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Nike Torque Titanium Men’s Watch WC0068-502 ($64.99) Jomadeals: Deal of the Day - August 14, 2009 High-end Digital Sportswatch with sleek Titanium case and band. This deal of the day is $64.99 (67% off the $199 retail price). Time runs out on this sale at midnight tonight (EST). Leave the stainless steel to Martha Stewart. Real men need titanium (grrrr, I’m flexing my muscles, can you tell? No? …sigh…). This sleek, sporty, titanium dream is a fantastic watch at a huge discount. If you don’t buy, I’ll personally come over to your house and body-slam tackle you into the ground (actually, I’ll probably hire someone to do it; we’ve already established my lack of muscles, and thanks for bringing it up again, btw). This is a quality, Haute Couture Sports watch if there ever was one (just try to imagine T.O on the catwalk; I heard he has nice legs). It’s tough and sporty, yet sleek and fashionable. Try to imagine, when these athletes finish a game and leave the field/court/bowling ally, they don’t go straight to the gym to blast their quads again (I honestly don’t know what that means, I heard it at the gym the other day…okay, I heard it walking by a gym…okay, fine! I heard it watching a TV show that had a scene in the gym while I sat on the couch eating chocolate-covered bacon ice cream and fell asleep with the spoon in my mouth. Happy?!). They put on a killer suit and drive their sports cars to the best clubs and restaurants, all while using their Nike Torque to remind them of how much time they’ve wasted (of course Nike gave them theirs for free; the best we can do is sell it at a steep discount for almost free; when you learn to throw a 100 yrd touchdown pass or tackle a 300-lb linebacker, then we’ll talk about free). By the way, chocolate covered bacon is delicious. It’s only a matter of time before Ben & Jerry’s buys the ice cream rights.
14 Aug 2009
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Let’s face it– making that trip to the corner video store for a movie rental is fast becoming a memory we will tell our grandchildren about. Net connections continue to get faster and Hollywood studios don’t want to make the same mistake the music industry did. Digital movie downloads are quickly becoming the easiest way to make it a “Blockbuster night” without leaving the comfort of your couch. Sure, there are lots of ways to bring Hollywood to your TV, but in this episode of The 5, we take a look at simple set top boxes that harness the power of the internet to deliver the goods to your big screen. Distributed by Tubemogul.
15 Aug 2009
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JomaDeals****: Deal of the Day - August 17, 2009. The Premier, Gold-standard Sports Watch. This deal of the day is $625 (65% off the $1800 retail price). Sale ends at midnight tonight (EST). When your uncle wants a sports watch to see how long it takes for him to run from the couch to the store and back on a beer run, anything from Shopko will probably do the trick. When a guy who wrestles Great White’s for fun while swimming the English Channel in less time than it takes you to eat a donut wants a watch to keep track of all the Olympic records he’s breaking, nothing will do but Tag Heuer (I wrestled a shark once in 84’ to impress a girl, but instead of the English Channel it was my bathtub, and instead of a shark it was my dog, and instead of the Olympics it was my house during summer break when I was seven, and instead of a girl it was my mom. But it’s basically the same thing). It’s the premier sports watch in the entire world. And based on how expensive this watch usually is without our discount, you can bet I’m not making this up (my right ear twitches when I lie, and so far I’m completely twitch free). Heuer's gold-standard precision earned them the privilege of providing official timing services for the Olympic Games, the FIS Ski World Cup, the FIA Formula 1 World Championships, and many others events that are way too hard core for normal people to participate in (outside of watching from the sidelines and saying “Oooo!”). And with such a huge discount, now you too can afford to go from David Hasselhoff “Hooked on a Feeling” lame to Ninja Assassin Chuck Norris awesomeness (FYI: Chuck Norris doesn’t wear a watch, HE decides what time it is). Jomadeals**** does not ship outside the USA and its territories. Shoppers from outside the USA may place orders for delivery within the United States.
