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Oh boy, look! Can you count the seconds yet with respect to the movements of the palms? Yes that car only deserves to be on the air!
1 May 2019
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Step by step on how open the transducer housing using regular house hold product. I will be using fresh boiling hot water to soften the glue that hold the two halves of the transducer housing. Have a cloth and cotton bud ready to wipe ant remaining water on the housing. The whole idea is to wedge the wooden peg in the grove between the two halves of the transducer housing. The peg will constantly push the two halves of the transducer housing apart while hot water melts the glue, at this point just sit back and count the seconds. Try not to splash any water on the housing, slowly pour from the rim of the plate. If you are lucky the peg will push the housing apart all the way, but sometime you need to take it out and give a pry it open. Since the glue has melted it doesn't take to much effort. Keep the grill face down to prevent water water dripping into the transducer and onto the voice coil diaphragm, so keep the grill facing down. If the glue is still hard, repeat the process with freshly boiled water. Once the transducer housing is apart, quickly wipe everything and let it dry, give it a firm tap to let out any excess water. Plug the headphone it into a music player and test it to make sure it not damaged. If unsure leave it to dry before proceeding to the next step. IF THE VIDEO IS TO DARK ADJUST THE COLOR/CONTRAS/ BRIGHTNESS SETTING OF YOUR MONITOR. BEST SETTING IS DEFAULT. I'M IN THE PROCESS OF PUTTING VOICE OVER. MANY VIDEO STILL NEED TO BE UPLOADED, TOPIC REGARDING THIS MOD IS STILL AT EDITORIAL STAGES, I WILL DO MY BEST TO UPLOAD THEM. THANKS Visit : *******duniavideographer.blogspot****/
26 Dec 2008
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2 Dec 2008
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