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25 Aug 2007
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19 May 2009
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19 May 2009
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Transcript by Newsy**** BY BRANDON TWICHELL You're watching multisource US video news analysis from Newsy. Most of us have had embarrassing photos on Facebook, but what if your mug shot was on there, too? The city council in Huntington Beach, California, recently rejected a plan to post mug shots to the police department’s Facebook page. We’re analyzing the failed plan with coverage from KTLA, The Allen Hunt Show, Staho, and Huntington Beach Independent. A city council member proposed posting mug shots on Facebook as a way to shame repeat DUI offenders, but the idea was struck down out of fear it would alienate residents altogether. Los Angeles CW affiliate KTLA explains what would have happened if the city council had accepted the proposal. “That means people like Robert Rizzo, who had a DUI here last year, if he was to be arrested again for DUI, his mug shot--his new mug shot--would go up on the police department’s Facebook page.” The proposal was brought up in the first place because the city has the most alcohol-related driving deaths in California. Syndicated talk radio host Allen Hunt says he disagrees with the method, but he understands what the councilman wanted to accomplish. “Now, shame has its place, I’ll give you that. I’m not one of these people that wants to poo-poo shame. Shame is not only good--really, it’s not even good for the people who have been victimized, it’s good for the victimizers. It’s good for the perpetrator because it causes you to change and become a better person.” But a DUI attorney agrees with the city council’s decision and reasoning -- the people wouldn’t stand for it. “[U]ploading DUI suspects’ mug shots on Facebook is a violation of their right to privacy, and would likely not discourage drunk driving offenders. In addition, the DUI attorney argues such an approach would have a negative impact on relations with the community, the police department and city officials.” Though the idea was struck down in a 4-to-3 vote, the debate is not over. The Huntington Beach Independent says one councilman is still considering Facebook’s potential. “Councilman Don Hansen wasn't ready to shut the door on the potential of Facebook. He said if the city is fine with posting the picture of a sexual predator or a burglar, it should be comfortable with posting the pictures of someone who poses a threat to innocent lives.” So, was the city council right to reject this idea? Could it have had an impact on offenders’ habits? Get more multisource US video news analysis from Newsy.
25 Jan 2011
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The great chefs of LA were celebrated at CBS studios for the 22nd Annual Great Chefs of Los Angeles event. With the National Kidney Foundation of Southern California as the beneficiary of the event's proceeds, the celebration was taken to a whole new level of excellence by going green & organic!
11 Nov 2008
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The Tropical Penguin Swim Bench is a modern upgrade of an isokinetic swim bench originally designed by Mark Spitz's swim coach Doc Councilman and engineer Glen Henson in 1969 and which has been used by thousands of world class and many more thousands of those who just want to reach their fitness and power potential . Steve Friederang, a biomechanist and coach, and Tropical Penguin have brought this great device into the modern age. The Tropical Penguin Swim Bench adapts at full speed to whatever force you give it (isokinetics) from your first movement to the most powerful phases of your stroke. Watch over 3,000 fitness and swim movies by Friederang or other coaches on your iPod or phone and watch yourself in the mirror to learn and refine your stroke as you also watch your power on each stroke and from workout to workout. The only bench to adapt the horizontal bar to any width for all four strokes, it's also the only bench to allow hundreds of exercises, all that maximize power (the minigyms slide off the bench in seconds and can be sued on the floor or the wall--making tis a complete circuit for teams and individuals). From Spitz, to Evans to modern swimmers at North Baltimore and the Texas Longhorns this has been the secret weapon to develop specialized power. Now it's more reliable and fully computerized. Is it only for swimmers? No! You can get a swimmer's body even without touching the water. But we recommend swimming too, of course. The Tropical Penguin Swim Bench just makes swimming faster fun!
24 Jul 2008
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Go to *******www.pitchcontroltv**** to watch in high resolution. Co-Marshall's of the 15th Annual MLK Parade in downtown Houston Chamillionaire and Trae tha Truth speak about the significance of Martin Luther King Jr. as well as Obama's inauguration along with Houston City Councilman Peter Brown.
21 Jan 2009
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www.myurbanreport**** Interviews Atlanta City Councilman Kwanza Hall.
23 Mar 2009
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As the Mary Poppins excitement grows for opening weekend, we had a special event that many joined us for. The unveiling of Euclid Avenue to Cherry Tree Lane. PlayhouseSquare now has a new address, Cherry Tree Lane! Mix 106.5 was also there giving their listeners a free lunch on Star Plaza! Join the fun and watch Councilman Joe Cimperman, Disney’s Jack Eldon and PlayhouseSquare’s Art Falco officially re-name Euclid Avenue to Cherry Tree Lane. Our street signs will last through August 9th.