17 Aug 2009
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*******www.grammysquilts**** We Have bed quilts, lap, crib, baby quilts, couch quilts, table runners, and wall hangings are all available in various sizes and colors. Produced By: Visible**** mediavisible****
15 Feb 2011
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*******www.DiggingForProfits**** - Get help to Increase your net profits, C.S.I and customer pay sales for your dealerships for fixed op's. Visit the website today and learn how to make money from the service advisor training and couching offered along with free videos and updates.
31 Aug 2009
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*******www.SixPackExposed**** - Discover the secrets for getting a ripped six pack in 90 days or less. Proven training and nutrition strategies! Download my free report today! I highly recommend "The Truth About Abs"! Go now: *******www.SixPackExposed**** right now! 4 Tips To Lose Weight Successfully This article is for you if you are someone who has tried every single weight loss formula out there but are still unable to shed off a single pound. You are the kind of person who needs some straightforward and doable advice that you would be able to implement right away! In this article I am going to do just that for you! Obesity is becoming a growing menace, especially in the US. Even more menacing is the number of people who are losing money hand over fist by investing in fad diets and unsuitable weight loss programs. Below I will give you four weight loss tips that will help you lose weight no matter what your weight is! 1. Being positive always helps: It is imperative that you stay positive at all times, right from the time you join a weight loss program to the time you finish it off. Always smile and think positive - imagine how you will look like when you become slimmer. If you continuously think about negative things, it will depress you and you won't be motivated enough to make the necessary effort to lose fat, and in effect, you won't be able to get rid of your belly fat. When you set a weight loss goal, you will be able to reach it faster if you think positive. 2. Try to walk as mush as you can: Stop sitting on your couch all the time. Remember that it was your couch that made you overweight. Obviously, if you want to get skimmer, you need to leave the couch and take a walk. At the start, don't try to walk for a long distance. Take short steps. If you use car at all times, substitute it with your legs. For example, if you use car to go to the marketplace, walk up to that place. Instead of taking the elevator, use the stairs. Such short activities are far better than total inactivity. Obviously, if you exercise instead of walking, you will burn even more fat. 3. Don't skip your breakfast: Many people think that skipping breakfasts and meals is the surefire way to lose weight. It isn't! Far from it, if you skip your breakfast, you will feel hungry later in the day and then you will start munching on unhealthy and calorie-rich foods. This way, you will end up gaining more weight than what you started with! 4. Invest in a weight loss program: You can do only so much yourself. If you join a weight loss program, you will gain a lot from the help and advice of professionals. If you haven't joined any weight loss program yet I really urge you to invest in one. It is an investment that will bear fruit in proper time. Go to *******www.SixPackExposed**** for more info now!
7 Sep 2009
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*******EnergySupplements-WeightLoss**** | Athletic Clubs in Atlanta Gone Wild Athletic clubs in Atlanta have found a new way to increase energy and lose weight! It’s called SBL Rush, SBL Gamer and SBL Lean and it’s manufactured by Smith-Bryant Labs. Still many people want to work out more out of their homes. Athletic clubs in Atlanta vs. Home Gyms in Atlanta. If you have an empty spare room or you've just had a child move out - there has never been a better time to give you and your family a home workout area. With so many health concerns on the rise, Americans are turning towards more active and healthy lifestyles and Smith-Bryant Labs can assist you in your quest. If you belong to and athletic club in Atlanta currently - you may find it hard to want to drag yourself back out the door after you return home from work, virtually throwing your money down the drain. Sure, you could always head outside for a run, but with weather differing throughout the year - it's impossible to keep a steady workout routine with varying temperatures. If you've been thinking about what to do with that spare room, turn it into a space that you'll really benefit from: a home gym. If you're big on exercise machines, like exercise bikes, elliptical machines, and treadmills, getting one (or two) for in your home will be something you'll be able to appreciate the convenience of everyday. They are definitely a big investment, but the time they'll save you from running out to an athletic club in Atlanta will be