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In my opinion one of the best chapters of a film "Sankt-Peterburg.LiVe".По-моему music the best element of this chapter, but also shots too are good. *******www.smotri****/user/nvidia/ Here it is possible to see all parts of a film both all previous and subsequent works.
9 Feb 2011
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TALENT discusses his confusing name on the set behind the scenes of Martin Lawrence Presents 1st Amendment Standup, Fri., July 24 at 11p E/P on Starz *******www.starz****/1stamendment
23 Jul 2009
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This is History in the Making. The first to ever do something like this. Motzy takes all the titles of Jay-z's albums and the titles of each song on those albums and makes them into a whole rap. This is just the snippet version to get the people ready for "Phillywood 2 Hollyhood" Da Motzarelly Freestyle Collection 2003-2009 mixtape coming at the end of the summer. You will be able to hear the full version once it drops. Need more Motzy? *******www.myspace****/nelmotzyesq *******www.twitter****/nelmotzyesq *******www.facebook****/nelmotzyesq
24 Jul 2009
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In today's contest in the Sitting Olympics, we find our contestant, Nora, fighting against the force of gravity, the weakest force in all of physics.
25 Jul 2009
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NLP Consulting at *******www.nlpconsulting****.au/SydneyPhobiasFixedFast/ specialises in Fixing Phobias, not just sympathising with you.
12 Aug 2009
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The video of a Rally Car's end
15 Aug 2009
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Late night pandamonium - written, shot, directed and generally made by I Am Not Lefthanded, with excellent submissions from wonderful people. This song is from the band's forthcoming EP, Time To Leave - due out in Autumn 2009 www.iamnotlefthanded****
11 Sep 2009
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Discover the hidden methods Corporations and Millionaires use to earn money from Facebook. These closely guarded secrets are now being revealed for the first time. Online social media marketing is making people wealthy and our methods really work.
5 Oct 2009
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The trailer for Football Manager 2010 - out on October 30th from all good, and some bad, retailers. FM2010 Football Manager 2010 Sports Interactive match engine Football Manager 2010 FM2010 #FM2010 #FM10 Sports Interactive SI Games Football Manager
10 Oct 2009
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Many bands were played at the Eagle Rock music festival but this one band and it's guerrilla music tactics impressed me with their mobility. The festival has ended and they were told to leave but they play on. Distributed by Tubemogul.
11 Oct 2009
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Hi, this is my entry into a uk competition, about secret abilities, enjoy !....
17 Oct 2009
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the final moments of someones life, relayed through the art of song !.......
17 Oct 2009
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What kids in Tanah Toraja, Sulawesi, Indonesia do for fun, I swear, it's all for fun.....
29 Oct 2009
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Don't miss the season 2 premiere of Hoarders, Monday, Nov. 30th at 10p/9c on A&E. Hoarders explores the world of extreme hoarding; a mental disorder marked by an obsessive need to collect things, even if the items are worthless, hazardous or unsanitary. The series takes a fascinating look at the lives of people whose inability to part with their belongings is so out of control that they are on the verge of a personal crisis. The series captures the drama as experts work to put each hoarder on the road to recovery. For more information visit *******aetv****/hoarders. Become a Facebook Fan of Hoarders *******facebook****/hoarders and follow the official Twitter feed *******twitter****/hoarderstv.
11 Nov 2009
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Palestinians plant tree saplings surrounding the first planned Palestinian city in the West Bank. The $800 million endeavor hopes to house 40,000 middle-class Palestinians and serve as a high-tech business center.
22 Nov 2009
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Don't miss the season 2 premiere of Hoarders, Monday, 11/30 at 10p/9c on A&E. The season premiere will introduce Augustine, whose son Jason was removed from her home by Child Protective Services 14 years ago, because of her hoarding. Augustine’s hoarding has become so severe that she has lived without water, gas, heat or appliances for the last four years -- bathing only once a week at her sister’s house. Complaints from neighbors have instigated a court ordered clean-up and the city is threatening to condemn her house. Now, Hoarders follows Jason as he tries one last time to rescue his mother from the filth he escaped from years ago. For more information visit *******aetv****/hoarders. Become a Facebook Fan of Hoarders *******facebook****/hoarders and follow the official Twitter feed *******twitter****/hoarderstv.
26 Nov 2009
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