17 Jul 2009
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*******fernleynews**** October 23, 2005 - Part 1 On October 9th a small group calling themselves Citizens Working 4 Fernley mounted a recall against Councilman Monte Martin. There are a total of 1,780 registered voters in Ward 3. Only 153 total ballots were cast. Robert Chase, a rumored hand picked candidate, was seated as councilman for Ward 3 with only 97 votes to his credit. It was also reported that a number of residents in Ward 3 were unaware of that recall election. Charles Lawson, an opinion writer in a local paper wrote Unfortunately, the process doesn't allow for adequate noticing of all voters involved and has a relatively minuscule number of signers required on a petition for recall, so everything combined made for a rather rude education for Mr. Martin and a wake-up notice for those who irritate the rowdy element. The group has now set it's sites on Councilman Curt Chaffin of Ward 4. According to the notice of intent, the group is calling for a recall because Mr. Chaffin .. failed to provide adequate supervision and make proper inquires into the performance of the former treasurer .. failed to provide adequate supervision over the former city manager .. failed to respond to constituent concerns and complaints .. supported mandatory trash for Fernley .. supported the Pozzolin Mine within 400 feet of residential property .. supported transferring water to Pyramid Lake to the detriment of Fernley farmers and ranchers. In this series we will be talking in-depth with Mr. Chaffin and addressing all the issues and a allegations set forth by this group.
24 Oct 2009
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*******fernleynews**** October 25, 2009 Part 2 In part 2 of our continuing coverage, I asked Councilman Chaffin about the allegations from the small recall group of not responding to citizens concerns and complaints.
26 Oct 2009
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*******fernleynews**** Part 3 in our continuing coverage of the Fernley Ward 4 Recall Election. In this interview with Councilman Curt Chaffin we address the issues and allegations against his support of the mandatory trash law in Fernley Nevada.
29 Oct 2009
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*******fernleynews**** October 28, 2009 Part 4 In this interview with Councilman Curt Chaffin we to back to the beginning of the Unfunded Federal Mandated Water Treatment Plant and how the property was selected. We also discuss the 50 lawsuits that were filed by groups and individuals that were all dismissed without merit.
1 Nov 2009
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St. Stephen’s Community House has joined forces with the Central Ohio Labor Council AFL-CIO for the 2009 Christmas Care/One New Toy Campaign at St. Stephen’s Community House. The St. Stephen’s Community House and Central Ohio Labor Council AFL-CIO collaboration began in 1982 through the leadership of former Columbus City Councilman John Maloney. Today, the Christmas Care/One New Toy Program serves Greater Linden area and union families. More than 2,600 families and countless area children will benefit from the December 19th and 20th distribution. The Central Ohio Labor Council AFL-CIO has donated $20,000 of new toys and $100,000 of fresh vegetables, fruits, dairy products, poultry, and bakery goods specifically for this purpose. For additional information regarding St. Stephen’s Community House visit Saintstephensch****; for the Central Ohio Labor Council AFL-CIO visit ColumbusAFLCIO****. Learn more about United Way of Central Ohio at liveunitedcentralohio****. Brightening Lives. LIVING UNITED. Distributed by Tubemogul.
11 Jan 2010
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In Quartzsite, AZ the property line is wherever it favors the incumbent "mayor"! Councilman Jerry Lukkason is caught in a secret meeting that morning with Town Building Official Al Johnson. Listen to Johnson's phone conversation carefully...Public Works employee Emmett Brinkerhoff is on the way with his trusty tape measure. Where is the property line? No one really knows for sure because Business 10 (Main St.) was widened and all the existing signs appear to be "encroaching". The big sign which reads "YUO CANT FIX STUPID BUT YOU CAN VOTE THEM OUT" is relocated to the corner, which belongs to the sate and not the Town.
11 May 2010
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Show Congress that this is legislation the American people want passed NOW! Sign The Petition at *******www.youthPROMISEaction**** In this video clip, Baron Davis, Robin Wright Penn, Russell Simmons, Star Jones, Mayor Cory Booker, Jim Brown, Tom Hayden, Rob Dyrdek and others support the Youth PROMISE Act (HR 1064/S 435), a youth violence prevention program spearheaded by Congressman Bobby Scott and Councilman Tony Cardenas. Imagine giving every young person the opportunity to reach his or her potential. Imagine healthier families, safer communities, and stronger support for youth across the country. Now stop imagining and make it a reality. Become a Citizen Cosponsor of the Youth PROMISE Act today. This Bill is also supported by The Peace Alliance and The Student Peace Alliance.Video Produced by the Office of Los Angeles Councilman Tony Cardenas.
1 Jul 2010
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