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The thrilling conclusion of "Two Crucial Moves". Will the band finally create the new song? Will it be all that they hoped for? The answers and much more await in this final chapter to the story. Distributed by Tubemogul.
16 Mar 2009
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Crucial Step Towards Sharia Law? United Nations Anti-Blasphemy Resolution - Christopher Hitchens CNN with Lou Dobbs. The United Nations has adopted a "resolution combating defamation of religions" and wants to regulate free speech. Featured guest is Christopher Hitchens. The U.N. now wants to make that Anti-Blasphemy Resolution binding on all member nations. That would make it a crime to critisize religion, in particular Islam. This is a major effort taking place to curb free speech worldwide. Christopher Hitchens discussed the United Nations Anti-Blasphemy Resolution with Lou Dobbs on February 25, 2009 on CNN. The Resolution, sponsored by the Arab members, might be the crucial next step towards imposing Sharia law in the Western world. Do you believe the United Nations' restriction of freedom of speech in the United States and other western countries should be tolerated? Please subscribe to: • *******www.YouTube****/FFreeThinker .
30 Sep 2009
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Our host, Jon Gabrus, teaches you the crucial information on how to become a man, because seriously, it's about time you grow up. See more Crucial Man on collegehumor****
11 Nov 2009
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Gary Vaynerchuk teaches Jon the secret to being an expert: drinking everyday for an entire year. See what it takes to be a Crucial Man *******www***llegehumor****/thecrucialman
11 Nov 2009
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Jon learns the only ways to erase debt is to get a job and pay your bills on time. Ugh, what a buzz kill. See more crucial tips at *******www***llegehumor****/thecrucialman
25 Dec 2009
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Things get hot on this very sensual episode of Crucial Man. Get more tips at collegehumor****/thecrucialman
29 Dec 2009
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*******www.tweaktown**** Memory coolers are far from new, but it is good to see the folks at Crucial and Lexar joining the party. A little later on the company intends to launch the Ballistix cooler, which features two 60mm cooling fans that produce around 20 CFM and we can vouch for the comment in the video that the cooler is quiet. More details in the video below, hit play! Distributed by Tubemogul.
8 Jan 2010
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How can you be a more effective communicator if you can handle crucial conversations.
14 Mar 2011
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Updated March 06, 2009 --------------------- I finally got the song uploaded where anyone and everyone can download it for free if you want it. Thanks for all the love. *******www.megaupload****/?d=5NJUPGPZ Updated --------------------- I just put the song up on my Myspace page for download. If you want it go download it off the player. *******www.myspace****/silvertrigga I took it off my silvertrigga myspace but you can get it at my other one www.myspace****/L3igruss spell the B with an L and a 3 This the hip hop version of linkin parks crawling. The video is abstract in some areas. The Instrumental i did not make and its not mine! I got the instrumental from ***********/Npf87 youtube page. IF YOU DON'T LIKE THE SONG THATS FINE. VOICE YOU'RE OPINION BUT YOU'RE NOT GOING TO BE USING RACIAL SLURS ON MY VIDEO! LET ME PUT IT THAT WAY. So Crucial Hip Hop Version Linkin Park Crawling Lyrics {Chorus x 4} A mans ceiling is another mans floor - A mans wife - Is another mans whore - Thats Life - It's Crucial {Verse 1} fighting to live - living to die - life is just - wondering why - down for the ride - mortality - end of the road - our reality - crocodile smiles - people smile at me - its a tragedy - reaper tackle me - end my misery - gun jam - got damn - gotta be - kiddin me - lucifer is there temptin me - when im wake - and when im sleep - in my dreams - lucifer creeps - swiftly - my heart beats - cold sweat - quiet screams - darkness - lightening - dreaming of god - taking me - nightmare is god forsaking me {Chorus x 4} A mans ceiling is another mans floor - A mans wife - Is another mans whore - Thats Life - It's Crucial {Verse 2} Living day to day - to have no regrets - in my dismay - fate intercepts - display anger - god whats next - waitin for an answer - no response yet - in my dispair - i feel alone - outta place - like a dislocated bone - words strike - worse - than sticks and stones - molds minds - of the young and gullible - living in a world - that wasn't ment to be - thanks to a snake apple adam and eve - have faith - but its still hard to believe - pick the wrong religion - it's - eternal grief - time heals all - you gotta respect it - why act hard - life is delicate - crawlin in my skin - sin - ..there's no cure - we were maaade impure {Chorus x 4} A mans ceiling is another mans floor - A mans wife - Is another mans whore - Thats Life - It's Crucial {Verse 3} there's Somethin inside me - that pulls beneath the surface - all of us are priceless - but were livin like were worthless - the earth has cursed us - with intentions murderous - swayin us - from are true purpose - greed - envy - jealousy - and lust - ashes to ashes - back to dust - wanna feel like i got control in a world of few friends - too many foes - Lookin down on those - born with silver spoon's - you should walk a mile - in my shoes - - there - worries are trivial - a childs pain can drivem mental - smilin in the physical - but tortured in the spiritual - only noticable - when there in you're classroom with a pistol - you never know when ya gonna go - enjoy it cause the times little - im just tryin paint visual - of how life is in general - a mans ceiling is another mans floor - a mans wife - is another mans whore So Crucial linkin park big russ crawling in my skin in the end faint bleed it out silvertrigga what ive done numb hip hop rap mc I made this Video with Sony Vegas pro and i made the song with Acid with a 30 dollar mic goin through my $200 firewire solo.
15 Apr 2011
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12 Oct 2012
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Part 1 in a 4 part series following the band Arizona as they write and record an album in the mountains of Asheville, NC. Watch the creation of a song from start to finish! Distributed by Tubemogul.
23 Feb 2009
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Part 2 of the 4 part series following the band Arizona as they create a song from scratch in the misty mountains of Asheville, NC. Distributed by Tubemogul.
2 Mar 2009
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