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18 Oct 2019
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Wanna read a life changing book? A book about African wisdom and African Cultural Proverbs. Africa, a continent rich in cultural diversity, wisdom from the ancestors and colors of life. "Life is God’s Best Gift" by Sam Chege is all about Wisdom from the Ancestors on Finding Peace and Joy in Today’s World. Sam Chege, the author of the book writes, Africa is the birthplace of the human race, once great civilizations, and a place where knowledge, art, music, democracy, culture, trade, agriculture and wisdom first flourished. Her ancient crypts are rich with proverbs, enduring life lessons and pearls of wisdom that have universal application. But they are not well known. I want to share these priceless gifts from Africa with you and enrich your life.
17 Oct 2019
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we also provide in-house training You would learn about How to align culture and strategy to generate sustainability and success Attend this leadership training program attend this Leadership training program in Amsterdam
16 Oct 2019
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Expressions that expose who we are and the culture and traditions that surround us As with many other forms of cultural expression, music is a way for human beings to express and represent through them different sensations, ideas, thoughts. Thus, music is of vital importance not only for its beauty and aesthetic value (both two elements of utmost importance in regard to the cultural heritage of a community or a civilization), but also as a support from which the being Human can communicate with others and also with himself (since music can be enjoyed both socially and individually). Part of what makes us human is music. All cultures, from the first civilizations to the most current, create music. In fact, musical instruments are among the oldest objects designed by man; there are findings, for example, of flutes 37 thousand years old and probably even older. If we compare this with the reading and writing process that is not more than 35 thousand years old and there are even communities that unfortunately still do not practice it, we can give an idea of ​​the meaning that music has in the evolution of society. Music must be learned from the earliest childhood, since children's brains are in development and it is the perfect moment to encourage positive habits. The more variety of music you listen to and learn, the more versatility of genres you will enjoy as you reach adulthood. Finally, there is a social element in music. We enjoy it for the same reason that we like to eat, run and jump. Treating it as frivolity leads us to be unhappy. The music gets under the skin, creates intense feelings and strong memories. There is nothing more basic than her and at the same time there is nothing more complex or beautiful. Video by Kultus Musiek World music reflection by Kultus du Monde
18 Oct 2019
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Eu Te Amo, Meu Brasil foi o título de uma canção composta pelo cantor Dom , da dupla brasileira Dom & Ravel , que fez sucesso nos primeiros anos da década de 1970 . A música tornou-se muito conhecida por sua interpretação pela banda Os Incríveis no ano de 1970 . A música além de mostrar a diversidade do Brasil , tanto cultural como fauna e flora, ainda fala bem do país, mostra como o Brasil é uma beleza e potência. Tem um refratário que qualquer um pode decorar: "Eu te amo meu Brasil, eu te amo. Meu coração é verde, amarelo, branco, azul-anil.
19 Oct 2019
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The Best Wrestling News and Rumors
Being black female with Autism. Traits and diagnosis. The DSM criteria for diagnosis vs. the cultural differences in how we behave and judge behavior within ethnic communities. Does the DSM include us and our norms?
19 Oct 2019
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Africa's cultural relic
5 Dec 2006
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INDIA a land of rich cultural heritage and art forms uncompareable with any thing in the world.Unique art forms and dacnce forms like like Kathakali,Mohinattom,Kuchipudi,Bharatha natyam,Theyyam,Odissi,Manipuri,Kathak,Yakshagana are appreciated the world over.In India stage shows are conducted for the guests coming to India in different places like Kerala,Orrissa etc. You can have a detailed information about the art forms in worlds 9 languages at www*** Just click an image or link in the home page and you will get the best of informations about India and it's famous art forms.A complete online india travel super shoppe in worlds 9 languages.more at www***
16 Jan 2007
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Exhibition at San angel Cultural Center
7 Feb 2007
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A music video of the recent Culture catch show in San Francisco.
22 Feb 2007
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Swedish cultural Center Paris exibition
22 Feb 2007
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This video is mainly about the uniqueness of Malay weapon, culture and heritage
1 Apr 2007
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