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If you are still undecided on where to bring your special someone to for Valentine's Day, Old Changi Hospital is probably very low on your list. Judging by this video shared by Lim Chee Kiang on Pencari Entiti Crew, that is probably a wise choice. According to the caption for the video, a spooky figure was seen running down the corridor there. To top things off, the figure was allegedly wearing a nurse's uniform.
14 Feb 2017
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Jim Carrey wishes he were a much younger man. That way, he could have passionate sex with Emma Stone and produce "chubby little freckle-faced kids." Jim thought this act of a dirty old man lusting after a 22 yr old girl would be funny but apparently it creeped out a lot of people all across the internet creating a bit of a controversy.
30 Aug 2011
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Watch and see this horrifying video.
15 Feb 2008
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This dog obviously wants to be left alone. Watch as it shows you some teeth.
14 Sep 2008
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One of the creepiest stories we've come across in a LONG TIME. From planning beginning in 2006 originally named Populatria, to a 1.5 year theoretical design development, to the 2 year construction time between 2007-2009, this gets creeper the further the video goes. Every plot and every possible crime point was meditated and developed. Subway systems, irrigation systems, and micromanagement for societal perfection. This extreme mayor guy is clearly crazy. Or insane. But probably crazy. >:]
5 May 2010
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This is the official music video for "Christmas is Creepy"!!! The song came straight from my heart!!!! Get the album on iTunes: ******* Get the video on iTunes: ******* MY WEBSITE: *******fredfigglehorn**** MORE FRED FUNNESS: *******Facebook****/FredFigglehorn *******Twitter****/FredFigglehorn *******Formspring****/FredFigglehorn ---- "Christmas is Creepy" Music Video: Directed & Edited by Andy Signore Animation by Tuffy Williams & Nick Mendoza Stop Motion by John Ikuma
13 Sep 2012
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Don't watch this alone or in the dark!
30 May 2017
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​Today I discussed the case of deserae turner. She was shot because a man was sick of snapchatting her. Let me know what you think of this in the comments!!! Subscribe to my YouTube channel, where I am more active!!! Same name as on here!
5 Jan 2019
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This is a very creepy video
22 Dec 2007
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wierd and creepy video i made it is about when i took 20 robitussin cough gels
24 Jan 2008
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A tribute to Mewtwo showing all the hell he went through during his creation and throughout his life. I finally made a creepy video! Enjoy!
15 May 2008
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Creepy video of our visit to Disney’s California Adventure, and what we think is a real ghost on Tower of Terror
2 Oct 2009
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