worth it. Plus, with the amount of money you and your family would (or already do) spend on an athletic club in Atlanta will far surpass the cost of the machine. By adding one to your home, you'll be able to enjoy it at your convenience. If you're stuck deciding between machines, a treadmill is always a wonderful addition. Whether you use it for walking or running and integrating SBL Lean, everyone can benefit from the use of a treadmill. They can not only help you lose weight, but if you're already at a point that you like - you can maintain weight with daily walking. If you're interested in weights but don't want to spend the money on a weight machine - invest in some free weights. Lifting free weights is great way to strengthen and tone without spending a fortune on a weight machine that you may only use a few times a month. Aside from weights and equipment, really give your home gym that athletic club feel. Any hardware store sells floor length mirrors that you can easily install on a wall or two in the room, depending on size. Seeing yourself while you work out will let you see your progress and watch your muscles work, which is why many gyms and fitness clubs have them on every wall. Aside from mirrors - getting a small TV for the room will allow you to work out in the evening and still enjoy yourself after work. Having "your show" on will no longer be an excuse to keep it parked on the couch for the night. Ask your local hardware store what they have that will help you suspend the television from the ceiling so you can watch it as you run or lift. Once you get started in your new gym, you'll be able to gauge what else you need. If you find yourself constantly forgetting to bring a bottle of water in with you and you have to interrupt your workout to run into the kitchen for one - think about investing in a mini fridge for the room. Aside from little additions like these, hang inspiring art work around the room. Whether they're quotes you've always loved or maybe a picture of your favourite vacation spot, you'll be inspired to push yourself and works towards your goal. So whether you're already have a membership to an athletic club in Atlanta or you want to upgrade your lifestyle and start living healthier - a home gym is the addition that keeps on giving. Stop letting that empty spare room sit there and collect dust. Sure, it might make an easy drop off spot for the random items in your home - but getting the most out of your entire house is really what owning a home is all about. By making the decision to install a ...
12 Sep 2009
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If you are ready to get off the couch and get into shape then check out Shaun T's new Insanity workout! I have done other beach body programs but this is hands down the best!! I didnt think I had 15 pounds to lose. If you have been waiting for a program to get into shape then this is the one to act on. Learn more here *******www.catechnologiesllc****/insanity-workout-review-shaun-t-insanity-workout-reviews/
20 Sep 2009
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Nuuyra's litter playing on the couch.
10 Apr 2010
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*******www.GetPublishedTV**** How To Write a Book Proposal with Gina. In this episode Dale Beaumont is joined on the blue couch with fellow author Gina. She is an accomplished author and is now working on her new book project.
25 Sep 2009
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Orientalist Paintings Rudolph Ernst, Arab Ladies on a Terrace at Sunset Eugene Giraud, A Terrace at the Edge of the Nile George Antoine Rochegrosse,Harem girls in an Aviary Jean Auguste Dominique Ingres, Odalisque with a slave Antonia Garguillo,The Carpet Merchant George Antoine Rochegrosse, New Arrivals Giacomo Mantegazza , An Evening of Entertainm Louis-Emile Pinel de Grandchamp,Emina, Souvenir d'Orient Ferdinand Roybe,Odalisque (La Sultane) Rudolph Ernst,The Captives Leon Francois Comerre,Odalisque Comerre,Odalisque with a Tambourine J. Dutey,Preparation of the Tea Sir Frank Dicksee,Leila 1892 Sir Frank Dicksee,The Mirror Lord Edwin Weeks, Moorish Girl Lying on a Couch, Rabat, Morocco
25 Apr 2010
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LYRICS: got this little kitty about 2 months back he was the nicest little kitty, now a pain in my crack This little kitty is a ninja, always stalking my feet This little kitty is a warrior you know what I mean he's an evil little kitty look what he did to my hand tries to get in trouble in any way that he can I could give this cat a toy, but he'd rather have the wrapper and I will always give him water, but he still drinks from the crapper You could lock him in a closet and he just won't care kitty chews on my shoes and he licks my hair always scratching on my favorite chair and jumping on the couch playing in the window sills and tearing through the house He's so full of energy and easily amused kitty will attack anything that moves Causing trouble, starting battles just so he could be a little part