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The idea of floating solar farms just seems to be around the future of civilization. The concept leaves us dreaming and admiring the future technologies. But are we really that close?
26 Jul 2019
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July 21, 2019 "Cutting Through the Matrix" with Alan Watt (Blurb, i.e. Educational Talk) I Think on The Look of Changes: "Behaviour Modification, We're Dwindling Individuals Forlorn, Going Deep to Resist the Sleep, Living, Rather than Conform." © Alan Watt July 21, 2019 Hype about the Heat - Training the Public that We're Living in Crisis - Must Allow Professionals to Manage Your Lives - Aldous Huxley, People Will Come to Love Their Servitude - This is the Century of Change - Magic Promoted for Years in Television Shows - Psychology and Behaviourism; Behaviour Management - You're Owned - Fads; Extremely Tight, Painted-On Pants for Men and Women - Conformity - Derren Brown's Experiment on Social Conformity - Movie, Fight Club - Totalitarian Systems Eat Their Own - Orwell's Animal Farm - Renting Crowds to Protest - Crowd Control, Police Intimidation; Movie, Zulu - Ultimately, Governments Run on Force - Norbert Weiner, Cybernetics; book The Human Use of Human Beings - Nudge Units, Behavioural Insights Teams - Marx Talked about the Lumpen Proletariat - Tattoos; Pirates, Gangs, Tribes; Symbolism of Tattoos within Gangs; In the 1950s, Psychologists said Generally Tattooed People were of the Criminal Classes; Prison Culture - Now We're Told Tattoos are Sign of an Individual (Promoted in the Culture for Everybody to Have Them!) - In the 1990s, a Fashion for Women was Sleeves that Covered their Hands; Nobody's Child; Bare Bellies in the Middle of Winter - The Cashless Society; Cargo Pants, No Place for a Wallet - The Meatless Agenda - Microchips, Even Stenciled onto Your Skin, Just Like a Tattoo - Skinny Pants, Eat Less, Thin People are the "In" People - Movie, Invasion of the Body Snatchers - Dust in the Wind; Good Citizens Play Their Lives Away - Delgado Experiments with Wires in Brain - Christopher Walken movie, The Mind Snatchers - Biowarfare, Ethnic Specific Warfare - David Kelly - Porton Down - Movie, Twelve Monkeys - Trump Okays about Half a Million High-Tech Workers
30 Jul 2019
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There is a crisis in science, and so some are reconsidering the ancient idea of universal consciousness.
6 Aug 2019
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If you are facing an enormous financial crisis and looking to declare bankruptcy then you should contact Ooraa before such a declaration. Ooraa will help you to avoid bankruptcy. Their professional debt experts provide you with effective ways to avoid bankruptcy so that you can get relief from the undesired choice of declaring bankruptcy.
8 Aug 2019
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Why is there no solution for the Middle East crisis? Why does there seem to be so much trouble right now in the Middle East? What's causing all this, and why is it occurring now?
26 Dec 2006
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Ante determinadas situaciones que percibimos como peligrosas, la ansiedad se incrementa de forma brusca y puede provocar una crisis de pánico. Una crisis de ansiedad o pánico, se vive con temor intenso, sensación de pérdida de control, vivencias de enajenación o muerte inminente. Aparecen falta de aire, mareo, dolor en el pecho, palpitaciones, sequedad de boca...
25 Jul 2007
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Visita International Crisis Group. Sergio Fajardo Valderrama, Alcalde de Medellín. Medellín, la ciudad que queremos.
3 Oct 2007
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spoof on the movie terminator 2 with time crisis guns
30 Oct 2007
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One of the best fighting scenes from a great chapter of the Final Fantasy VII saga : Crisis Core. I hope you'll like it ! ; )
17 Nov 2007
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EN - Video tribute dedicated to the AUDI A8 Series IT - Tributo dedicato alla mitica serie AUDI A8
26 Nov 2007
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EN - Video tribute to the armored version of the BMW 540 IT - Tributo della versione blindata della BMW 540
30 Nov 2007
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EN - Video Tribute to one of the best SUVs around IT - Tributo ad uno dei migliori SUV in circolazione
30 Nov 2007
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