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The video for The Cost of Admission, by seminal Toronto band Blue Dog Pict's from their critically acclaimed album "Spindly Light und Wax Rocketines," was originally completed in 1996 and has never before been seen by the general public! SECRET: If you look very closely you can find a young Kevin Drew bouncing around in the crowd alongside DJ Shine. Look for it at iTunes.
8 Oct 2008
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- Divided We Fail and UCLA present the Stolen Dreams Short Film Competition, featuring the short documentary The Cost of Life. The Stolen Dreams short films focus on health care issues and financial security. Directed by Alex O'Flinn and Mikiko Sasaki, The Cost of Life is a short documentary on Lisa, a thyroid cancer sufferer. Because of her pre-existing condition, she has slipped through the cracks of the American health care system. This short film contest is presented by Divided We Fail ( and the UCLA School of Theater, Television and Film (TFT) (
19 Jul 2009
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With the holiday season soon approaching, many families find themselves with less to spend on gifts this year. Craft & Lifestyle Expert, Terri O shares ideas for low cost craft projects as a unique and personalized gift-giving solution.
21 Apr 2009
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Turning coal to liquids provides high tech, high wage jobs, and can lower the cost of gasoline, diesel, and jet fuel prices, which all lessens our dependence on foreign oil. www.walker-cat****
16 Oct 2008
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This video shows you how to get low cost auto insurance in Tampa Florida.
16 Oct 2008
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Thanks to rising medical costs, health insurance rates are at an all-time high. This video shows you how to get low cost health insurance in Ohio.
21 Oct 2008
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This video shows you how to get low cost idemnity health insurance.
23 Oct 2008
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This video shows you how to get low cost individual health insurance with a top-rated company.
28 Oct 2008
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*******www.koonsofmanassas**** If youre looking for low cost financing on a brand new Buick Lucerne then head over to Koons of Manassas in Washington DC. At Koons of Manassas near Centreville we have a huge selection and the best finance options available. Call 866-755-0072 or visit *******www.koonsofmanassas**** for more information about the all new Buick Lucerne at Koons of Manassas.
29 Oct 2008
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*******www.koonsofmanassas**** With a 361 horsepower engine the G8 is hands down the most powerful car in the US with a low cost MSRP of under 30,000. Offered with OnStar and remote lock control and system starter, speed is only one thing youll love about this amazing vehicle. Come down to Koons of Manassas in the Washington DC area, just west of Dale City. Call 866-755-0072 or visit *******www.koonsofmanassas**** to schedule a test drive of the all new Pontiac G8 today.
28 Oct 2008
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Now one can get varied options for cheap cost obesity surgery in India at Mumbai and Delhi. Obesity or excess weight is not a birth or genetic disorder leaving some exceptional cases. Obesity develops due to irregular routine and food habits and it becomes a threat when all dieting programmes and exercises fail due to which other problems like heart attack and diabetes including high BP can develop. Obesity surgery in India is being done with the best surgical amenities following latest medical treatment protocols. The various procedures provided under obesity surgery are taken by patients according to their requirements. The most medical procedures to cure obesity are laparoscopic gastric bypass surgery, lap band surgery, gastric sleeve surgery and revision gastric bypass surgery. Other treatments under obesity surgery are intragastric balloon surgery and biliopancreatic diversion surgery. India provides various facilities for medical treatment and health recovery at low cost. Medical tourism in India as an upcoming concept whose slogan is “ get health at low cost and enjoy tourism in India.” Thus many patients from abroad come to get obesity surgery in India at the most reputed weight loss surgery hospitals of Delhi and Mumbai. One can visit the most famous Indian tourism destinations after getting weight loss benefit at the hands of trained obesity experts. You may get more info about cheap cost obesity surgery in India at *******www.forerunnershealthcare**** or mail queries at enquiryforerunnershealthcare****
28 Apr 2009
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13 Jul 2010
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This video shows you where to get low cost health insurance in Illinois.
14 Nov 2008
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Cost per Copy Laserjet 4 and 5 series printers.
15 Nov 2008
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Cost per Copy HP Color LaseJet 5500 Series Printer. Real world data including paper, electricity, toner, and parts.
5 Feb 2009
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This video will show you how you can calculate how much your household appliance costs you to operate
20 Nov 2008
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