of he's a meanest little kitty so we named him sparta Hey little sparta what is with all the fight little bitty kitty wanna bite bite bite Hey little sparta what is with all the fight little bitty kitty wanna bite bite bite Hey little sparta what is with all the fight little bitty kitty wanna bite bite bite Hey little sparta what is with all the fight little bitty kitty wanna bite Where'd you go are you stalking me? are you under the couch, quite possibly ears laid back so you don't get caught ready to pounce my leg with everything that you got I know you're probably watching me from across the room concentrating contemplating on attacking me soon You're not invisible kitty, I'm gonna find you first Come out come out before I make things worse I've seen where you hide and I know where you've been Hey kitty why don't you give in Even if you try to sneak up on me, I'm prepared Cause I've got my safety gear on and I'm not scared I think I hear a kitty cat under the bed I know your making noises just to mess with my head You can stalk me all you want, but I'm not your pray cause you always seem to find me first, but not today Hey little sparta what is with all the fight little bitty kitty wanna bite bite bite Hey little sparta what is with all the fight little bitty kitty wanna bite bite bite Hey little sparta what is with all the fight little bitty kitty wanna bite bite bite Hey little sparta what is with all the fight Come on out, I'm gonna get you now I've got 'em cornered and now he's mine He's not gonna get away this time I'll s****h him up fast before he can blink and then... Aw man! He's asleep in the sink What is with this cat? I'm confused He's got a bed, but it's never been used In every waking moment, kitty's out for the fight then [fart] next minute kitty's out like a light How could I let this creature live inside of my home I gotta keep an eye on him when I'm on the phone I'm a little afraid to leave this cat all alone this kitty may destroy everything that I own Look at him now, I kinda feel bad He's the best little cat that I've had and the one big thing I forgot to mention, was that He wasn't fighting, he just wanted attention Hey little sparta what is with all the fight little bitty kitty wanna bite bite bite Hey little sparta what is with all the fight little bitty kitty wanna bite bite bite Hey little sparta what is with all the fight little bitty kitty wanna bite bite bite Hey little sparta what is with all the fight showing love, that's all this kitty does BEHIND THE SCENES If you have a cat, I'm sure you can relate, lol. I originally wrote the song because I didn't want to do a simple talking blog about my Sparta's little biting problem and I also wanted to show my friends back home in Turlock what my new place in Thousand Oaks looks like.. BTW, trying to get a cat to perform for a music video... nearly impossible! lol Thanks for watching : )
14 Jul 2010
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The story of an ordinary man's search for clarity in a universe where Jefferson Airplane is on the radio and F-Troop is on TV. It is 1967, and Larry Gopnik, a physics professor at a quiet Midwestern university, has just been informed by his wife Judith that she is leaving him. She has fallen in love with one of his more pompous acquaintances, Sy Ableman, who seems to her a more substantial person than the feckless Larry. Larry's unemployable brother Arthur is sleeping on the couch, his son Danny is a discipline problem and a shirker at Hebrew school, and his daughter Sarah is filching money from his wallet in order to save up for a nose job. While his wife and Sy Ableman blithely make new domestic arrangements, and his brother becomes more and more of a burden, an anonymous hostile letter-writer is trying to sabotage Larry's chances for tenure at the university. Also, a graduate student seems to be trying to bribe him for a passing grade while at the same time threatening to sue him for defamation. Plus, the beautiful woman next door torments him by sunbathing nude. Struggling for equilibrium, Larry seeks advice from three different rabbis. Can anyone help him cope with his afflictions and become a righteous person - a mensch - a serious man?
3 Oct 2009
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Leading manufacutrer and sevice provider of water bath, blood collection monitor, blood bank refrigerator, plasma freezer, donor couch, platelet incubator, platelet agitator, plasma thawing bath, blood bank scale, plasma expressor, donor couch
5 Oct 2009
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Back pain or sciatica keeping you off the golf course? Discover how to relieve your pain quickly and get off the couch and back on the green.
11 Oct 2009
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Ariana has been quoting movies for years, have you JUST been sitting on the couch watching them?? Come join our movie trivia community and take part in movie-loving fun! www.guessthemovies****
25 May 2010
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