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The cow is an abode of gods and everyone should know about the health benefits of cow urine. The cow is the only divine living being that has a surya ketu nadi (vein connected to the sun) passing through her backbone. Gold salts are present in the cow's milk and cow's other bodily fluids. Ayurveda is a medical branch of Vedas. "Braham vakya janardanam" Meaning Vedas have emanated from Brahma's mouth and it is for welfare of everyone. Cow urine makes one disease-free by prabhav (nature). "Acintya shakti iti prabhav" meaning: Inconceivable power is called "Prabhav". Prabhav is that power which cannot be conceived and described. In this video, you can see the health benefits of cow urine.
31 Aug 2019
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That cow surely did not like it when the guy on the bike wanted to cross them before they crossed the road.
20 Sep 2019
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Bet there is are some bovine genes in these frogs! That has to be the weirdest sound made by a frog ever.
24 Aug 2019
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Looks like these cows see the white lines on the road as some kind of an obstacle and avoid those lines like the plague.
5 Sep 2019
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23 Aug 2019
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Got, oh and goofy
3 Sep 2019
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Ye Part of speech part 1 Jis hum pehle sekhenge ke noun kya hai or uske bad two kinds of nouns Common nouns and proper nouns Thek hai tu chale start karte hai leken usse pehle agar ap ne hamara channel subscribe nahi Kya tu subscribe karke barabar main mujood bell icon bhi press karde with all notifications ta ke ap humari future main ane wali her video ki notification hasal kar sake Tu sabse pehle hum sekhenge ke noun kya hai What is the noun? Definition: A noun is a word that names a person, a place, a thing, an animal, an idea, etc. Kisi bhi cheez ke name ko hum noun kehte hai Jese ke Person: Ali, teacher, uncle, father, girl Place: Karchi, park, city, school, hospital Thing: Bike, fan, milk, table, computer Animal: Dog, cow, chicken, bear, spider Idea: Love, thought, anger, truth, hope, etc. Ye the nouns jo ke main khali examples ke torpe batae or ye nouns hai ye bhot sare hai uncountable hai Ab chale Common noun and proper noun sekhte hai A common noun is the name of any unparticular, unspecfic person, place, animal, or thing Common noun ase naamo ko kaha jata hai jo koi cheez ya jaga ya koi janwar ka name khas na ho unparticular, unspecfic A proper noun is the name of any particular and specfic person, place, animal, or thing, etc. Proper noun ase naamo ko kaha jata hai jo kisi bande ya bandi ka , ya kisi jaga ka naam, ya kisi janwar ya cheez ka naam khas ho particular and specfic Jese ke Common nouns: boy, doctor, car, hotel, Proper nouns: Salman, Doctor Ali, Honda, Taj Hotel Or ek baat ka khayal rakhye ga ke common noun khali ek hi surat main capital letter se start hoga jab wo sentence ke starting main aye jese ke Common nouns are usually not capitalized unless when it's come at the starting of sentence School education is very necessary for all children. Children go to school every day. proper nouns are always capitalized doesn't matter wherever it's come Karachi is big city. I live in Karachi. I went to Karac
31 Aug 2019
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Students aksar confuse hote jab sentence main it's ya its use karna ho matlab one it's with an apostrophe and another is without an apostrophe, in dono ki pronunciations tu same hai magar jab ap isnko sentence main use karte hai tu in dono ke meanings mian bhot ziyada difference hota Agar jaha apostrophe wala it's use karna hai waha ap without apostrophe wala its use karenge tu sentence galat hojaega Or jaha pe without apostrophe wala its use karna hai waha aap apostrophe wala it's use karenge tu bhi definitely sentence galat hojaega It's with apostrophe can't be changed with ''Its'' without apostrophe And Its without apostrophe can't be changed with ''It's'' which is with apostrophe Tu chale ab sekhte hai ke in dono main kya difference hai Usse pehle agar ap hamare channel pe new hai tu ch Pehle hum baat karte hai apostrophe wale it's ki ye ek contraction hai matlab shot hai it is or it has ka Jese ke Ye Mera pen hai It is my pen. It's my pen. Ek saal hogaye humme mile huwe It has been a year since we met. It's been a year since we met. Thek hai Or is it's ke Khali do hi matlab hote hai Jo main ne app ko pataye It's It is It has Ab baat karte without apostrophe wale its ki Ye ek possessive adjective hai jese ke My, His, Her, and Its I like saba and I like her habits I love Pakistan and its weather Annie is eating her food Cow is eating its food I hope ke ap ko samaj main agaya ho ga ke in dono main kya difference hai Phir bhi hum is video ka review karte hai ke humne is video main kya sekha hai Is video main humnne sekha It's with an apostrophe is contraction/short form of It is It has And Its without an apostrophe is a possessive adjective like, My name, Your name , her name, and its name
7 Sep 2019
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Whether it be cows or other cattle, seeing animals cross roads in herds is not a very uncommon sight in India
13 Sep 2019
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Poor woman scared of an innocent cow...
11 Apr 2006
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Pack of sheep decide to take revenge on innocent cows
11 Apr 2006
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A brand new shampoo for cows
14 May 2006
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