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13 Apr 2010
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14 Feb 2012
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This is Russian, my boy. Don’t mess with their work. Guys who were kicking his store were lucky, Russian dude didn’t use any gun.
7 Apr 2017
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This is so unreal. I mean, how can one ever think of kidnapping a cow and that too in a car. This truly shows that anything can happen in this world.
22 May 2018
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glow in the dark for for Crookes
9 Nov 2007
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Silly crooks, haunted stations, mud wrestling, and creepy more. Keep watching for the unique news update. p Hi everyone. Welcome to Get-the-Daily-dot-com. I’m Dana Ward dishing you the latest and most interesting in news. Female mud wrestling has moved beyond being just a spectator sport for fun, and in Siberia, it’s now an actual competition. Russia is holding its first ever regional event. The technical rules are hard to forget: No biting, no scratching and no hair-pulling. Event organizers claim that it’s not actually mud in the wrestling area, but the women are rolling around in special therapeutic clay from a local spa. And it seems a Pennsylvania town has asked paranormal investigators to check-out its police station. According to some station employees, things have been occurring there for years, and only the fact that the place is haunted can explain it. Some say the typewriter types without anyone pressing the buttons, the attic door springs open when bolted shut and the sidewalk-sweeper starts-up without a battery or key. Everyone at the police station is awaiting the paranormal report results. Over the weekend, a Michigan woman at a bank left her photo i-d and correct address on an account application just before pulling-out a handgun and demanding cash from the banker. Within 1-hour, police had arrested the woman. Postal workers in Wisconsin making the rounds are now armed… with water pistols. It has become customary during this time of the year for workers on a specific route to get attacked by wild turkeys. A c supervisor for the State Department warns locals to stop feeding the turkeys as the wild animals seem to be less afraid, and more likely to attack humans. The supervisor also says postal workers are likely attached most because the colors –red-white-and-blue attract the wild animal as it’s customary for the male turkey’s head to change to all of those colors during mating season. That’s today’s interesting news update. For Get-the-Daily-dot-com, I’m Dana Ward. Thanks for watching!
10 Apr 2008
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shazap**** This is the first of a three part miniseries featuring our favorite demonic hero, Hellboy. If you are a fan of the character this is a great way to get ramped up for the movie coming out in a few weeks here. Like most mini series our hero is more of an observer here being drawn into the supernatural crisis of others. The art is cool and really portrays the demonic nature of the characters wells. The crooked man is especially creepy and it looks like things will really ramp up in the next two issues. The issue reads really well in that the characters truly come alive as you read the dialogue. Mike Mignola really does a good job of connecting you with the character and making them real. This isn’t a must read but it’s a great way to get ready for the Hellboy mania that is yet to come this summer or for a new reader to explore the character.
9 Jul 2008
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Located in the heart of the Kansas City Northland. Crooked Creek is minutes away from local shopping centers, restaurants and major highway access. Crooked Creek is true to it's name and boasts a bubbling creek that streams throughout the property. We know you'll love it here! Income Restrictions: 1 person $28,740 2 people $32,820 3 people $36,960 4 people $41,040 5 people $44,340 6 people $47,580 Call us today and schedule your personalized tour today of our beautiful community. View these apartments for rent online at ForRent****: *******www.forrent****/apartment-community-profile/999911598.php
15 Jan 2009
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Kung Fu Lesson Master David Crook Bac Fu Do Part 1 *******www.martialartstv****.au *******www.martialartalliance**** *******zenmartialartscollege****.au
4 Apr 2009
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Kung Fu Lesson Master David Crook Bac Fu Do Part 2 *******www.martialartstv****.au *******www.martialartalliance**** *******zenmartialartscollege****.au
5 Apr 2009
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The Lowe's Creative Ideas team meets up with the Crook family to design and decorate a playroom for their 6 kids. To find out how their ideas get turned into a fun and organized playroom, see the rest of the series at *******www.Lowes****/Videos.
13 Jun 2009
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Kathleen from the Hardwareman shows how to apply casters to fix a crooked table or raise a piece of furniture. The Hardwareman is only located at Renningers Antiques Center Mt. Dora Florida. *******www.renningers****
25 Jul 2009
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