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Girls associated with gangs are at particular risk of experiencing physical or sexual abuse. Falmata*, 18, witnessed the mistreatment of girls when she spent time with members of a gang.
4 Oct 2013
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Poverty and unemployment leave youths in the Niger at risk of becoming involved with gangs known as 'palaces'. Moctar, 20, discusses his experiences as a palace member.
4 Oct 2013
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Neale shares his thoughts to the question most of us have, which is how do we ensure that we leave a better world for the next generation?
17 Jul 2019
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Past – Present – Future -- In order to create a better future we must visit the past. While it is helpful to understand how and why you got your beliefs you shouldn’t dwell on them. While it is imperative to know where you’re going you shouldn’t dwell on the future either. Learn from the past and set your goals then live the moment to the fullest.
21 Jul 2008
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To Create a Better Future
2 Dec 2010
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