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Controversial tattoos are on the tongues of many Florida residents who are helping to pay for the cosmetic work of an accused murderer. “Jurors will not see this large swastika on John Ditullio’s neck or any of the other tattoos he’s acquired since being in jail in 2006. The judge ruled those tattoos could sway a jury’s opinion. So, the state is paying a cosmetologist $125 a day to cover them up.” (MSNBC) Ditullio is on trial for stabbing his neighbor Patricia Wells because he thought she was dating an African American man and for killing Wells’ friend Kristopher King because he was gay in 2006. The Daily Mail reports King’s mother is outraged. “‘The judge is bending over backwards for the criminal... Did somebody tie him down while he was in jail and put these tattoos on him?’” The New York Times talked to Ditullio’s lawyer Bjorn Brunvand who believes covering the tattoos is the only way Ditullio will get a fair trial. “‘There’s no doubt in my mind — without the makeup being used, there’s no way a jury could look at John and judge him fairly... It’s too frightening when you see him with the tattoos. It’s a scary picture.’” To some, it’s a question of whether the tattoos are relevant to the case and if the relevance outweighs the prejudice. “I would say that if he was charged with a hate crime--if the affiliation with Nazism is part of what he’s charged with then the jury ought to see the swastika. If he’s charged with an ordinary crime, the probably the prejudice outweighs the relevance.” The St. Petersburg Times reports some aren’t happy that it’s taxpayers’ money paying for the cosmetic work. “‘I didn't think it was right that the taxpayers should have to foot the bill for that.’” In 2006 when the crime happened, Ditullio was living with an American Nazi group. Last year, the first trial ended with a hung jury. He faces the death penalty if convicted.
9 Dec 2010
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14 Mar 2009
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19 Jul 2011
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21 Feb 2012
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DR. PATRICK OUSBORNE AND DR. KELLER HAVE BEEN OUTSTANDING!! I can't begin to say how great this entire practice functions. You are treated like family. As a nervous dental patient who has spent a great deal of time at the office I can say that I continue to be impressed. Everyone asks how you are and what's going on. When I was faced with some financial difficulties they were simply the best. They made a hard time ok. Dr. Patrick Ousborne and Dr. Keller have been outstanding. The office staffs especially Judy and Peggy have been wonderful. They are the best! THE PROGRAM IS WORKING! The program is working!! Low numbers on the gum probes at last. Tell Dr. Keller to try not to put any more hands in the woodworking machines! We need him on the job. JIM SPIES
15 Jan 2013
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Send Your Friend An Instant FREE Dental Exam & Consultation In Their Email! Do you know someone that could use dental care but they just keep procrastinating about taking the next step? Maybe they need cleaning, a check up, or even cosmetic work but they just keep putting it off? Maybe they just need some good advice on good dental habits? In any case, simply complete the form on www.DrSimonRosenberg****/helpafriend.htm l and finally give them an opportunity to get the help they need (without having to say a word!)...Remember, complete the form and you're friend will receive an instant FREE Dental Exam & Consultation Certificate that they can use anytime they want! Compliments Of You! Follow in Dr. Rosenberg's footsteps and give back to someone in need! Simon W. Rosenberg, DMD can rebuild a tooth or your entire smile using a CAD/CAM (Computer Design and Manufacturing) CEREC system with porcelain that looks natural and will last and last. Restorations can usually be done with NO SHOT, NO PAIN, NO KIDDING using the Biolase Waterlase MD Dental Laser. Dr Rosenberg specializes in Prosthodontics and Cosmetic Dentistry. With over 30 years experience, he uses High Technology in Dentistry to improve smiles one patient at a time with personalized, gentle dental care. Using CEREC one-visit veneers, crowns or onlays your teeth can be restored with precision and the most tooth like appearance and material properties. Ultimate smile makeovers are done with CEREC, daVinci or Lumineer Veneers / Laminates. Invisalign (nearly invisible aligners without braces or wires) can straighten and align teeth. One hour Zoom! or Custom Deep Bleaching systems can whiten teeth up to 10 shades lighter. For more info visit the web site at www . DrSimonRosenberg . com or call the office at 917-720-5689
30 Jun 2008
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www.printermaker**** www.china-padprinter**** LC Printing Machine Factory Limited Flat/cylinder Hot stamp machine Item no.: H-316 Standards Certificate︰ ISO9001-2000 Power Supply︰ 220V/110V/50HZ/60HZ/1-PHASE Colour Painted ︰ White Specifications︰ 1.Size of stamping plate: 125×220 mm; 2.Heater Wattage: 1000W; 3.Stamping height adjustable range =180 mm; 4.Max. stamping diameter: For whole circle: 70mm For partial circle: 160mm; 5.Stamping temperature adjustable range: 0 - 300oC; 6.Stamping foil pulling length: =400 mm; 7.Stroke of stamping plate: 53 mm; 8.Max. stamping pressure: 600 kgf (7bar); 9.Max. stamping speed: 900 pcs/hr; 10.Power: 110/220V, 60/50Hz; 11.Air consumption: 100 litre/min; 12.Dimensions: 700 x 850 x 1600 mm; 13.Weight: 105 Kg; Advantages︰ 1. Microprocessor control ; 2. Capable of adjusting the stamping pressure, the temperature and the speed; 3. Five-digit counter available; 4. Automatic back-and-front worktable ensures safe and quick operation; 5. Worktable slight adjustment ensure precision stamping; 6. Automatic foil feeding and collecting; 7. Safe protection device installed; 8. The stamping head height adjustable; 9. Shuttle stable shift ensure stamping cylindrical workpiece; 10. Stamping flat workpiece while uninstall the shuttle; Package List︰ Package dimension: 820×740×1560mm Gross weight: 130KG. Customer ︰ 1. Bousbaa co( Algeria) 2. Aerosol & Cosmetic works CC (Southafrica) 3. Industrial samart (Spain) Product Description Both round and flat objects to be stamped; verticla pressure design ensure stabilitation stamping process. Widely used in the field of cosmetic package, Gifts, Toys etc.
2 Mar 2009
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*******xxplasticsurgery.blogspot**** If ever a profession's public face needed a bit of cosmetic work it's surely that of the plastic surgeon, which is often presented in popular culture as a specialisation in which the avaricious serve the needs of the frivolous.
23 Mar 2009
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*******xxplasticsurgery.blogspot**** If ever a profession's public face needed a bit of cosmetic work it's surely that of the plastic surgeon, which is often presented in popular culture as a specialisation in which the avaricious serve the needs of the frivolous.
23 Mar 2009
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This is a great 2 unit brick building w/ garden apartment. The 2 units need some cosmetic work but garden needs to be redone after water damage. Looking to unload this for 100k, repairs are 30-40k, ARV is 290k! *******www.ChicagoCashflowProperties****
1 Apr 2009
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2bd/1bath, full basement with backyard row house in beautiful block in Grays Ferry, Philadelphia. Little cosmetic work needed! Great deal! Act fast! Close on or before 06/21/09. $39,000 (assignment fee included)
4 Jun 2009
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1831 Marne, Toledo, Ohio 43613 2bd, 1ba, 2car wholesale property needs cosmetic work only. newer furnace, ready for central air. NEW 50 gallon hot water provided upon purchase Distributed by Tubemogul.
17 Jul 2009
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