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Men's Covert Collar Zip - Look refined without all the extra fabric maintenance hassles. The Arc'teryx Covert Collar Zip features a Polartec Thermal Pro sweater knit that looks like wool, but it has a soft, itch-free texture that doesn't permanently stretch a size with extended use. Woven with breathable and fast-drying Polartec Thermal Pro sweater knit, this Arc'teryx Covert Collar Zip combines a tailored appearance with functional fabric. While Polartec Thermal Pro sweater knit looks like wool, it's easier to launder and doesn't have the same permanent stretch properties. Unlike many Arc'teryx pullovers, the Covert Collar Zip doesn't have handwarmer pockets, but there is a small stash/radio pocket on the left sleeve. If you're looking for something functional without all the mundane stuff found on typical fleece outerwear, the Covert Collar Zip has it all together in a sharp looking package. If the missing pockets are a big deal but you like the innovative knit fabric, the Arc'teryx Covert Hoody has pockets in the typical places with a hood thrown in on top. * Breathable and fast-drying 100% polyester 10-oz. Polartec Thermal Pro sweater knit fabric * Gusseted underarms keep you covered even while reaching * Laminated sleeve pocket and laminated zipper * Weight: 1lb .9 oz. (480 g.) in medium size
14 Jun 2007
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Women's Covert Cardigan Hoody - While it seems like every active wear manufacturer has at least a half dozen hoody offerings, Arc'teryx made their Covert Hoody strikingly different with an innovative Polartec Thermal Pro sweater knit fabric. The fabric looks like wool but it's easier to launder and doesn't have the permanent stretch concerns. Beneath the sleeves are underarm gussets so you can extend your reach above your head without feeling exposed down along the hem. The Arc'teryx Covert Hoody is functional outerwear for hiking, running and camping in cool weather. Breathable and fast-drying 100% polyester 10 oz. Polartec Thermal Pro sweater knit fabric Convenient Full-length front zip Zippered dual front pockets with laminated zippers Gusseted underarm sleeves for mobility Stretch woven laminated sleeve pocket
14 Jun 2007
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Thousands Of Aericans Coverting in ISLAM evey month from USA... UNITED MUSLIMS NOW...RASH
19 Jan 2008
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*******www.expertpersuader**** - The most powerful way to get anything you want is to master the psychology of covert persuasion and influence. This will allow you to change people's behavior, multiply your earnings, mesmerize the opposite sex, make anyone instantly like you, and persuade anyone to eagerly do what you want.
28 Jan 2010
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www.burnnoticeops**** Play and enter for a chance to win a SAAB convertible! Enter BURN NOTICE: COVERT OPS, an online Alternate Reality Experience that puts you in the position of aiding Michael Westen, a burned spy chock full of experience, morality, and wit. You will join his team and learn the tricks of spycraft.
19 Jul 2008
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3 Feb 2010
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*******www.spyequipmentguide****/ Using spy equipment and covert surveillance equipment to get the facts or evidence is important. Spy gear also has a lot of interesting applications.
16 Aug 2008
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Covert camera catches insurance fraud. Covert camera installed by Setronics Corp. 978-671-5450 for all your covert camera needs visit *******www.setronics****
11 Sep 2008
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BrickHouseSecurity**** - No one will ever suspect that the button on your shirt is actually a high quality Button Camera. Easy playback on the completely self-contained Mini DVR's handheld LCD Screen. Use the wireless Micro DVR and Button Camera to record crystal clear audio and video for covert operations on-the-go. This high resolution pinhole camera records directly to a handheld Mini DVR. The Mini DVR fits in your pocket and allows you record and review video footage while on-the-move. * High Resolution Color CMOS Button Camera * .3 Lux Camera Works In Low Light Situations * 1.5 LCD TFT Screen Mini DVR * Li-ion Battery and AC Charger * Plug And Play - AV Out Cable For Easy Viewing/Transfer * Supports Up To 4 Gb Removable SD Card
6 Oct 2008
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brickhousesecurity****/wireless-low-light-color-camera-and-dvr.html - Completely wireless 2.4G camera captures covert video up to 300 feet away. The ultimate in covert surveillance records an incredible 6 hours of video onto a removable SD card for easy transfer and viewing.
13 Jan 2009
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Conversational-Hypnosis1**** How to covertly persuade others by telling them stories - and using hypnosis techniques.
2 Apr 2009
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*******www.PowerConversationalHypnosis**** - Covert Hypnosis - This Video Will Show You Secret Techniques To Help You With Covert Hypnosis. Learn Hypnotic Secrets To Help You Improve your Covert Hypnosis!
16 Aug 2009
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