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See different strange buildings from all over the world. Interesting architecture and weird structures >>CONSTRUCTIVE<< Comments encouraged, spam not! ****NO SPAM PLEASE**** All spam will be reported and those accounts blocked. I am asking nicely once only. =) Well since asking nicely apparently is not good enough, if people would thumbs down the blatantly desperate spam from people... Someone who I guess is not creative enough to create their own popular video and needs to advertise their garbage on mine. I don't know what level of intelligence it takes to realize that no one is going to go look at your web site, dude. LOL! You are obviously desperate for business and probably because no one wants what you have. What a low life. Thanks & Enjoy!
24 Dec 2008
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*******hubpages****/t/13bd2d Love is the most universal emotion and feeling. It is tagged to be what makes the world go round. There are different kinds of love including parental love, friendly love, marital love and romantic love. It can be said that all people without exception experience love in one way or another. It seems that loving can be equated to living because loving is indeed a part of life. The expression of love takes various forms, from physical expression such as kissing, touching and embracing, to verbal expression such as saying, “I love you”. However, these expressions of love are passing. After the action is done, nothing tangible remains. Having a tangible expression of love might be the reason why love greeting cards became prevalent. The traditional greeting cards are made up of paper or specialty paper that has attractive designs. They contain images and of course, love notes. However, just as time passes, the norm changes because norms are dynamic. From the era of hardcopy of greeting cards, love e cards are now preferred by people. The use of love e cards has several advantages. The advantages include easy storage, easy transfer, cheaper than the hard copy of love cards, more animated designs, and the possibility of including music and videos on the card itself. Love e cards are easy to store because they are simply computer files. They do not have physical weight, shape and size. Even if they are computer files, the value of these cards is still no degraded. One may take a look at the card anytime one wishes. In addition to being easy to store, these cards are easy to transfer and take no-time to send. Since these are soft files, they can be sent via email or shared on a website. Thus, if the card should be sent to a loved one, a person does not have to go to a bookstore and buy a card, then hand it or much worse, ship it to a loved one. Love e cards are also cheaper because they do not need materials like ribbons, paper, scissors, crayons and glues. There can be animated designs on love e cards. Animations vary from simple blinking to blinking with glitters and whatnot. Aside from these, music and videos can be added. As long as a person is computer literate and creative enough, that person is sure to be able to make a love card that will capture emotions and that will be effective as a form of love expression. Sending cards is just one form of love expression. At the end of the day, it is also important that the message contained in the love e cards is sincere. Animations, music and videos are just designs. Nothing beats the design that is natural and pure, such as the humanly nature of that which we call love.
14 Apr 2010
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*******www.ventureworthy****/Starting-a-Greeting-Card-Business.asp - Are you creative enough to manage a business with a difference? If you are in sync with this feeling, then you can readily start a small business related to creative aspects. For example, you can start and expand a business related to the design of greeting cards. You can manage the internal processes of such a business easily.
9 Mar 2011
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My intention isn’t to be overly harsh in documenting Tebo’s (Bailiff) actions, I just like to put a parody spin on things. To a certain extent I empathize with the guy and my final conclusion is, he’s acting (which explains the puppet) and the real Tebo’s possibly a nice person. To keep this video shorter I cut out a lot of the things that breakdown and explain the situation more thoroughly, but I will in this write up. When I speak in the collective (marked by quotes), I’m looking at it from their perspective, or because I’m not creative enough of a writer to get around it. So there’s this grumpy bailiff (Tebo) here in Keene, NH at the Cheshire Superior Court. He’s been a constant thorn in “our” side. Some would say, he’s just following orders and I partially agree, (although I don’t believe it’s necessarily a justification). In many instances it seems he’s doing more than his job though. In this video you can see where he instigates many of the situations. When he arrested Jason Talley (Dec. 21st) for not standing fast enough for Lord Arnold, it seemed like an unnecessary judgment call. Just a note, I’ve been to dozens of court rooms all over and Cheshire Superior Court (only when judge Arnold’s the judge) is the only one that has threatened and arrested people for not standing for the man in the dress. Two days after Jason Talley and Kelly Voluntaryist James arrest, Ian Freeman, Ademo Freeman and I waited outside the court to ask Tebo some questions. We were instructed by some officers how to go about the process, just prior to Tebo walking to his car (“make sure not to block his path”). Just to note; the various public officials in Keene know “Free Staters” believe in the non-violent principle and know “we’ve” never resorted to violence. So when Tebo charged after Ian with his fists up it was just weird. What was he thinking and what would he have done had Ian not backed away (which I think any reasonable person would have)? I do document the instance when Tebo was extremely nice to us and I do think that’s the real Tebo when he’s not following orders. When he’s being stern with “us”, I think it’s an act. To me it looks as though his adrenaline isn’t even going and he regularly turns his head away from the confrontation, which based on my observation is only normal to someone following orders. The big escapade with Ian in the court room, begins immediately after Tebo walks away from Lord Arnold. To empathize with Lord Arnold a little bit (which is hard to do, especially with all of the direct harm he’s caused several of my friends). I think he’s looking at the situation like, if he doesn’t remain stern, “we” will take advantage and incrementally get out of control in the court room and he may genuinely believe there’s a certain amount of respect that he and the court room deserve. When it comes to following principle, I don’t think principles incrementally expand or even decrease (“we” aren’t going to back down on principles because of threats) and the thing Lord Arnold doesn’t get is, by conducting himself this way, nothing is gained outside the fact that non-violent people are getting thrown in cages and tax payers are bearing the expense. So it’s kind of a standoff? It’s our stand on principle against the states stand on authority perhaps? One of the key differences is, when we stay true to our principles, it’s non-violent, no one gets hurt in the process. When they make their stand and hold their position, they’re willing to threaten, use force, arrest etc, then flip the bill to the tax payer. And for what? What harm are “we” possibly creating? What, are “we” hurting, their ego? Honestly, what’s the worst “we” do? So “we” don’t stand for the judge, some people wear hats, and before and after the court proceedings some people challenge the various public officials with questions. I’m sure this is annoying, but annoying is the key word. Does annoying really warrant an arrest? Or what, are “we” disrespecting the court? Really, when you want to talk about respect and conduct in the courtroom, what’s more disrespectful than the fact that these people swore an oath to uphold the constitution and they don’t even do that. And even though “we” don’t believe in social contracts, I guarantee you and I bet my life on it that “we” inadvertently uphold the constitution a lot more than they do.
19 Jan 2012
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Video ricetta divertenti vlog un po' di tutto