***rruptcrew****
9 Feb 2009
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Votes are sold in poor neighborhoods for 50 pesos.
12 May 2009
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An explanation of how knowledge developed, how it became flawed, and how to correct it
8 Sep 2008
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Are the Palin's credible?
13 Sep 2008
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Detective Cooper (Tom Sizemore) interrogates Axel about his involvement in a murder. Catch the rest of the episode Friday, 12/12 at 10p E/P on Starz. *******starz****/crash
11 Dec 2008
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In an unusually blunt letter, a group of federal scientists is complaining to the Obama transition team of widespread managerial misconduct in a division of the Food and Drug Administration.
16 Jan 2009
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Poem of Habib Jalib For Zulifaqar Bhutto Mein Quaid-e-awam hoon Mein Quaid-e-awam hoon Dekh meray amaal ko Mein kha gaya Bengal ko Mein phir bhi nayk naam hoon Mein Quaid-e-awam hoon Mein Quaid-e-awam hoon Mein bol tha bhi khoob hoon Mein dol tha bhi khoob hoon Mein whisky bhara jaam hoon Mein Quaid-e-awam hoon Mein Quaid-e-awam hoon Meray jo wazeer hain Woh saaray bezameer hain Mein oonka paysh-imam hoon Mein Quaid-e-awam hoon Mein Quaid-e-awam hoon Na mein nufta-e-benazir hoon Na mein nufta-e-shahnawaz hoon Mein nufta-e-harram hoon Mein nufta-e-harram hoon Mein Quaid-e-awam hoon Mein Quaid-e-awam hoon
9 Jul 2010
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EN: ''Electrico-magnetic engines that can practically run forever. Many of us don’t know about them because if they were to come into use, they will put the oil companies out of business ''says the actor Steven Seagal. As a result,for sure there are many inventors who could never patent their projects! ''We have been forced to use gasoline for over 100 years'' ''They have no care for the World they destroy, ONLY the money they make in the process matters''. The video shows more than that! Now the only way to act against all those GIANTS is to ACT ON YOUR OWN! We have a ''place'' were you can do it: www.ecozonic**** click on: "Lluvia de ideas" (Green Brainstorming). Remember, don't only express your idea, APLLY it anytime when is possible, send it to your friends and your friends to their friends and so on! Can we count on you? Translate this green message to any language you know,so more people can understand it and forward it! ES: “Los motores electro-magnéticos pueden funcionar prácticamente para siempre. La mayoría de nosotros no sabemos nada sobre ellos, porque si los conociéramos y los usáramos, eso significaría el fin de las compañías petrolíferas” (por Steven Seagal). ¿Cuántos inventores habrán sido obligados a abandonar sus ingeniosos proyectos? “Nos han forzado a usar petróleo durante más de 100 años” “Ellos no cuidan este mundo, ellos destruyen. Sólo valoran el dinero” (por Steven Seagal). Este video muestra más que ésto. El único modo de ir contra estos grandes gigantes es actuar tú mismo y por tu cuenta. Nosotros tenemos un sitio donde puedes hacerlo: “Lluvia de ideas” de www.ecozonic****. ¡Envíalo a tus amigos, y tus amigos a sus amigos, y así sucesivamente! ¿Podemos contar contigo? Traduce este mensaje verde a cualquier idioma que conozcas, para que más personas puedan entenderlo y reenvíalo!
21 Mar 2011
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Sensational new revelations unfolding in American and British media reports on the massive Scotland Yard phone hacking scandal which has claimed the resignations of both the Commissioner Sir Paul Stephenson and Assistant Commissioner John Yates has also revealed there deep involvement in the continued cover up of the Carroll Foundation Trust case. Sources has revealed that Downing Street is understood to be now coming under intense pressure from the international media to issue a public statement of clarification surrounding the closely connected new Met Police Carroll Trust case criminal allegations. International News Networks: *******cressidadick.blogspot****/
20 Jul 2011
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$1.3 million dollars has vanished. Sergei Polonsky talks with his assistants about the company's weird problems at the Bank of Cyprus.
14 Dec 2011
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Réda lakhdarezzine cameraman officiel du président abdelaziz bouteflika.Issu d'une riche famille; malheureusement tenté par l'argent sale et facile il débuta sa nouvelle vie par des escroqueries, des arnaques et détournement des biens de l'état.
8 Sep 2012
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